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  1. I think it's been rigged been agreed that it's England, Australia and NZ plus whoever wins the Euro Nations. England probably 'qualify as hosts' or somesuch nonsense if there's a problem with that.
  2. Yes. Although we'd need to clarify if bees eat wasp food. I think this may require extensive testing.
  3. Does it have anything other than GAA and NRL?
  4. And yet if we were to put him down for the good of the board we'd be the ones in trouble. It truly is a mad world.
  5. First ride of a boris bike planned for Monday ... till then here's the rather overtly sponsored key ...
  6. My borisbike key has arrived and been activated. Watch out London!
  7. So there will be lots of fruity 20 year olds there? I think you should see this more as an opportunity than a reason for despair.
  8. It's actually the more old fashioned view hence why in soccer and union all the people who've represented more than one country are historical quirks.
  9. They sort of have to if the police tell them to. If the Challenge Cup final was on at Twickenham Stadium, Quins RU would not be playing at the Stoop.
  10. You do understand that it's to avoid clashing with 50,000 people getting to and from Twickenham Stadium don't you? Pleased with the change though - I should be able to make the game now. My second match of the season!
  11. You've made the offence and penalty up why don't you make up whether they'd be relegated or not.
  12. I think you'll find it's in the Midlands. And also a bit ######.
  13. If you like. But only if you drink tea from a china cup at the same time. And wear a monocle.
  14. Sorry, this may have been covered elsewhere but I can't read this thread without banging my head on the desk. What does the 'R'? In NRL stand for? Or ARL for that matter.
  15. Agreed. I would like to see the Challenge Cup more evenly spread throughout the season though. And obviously I campaign for a Heritage Round every time it gets mentioned.
  16. I disagree with you but at least that would be consistent and fairly easy to check. It wouldn't however stop the Scotland/Wales/England/Ireland interchange which could all be done on the same passport.
  17. She's not that bothered about the Commonwealth Games.
  18. As Michael Johnson says: nobody grows up dreaming of winning the relay. And countries may send them but it's indivdual athletes competing for individual medals. There might be three Jamaicans in the 100m final but they're not running for team gold but for individual glory.
  19. When has it happened in soccer? Full internationals of the last 20 years only please ...
  20. The important bit being that they now cannot play for any other country.
  21. Athletics is not a team sport. Fundamentally it's irrelevant what the flag on the vest is.
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