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  1. Thank you. My old Number 1s from my army days did look a bit iffy, but not quite Hitler like... The principle applies though. Start a new thread if you must.
  2. A bunch of posts removed about borderline allegations around medical ethics. Too close to the line to allow. Please be careful in your wording with these things.
  3. The only thing the smaller dealers these days is their reputation. Some only sell good cars and rely on that reputation to keep going. But these big firms, you take what you get and often do their damnedest to live up to the stereotype of used car salesmen. I’d be unhappy about getting a car from one of those big places...
  4. Seriously, please remember your status as a previously returned banned poster and how many times you’ve come to moderating attention since then. You know better, and are now just deliberately ignoring moderating instructions. Not going to be any more chances.
  5. Gillian Anderson playing Maggie Thatcher. It's almost nightmare material. How... how could she... It's like turning on Father Brown and seeing him turn into Torquemada.
  6. Please remember that this is an obituary thread. If you want to discuss Sutcliff and his crimes or life then please start a separate thread.
  7. I suspended the first one for trolling. I removed the posts of others for posting things that were offensive. This is a place for discussion, we’re happy with robustness but won’t tolerate abusive posts. The two people I referred to know this and are already well aware of the consequences of that type of post.
  8. 72 posts removed. One person given a hefty suspension for trolling. Another two where I was very tempted to hit that suspend button but then decided to be lenient because they were being trolled. If you keep being so thin skinned and keep feeding blatant trolling with offensive posts of your own then I’ll suspend you as well for the good of the forum.
  9. This post was reported. I’m not sure why. It’s not exactly a controversial thing to pay companies furlough funds if they have to reduce staff due to the pandemic.
  10. I’m really getting mightily sick of this thread and how many times a day I have to come to it because of reports. Some people need to get thicker skins, especially if they raise controversial points. Others need to stop baiting others because they can’t tolerate people with different views to theirs. I can’t be bothered digging through these two reports that are open because it’s much the same, yet again. And, if you bring rugby union into a rugby thread then you really have little ground for complaint when someone snaps at you...
  11. Broad brush moderation. 22 posts removed and I may come back later and review.
  12. Normally I'm quite intolerant and often rant on here about the massed lights before December, but this year, I think I'll not grumble and accept that some people need a bit of extra cheer this year.
  13. If you don’t like our moderation, other forums are available. Your post was removed earlier today for calling entire groups and regions of people racists for no reason other than your own prejudices. Thank you for reminding me about it, I had forgotten to come back to it. Have a short suspension for it, and thanks again for the reminder.
  14. A friend has put up her Christmas tree to keep her company during the lockdown.
  15. The science of vaccines has come along a very long way since I had four in one day prior to going to Saudi Arabia just over 30 years ago. By the time the UK authorises this, the only serious question will be how long it lasts as an effective vaccine. The major risks will be known because of the sheer number of people involved in the Phase 3 tests. Of course there could be exceptions and unforeseen reactions in some, but they'll be statistical anomalies. I would take the vaccine without question if offered on those terms. To do anything else is to play into the hands of the scare-mongers and anti-vaxxers. (To discuss this point, take it to the politics forum!) On what happens if you don't take it as a NHS employee is TBC. I have an exceptionally strong view on the flu vaccine, unless someone has a medical reason why they can't have it then I can't see any excuse for rejection by a NHS worker, especially a clinician. I can't see my view changing on this for a COVID vaccine. I am in a minority though in this and I can't see any way this will be made mandatory. It may mean that some are removed from roles involving immunosuppressed individuals or those who are at very high risk of complications, I doubt even the most feral of union shop stewards would oppose that.
  16. I’m not making a decision over suspending or banning someone within an hour of seeing Trumpy on telly.
  17. 5 posts removed, I’ll come back later once I’ve had a sleep and decide on whether to invoke any punitive measures.
  18. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any of this, I’m sure there’s someone who knows the current funding and how much it’s changed over the last few years.
  19. Sport England will only fund national organisations except for very limited and genuinely niche groups. It's a condition of their funding that your proposals for grant funding cover every single bit of England and have plans to develop in them all. By cutting development officers, the RFL put that entire thing at risk because these people did a fantastic job as often the only organised RFL people in some regions. Sport England will take that into account at every review of funding given and it's our own damn fault if they cut the grants they give us.
  20. *nudge* *nudge* 'ere mate, £5 on Leigh getting the nod just to keep Fev out (post-statement for those who are terminally sensitive, I am being flippant... obviously it'll be Toulouse...) (post-post-statement for those still a bit sensitive, I was still being flippant... Surely it's London's turn again...)
  21. Content deleted. It's a banning/suspension level offence to allege corruption with zero proof. I will accept it as a typo though of "went" rather than "bent" given the other typos in the post and the context of how you wrote it Be careful please... I have to delete the entire post as we have to be so careful with things like that.
  22. Ah, right, get you now. Approved at pace rather than the usual year or two of even trying to get the attention of approval bodies, then it being refused because commas are in the wrong place despite the context and content being perfectly clear
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