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  1. Maybe once Hull FC were an exclusively west Hull club but how many of their supporters today live on the likes of Bransholme, Sutton Park etc?
  2. Largest Hull FC crowd for 2022 (so far) has been announced as 10081. Current capacity at Hull KR ground is 12225 so around 80%, hardly a struggle. Plus hasn't there been an announcement about new stand being built at south end?
  3. Does that mean that as land is so cheap there that Mr Pearson will be investing there for this new stadium he has mentioned? Surprised if it was so cheap he hasn't already decided on a location for his club's new ground (should it ever be built!).
  4. How about "We can only look on in envy at Hull KR getting their own ground for a small fee" ? All articles I've read say it was sold at market value! If it's been sold to them for 'a small fee' then council open to taxpayers taking action.
  5. Click on the link for the 'Platinum Lounge' and that is for Widnes game on 30th January!
  6. Ran into him many times over the years and happy memories of drinks in several bars in Carcassonne. Last saw him to talk to at launch of Lost In Spain in Marlow and he looked unwell but his mind was as sharp and witty as ever. RIP Dave, hate the thought won't see you at the Ibis on Gambetta ever again.
  7. Surely there is a slight difference in that the 3 games are in different locations. Visit to Perpignan 3 times in one season is not the same. Suspect that as it's a new place, many fans will prefer to travel to Toulouse as, unfortunately, Perpignan is not the novelty it was.
  8. Delivered to UK, took about 3 weeks but did have shirts personalised so 'bog standard' may take less.
  9. Just ordered and nothing saying they don't deliver to UK. Will update you if any problems.
  10. Had Premier (for NRL and Toronto pre SL) and never had a problem. Cancellation was easy and was offered deal to stay but as they'd lost any RL left. Not the best production but was more than acceptable as I've seen some shockers from other broadcasters too! Reminded me of Screensport for those of a long memory.
  11. Fair enough, was posting on what I saw and didn't realise list had been updated. Not good news for Skolars and makes you wonder where he'll get players from for 2023?
  12. That list has 6 where it says they've come from Skolars, hardly a couple!
  13. Fulham briefly had 'The Bears' in early/mid 80s for maybe half a season at time Chicago Bears/The Fridge were big name in NFL.
  14. What was the final score in FCL/St Gaudens match? I thought it was 66-16 but FFRXIII website saying 72-16?
  15. Do you remember the 'Gentlemen Tigers' logo? Had the dress shirt with 'Gentlement Tigers' (shame nobody proof read before production) on it but must be 25 years old and can't find it any more. Bought from old clubhouse in town centre, close to Mercure hotel.
  16. But think of the fun he'll be having catching up on events with Willie and Humph.
  17. 'An utterly impartial history of Britain' is also a good read
  18. Apologies if it's been mentioned previously but Hell comes to Frogtown with 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper is one I always find hilarious. An affectionate spoof of the supporting B feature is a film called Cry Wolf which I remember as the support for Airplane.
  19. Just tried it again and same result though am trying to view it on laptop running xp so will have a look at PC that's on windows 10.
  20. Tried to use that page 3 times. Each time opened then went to BSOD ! Can you check it ?
  21. Decent prices for the shirts as just looked and about 9.9 dollars to the pound
  22. If they did, it'd explain a plunge in viewing figures at Granada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. ITV weather forecasts supplied by the Met Office. Both BBC & ITV use a mix of genuine forecasters & presenters (don't get me started on some of their 'personalities' however as having worked with several . . . . . ). FYI I'm ex Met. Office & my 'test' broadcast was for the weather in Lancashire ! (Think I was rejected as did forecast as a rap as was after a good lunch )
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