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  1. He's an Aussie who is not good enough to make his own team so he declares for another. Its simple. The joke part is that if he ever was deemed good enough for Australia, he could switch back again.
  2. Is it going to be a church do for you two or a simple registry office affair? Seriously, you're posting about this fella like a bloody stalker! He's Australian. From Central Coast NSW in fact. Happens to be a dual-passport holder which would allow him to qualify for England if he so chose to do (in other words, if he wanted to play international RL and didn't make a Roos squad).
  3. http://www.thethe.com/sections/cinema/in_concert.html - Not available on DVD so have clips playing background. What a great tour that was (1990).
  4. All you've proven with the diatribe below is that you love good juicy gossip regardless.
  5. Subtly dropping in the clue "Follow that van and you've found your cat-nappers"
  6. I see Norths in three of those. Would I be mistaken if that was a Tamworth team in sixth pic down? Kit is familiar.
  7. Its rugby union sevens so yes, they'd have to have been playing rugby union. For how long they will have to have played hasn't been established yet as its still some time away.
  8. There'll be more though. And as the qualifiers progress with the games becoming more crucial, the crowds will hit maximum.
  9. Only a few?? Why even these few occasions in the first place? How bloody stupid are those alleged adults?
  10. Far from it. If soccer (I take you mean Brit or English soccer) had "sorted its hooligans out", there'd be no more trouble on match day, no need for expensive extra police security or even segregation. Simply shoving it under the carpet doesn't make the problem go away.
  11. Just stop them drinking during the game at least. If a Challenge Cup final at Wembley gets in the way of going out on the sauce, then they should give their ticket to somebody else who actually appreciates what is being played in front of them.
  12. They wouldn't do that. A large part of revenue on match day comes from the bars and food stalls. What could follow however is that no grog permitted to be brought in to the stands. This makes sense and works.
  13. Hey Futtocks, thought you might like this:- http://www.state.ie/2010/08/news/hear-a-fu...toms-for-peace/
  14. Maybe they thought it was a soccer match? What a pack of buttnuggets.
  15. All very well in theory. If the birthplace of the sport isn't "prestigious" enough for you however . . . You may as well go back to the forties and fifties if you're going to apply comparisons like that. If you think the stadia used are the reason for poor international crowds then its you who is missing the trick. Expectancy and who is on the field have a lot more of an effect on numbers than any of this.
  16. The premium level of a large stadium is the hardest to ensure filling. As for early leavers, they bug me to no end. They're not exclusive to any one sport. Extremely annoying trying to watch a match when there is a bunch walking across you ten minutes from the end. Can't stop them. Not your fault if they are like that. If a match gets in the way of their wanting an early beer or the futility of trying to avoid traffic.
  17. Internationals still took place and did not fill up. Or have you conveniently forgotten?
  18. They aren't. You're ignoring past internationals of this decade.
  19. Those teams aren't franchises? I was under the impression they were.
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