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  1. In other words she's moved from one section of the Met Office to another. Perhaps she didn't fancy moving to Salford with BBC ? (FYI BBC forecasters used to be based at White City with ITV based at building on south bank near National Theatre).
  2. Good turnout for August & prime holiday season, most people don't appreciate the way France behaves in August & the mass migration that occurs.
  3. Would you like to tell me the freebies Colin Welland got at all those games at Chiswick Poly when he went to Fulham games there ? IIRC all Brian Glover got for travelling up from Brighton where he was performing in a play to present the LARL trophy on finals day at East London was a drink from the committee.
  4. In UK; Keighley both Hull KR Craven Parks Chiswick Poly Brentford Stoop (as have videoed from all 4 stands) Salford In France; Caracssonne Toulouse Avignon Carpentras Limoux Lezignan Pia St Gaudens Villeneuve Sur Lot Cahors Villeneuve Tolosane Stade Charlety (PSG) Cahors Albi Realmont Gilbert Brutus before it was redeveloped St Esteve
  5. The Madejski was used for a World Cup game involving New Zealand in last WC played in UK. The Paul brothers appeared at a Reading football game to help promote it by performing their single !
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