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  1. Exactly. So SL 2015 will consist of 12 teams who competed in SL in 2014. Or 11 if Toulouse can get a TV contract. The Championship clubs must be giddy with excitement.
  2. I believe we had the delightful sight of the NFP rights (as was) being hawked around for a couple of years with precisely no takers. In days of yore there was a cable network that covered the old old Division Two. Sunday lunchtime kick offs if memory serves. EDIT I should add though that Premier's coverage of the Championship is superb. I doubt they'll have much competition to retain the rights though.
  3. How are Leigh going up? 2014 could very well see the 12 for 2015 decided simply by relegating 2. At least one of those will expect to come back up in 2016. 1 up, 1 down seems the most likely. Leigh might have a shot after that. Maybe.
  4. What an absolutely hopeless final pair we have. Someone selling botox and someone whose only attribute appears to be posho braying confidence mixed with bitchiness.
  5. The future strength of rugby league being decided by what'll be exciting for clubs 9-15 in the pyramid. I remain to be convinced.
  6. London then Manchester according to wiki. So it was either the Stoop or Salford. Stupid RFL.
  7. Scotland v USA can't be the easiest game to sell and Salford not the easiest ground to sell to neutrals. Maybe a voucher for a deal for anybody who goes to the England match?
  8. Is it not quite a good idea to have an England match at the stadium at which you can then promote the non-England match?
  9. The world needs Twisted Sister doing the Shangri-Las http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO_brEreGLw
  10. Decent programme by Rich Hall about Texas last night. A proper rambling monologue. No one went on a journey, the content and presenter were engaging and it was quite funny in parts.
  11. This afternoon I shall mostly be meeting Dr Phil Hammond and watching him record an appeal for the charity I work for. Yesterday I met a man who sells advertising space in toilets.
  12. "Better than Messi" Line from the Tahiti twitter feed after they scored the '1' in the 6-1 defeat to Nigeria yesterday.
  13. Champion from each Confederation plus World Cup holders and World Cup hosts. But, yes, it's a trial run these days for the World Cup to test out how good the Brazilian police are at firing rubber bullets at peaceful protests.
  14. I believe he also found a cure for cancer but the RFL have stopped him saying what it is.
  15. Only if the appeal cost them no money! Is there really no prize money based on position in SL?
  16. Quite a few sports organisations (the FA is one, the RFU another) will add to a punishment if they deem that an appeal is frivolous or simply done for the sake of it.
  17. Honestly, you two. Probably too old for the 'European cinema' seasons on Channel 4, eh?
  18. Unfortunately whilst my subscription to Sky Sports and ESPN America remains intact the chances of me watching much proper telly is slim. I did see that nice young lady throwing eggs at Simon Cowell though.
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