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  1. Trying to cut through the waffle on this is quite tough for a layman like me but, from what I've been trying to follow this morning, it seems that one of the reasons we don't know is *because* schools were shut down and so were most other child-filled places just at the time when we might be collecting data. So there's a big old gap caused by a lack of opportunity to study? The assumption - again please do correct me - is that covid-19 would be a very odd disease in its category if it wasn't transferable from children to adults. So there are genuine issues there. However, the issue around danger to children would seem to be from complications arising from covid (I guess health conditions they may not know they have?) rather than the condition itself?
  2. They make much money out of that?
  3. RLEF response: https://philcaplan.wordpress.com/2020/05/13/rugby-league-european-federation-statement-on-professional-european-club-competition/
  4. Did you notice it the following morning?
  5. The quite funny one is that Liverpool in the Premier League are obviously advocating that the season must go ahead and conclude. It's only fair. Meanwhile, Liverpool in the Women's Super League want the season voided for safety reasons. You'll never guess the position of Liverpool women's team.
  6. *thinks* How did you see the response I deleted before posting?
  7. Dynamo Dresden (go and look up their sporting director's name if you haven't already) have had to postpone their games as the whole squad now needs to isolate. No one cares or will notice because they are bottom of Bundesliga 2 but it'll be an issue of something like that happens to teams whose results matter.
  8. Pretty straightforward. The hard part will be explaining what the big words on the health questionnaire mean to some of the players. Other than that, I think we're good to go.
  9. This is the correct view of Bayern Munich and their 'fans'. Dull lot. Anyway, owing to going to Bremen on a German exchange during which Werder won the Cup Winners Cup, they are my German team when I bother to care about German teams. "We" are thus basically already relegated.
  10. It's a good article. The Critic is a Toby Young connected project and has published his eugenics-leaning nonsense in the past. Hopefully the two things aren't linked.
  11. I had a *week* of similar in *half hour* increments because via a well-known market research company I agreed, in exchange for some Amazon vouchers, to keep a record of where I was, who I was talking to and how, and what I was interacting with. They told you when to download the app and which week to do it. Mine was in the second week after the lockdown. So every half hour: "Where are you?" Ten lovely options to scroll through before, "In my own home."
  12. I think if this goes ahead you have to be looking at it, firstly, as likely to not be involving a crowd and, secondly, if it does involve a crowd then it will be a much reduced one. Then you need to be looking at the most practical in terms of accessibility for the teams and ability to manage infection control etc etc etc. (I don't know which ground that leads to but "This large venue that will also be a World Cup ground" is probably not the best starting point). Money/profit for this will have to come from TV and sponsors.
  13. Exactly. And that would then fit the usual (ish) BBC set up of having women’s on the red button for highlights during the men’s game on a main channel. Given the likelihood of England women winning every game 100-0, I could cope with that. Someone just mentioned Ireland and Jamaica. I don’t know how many of thei players would be coming from outside the UK so couldn’t comment but I assume Ireland is as exempt from restrictions as France is?
  14. It's also being done in a particularly, "Don't blame us" way from the central government (it looks like to this outsider.) Up until now, following the initial disaster, there's been coordinated rules from central government. Now, they're giving 'power back to the regions' - i.e. the same set-up that's doing so well in the USA.
  15. I urge everyone to find this story on the BBC and then have a proper schoolboy giggle at the name of the Dynamo sports director.
  16. England, Wales, France and, *shudder*, Exiles ... That wouldn't be too bad actually, would it? (On the assumption that it's vaguely possible). Men's and women's. Plenty of content for the BBC there.
  17. I'll reply here but there's a political edge so further discussion should move ... If you remember, the ferry companies were asking for government finance to keep going owing to their importance in our infrastructure (despite being registered abroad etc etc). Looks like they didn't get it. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-p-o-ferries-to-cut-1-100-jobs-to-enable-viable-future-11986659
  18. Supporting the Warriors does also mean never being quite sure which of their 700 jerseys they're going to be wearing on any given week.
  19. It's worth having as a proposal that can be explored. The key thing would be for the matches to be visible (so on free to air) and not loss making. I'm not sure we're going to be in much of a position to be choosy beyond that - although given France's exclusion from the proposed quarantine, *if* we are in a position for England v Wales then we are also in a position for either of them to play France. Probably. But there are too many variables to be certain of anything right now.
  20. A cynic might suggest it's being done so they can get booking from people who have hopes that the easing in England will be matched by easing everywhere (and won't know otherwise) and that by July it will pretty much be the same as it always was, really. And come flight time, unless you have some magic insurance that lets you cancel because you need to spend two weeks in self isolation at both ends of your one week holiday, you'll be lucky to even get a voucher refund from them.
  21. "Queuing for toilets on board will be prohibited ..." So make sure you don't have too many in the terminal bar that will be shut anyway before you get on board (wearing your mandatory face covering).
  22. NZ Warriors have always been my sort-of team so I'll be vaguely cheering them on as I usually do.
  23. From 1st June, at the earliest, assuming no other issues come into play. And it won't be rugby.
  24. All social clubs, shops and refreshment areas closed, everyone has to form an orderly queue to leave, and no one can go to the toilet at half time unless everyone goes (in order).
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