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  1. Is this the same ground they were playing at a couple of seasons back?
  2. I think you've slightly misunderstood me. I wasn't moaning about travel distances, just that as a heartland club with nearly a quarter of the other professional clubs within 35 miles then average round trips of 200 miles would seem unusual. As for next season, if we do meet up it's quite possible you'll be within a couple of miles of being our local derby, Halifax excepted.
  3. That's actually been done and the contestants won the jackpot.
  4. I suspect he means Monday night games when you could also chuck in Dewsbury. Strange thing about this league is Widnes only have one club within 50 miles of them and the average trek one way is 100 miles. With regards to the game I'd have preferred someone else to have the honour of opening the new stadium. Sheffield will be well up for it and Widnes can be pretty accommodating when it comes to not being party poopers. I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
  5. Hard as nails was Boxer. Terrific player. RIP.
  6. Do we have a breakdown of ticket sales from individual clubs? Seeing 6,000 - 7,000 for Hull KR but what about the others.
  7. Having had the misfortune to witness our recent display's I can fully appreciate your comment. Hopefully today was the day we hit the bottom.
  8. First game I've missed this season and from the half time score you'll know why. With most other clubs you get a reaction after a poor display. Not Widnes, we follow a dreadful performance with an even worse one. Anyone who travelled today has my sympathy.
  9. I'd be amazed if its more than 100 Jon. Last I heard no coaches were going, don't know if that's changed.
  10. Can't see Widnes taking many on Sunday. They've sucked all the enthusiasm out of us. I'd be looking at around £40 to £45 for ticket and petrol and tbh I'd probably get more pleasure flushing the money down the loo.
  11. Yesterday was dreadful, on the back of awful recent performance's against York, Newcastle and Leigh. Now rightly or wrongly Widnes fans believe they should be more than capable of competing with the vast majority of clubs in this division. Instead we are once again heading back to the wrong end of the table at an alarming rate of knots. Year after year we seem to get the recruitment wrong, we seem to have a particular fondness for signing forwards (and backs) who are too small or prone to injury. Batley monstered us all over the park yesterday. Now I'm obviously not privy to budgets but I'd be amazed if Batley (and quite a few others tbh) were spending more than Widnes. What I am pretty certain of is Batley are getting far better value from their spend than we are. From there we move to the teams performances, the first four wins may well have been against what turns out to be the weaker teams in the league but trust me, playing like we currently are we'd be lucky to have won any of them. Defensively we don't move forward giving bigger men more time to build up speed before they crash into our smaller players. thus we go back wards at an alarming rate. We spend the first half hour heroically defending the line before the dam breaks. From that point on its game over. With ball in hand we are no better, our forwards can't break the line, our backs are no better. On the odd occasions we do get to attack the opposition line our creativity is zero, though to be fair we usually manage to mess it up in the first couple of tackles so that does tend to reduce our options. Maybe it will improve when we get a few players back but I'm not holding my breath. For me personally, I did stay till the end yesterday, but only so I could boo them off.
  12. We are currently that poor we'd probably have lost to London today. No go forward in the pack and clueless on the odd occasions we attack the opposition line. Just glad we won the first four because I honestly can't see us beating anyone the way we are performing.
  13. Thought Nigel Wiskar had some involvement with them.
  14. Like watching men against boys at Widnes today. Leigh just too big and too strong, couldn't fault the Widnes effort but it was only ever going to end with one outcome.
  15. This is wrong. Coming home from Halifax four of us were discussing who we'd support if not Widnes. All of us vouched for Hull, though I suspect it may of been because Hull could deliver the same levels of disappointment we've become accustomed too. Anyway, good luck tomorrow.
  16. Thoughts on last night: We were absolutely dire. Its a bloody long way home from Newcastle on a Monday night after witnessing aforementioned direness.
  17. I assume they needed Leighs permission to broadcast. Our Leigh brethren seem to think that their fans don't need much of an excuse not to turn up. I suspected it might hit the attendance. I may be wrong on all points.
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