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  1. What a talent he was. All the good ones died too young. Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Joe Strummer....
  2. Yes! Blues Traveler were fantastic. That's a blast from the past!
  3. I think this song should get more credit. It's about how great musicians get overlooked if they're not good looking.
  4. Compare and contrast with the Waterboys' Be My Enemy. It's incredibly similar.
  5. Never heard of them before, they sound good. I imagine this is what The Waterboys would have sounded like if they were American. That song has a strong "Be My Enemy" vibe, but with an Americana style. I'm going to look into them, cheers
  6. Went to see The Sawdoctors tonight, which is always good fun, but the support act blew me away. Just looked them up when I got home. They were really, really good. They smashed it, everyone loved them.
  7. They should just spend a quid on a home bargains carrier bag instead. Looks the same.
  8. Glyn Shaw handed me his bag of chips on the terraces at Post Office Road once. I'm aware that I'm starting to sound like the Viz character 'Aldridge Prior' but it's true.
  9. I met the great Sir Les quite a few times, he used to pop into the sports shop where I worked and he had a great off field friendship with Kevin Tamati, who worked in the butcher's shop across the road. We had some weight training gear set up in the corner of the shop and they used to put on a show, competing with each other. I don't think I truly appreciated it at the time, aged about 15-16. Both men were absolutely lovely off the pitch - softly spoken and decent men - but once they stepped onto the field of play they could be utterly wild and devastating.
  10. This is how you do live music (especially if you like rock and roll, folk and blues). Had a ticket to see them last night in London but 'Storm Babet' had different ideas
  11. Check out the talent on this stage. The bass guitarist steals the show for me but the trombonist is cool. Love the backing singers too. What a band. I'd sell my soul to the devil to see them live.
  12. Enjoyed the first half, well done Wigan for shutting them out, even if it wasn't pretty. Still a million times more watchable than the union world cup. Things that need to be replaced next year - Old Trafford, McDermott, O'Connor, Jones-Buchanon. The first is stupidly dangerous and the others embarrass this great sport.
  13. I wish London well in the final. Every time I've been to watch Wire in the capital I've had an absolutely brilliant time. London brings a whole different dimension to our sport and more credibility too. It's a shame we're not talking about Canada but this is good for now. No disrespect meant towards Toulouse, by the way, I hope they thrive and maybe we can have our cake and eat it with them in SL too.... Well done rugby league for always being the sport that innovates. We don't need to be a "massive" sport, we just need to be more expansive and that's what we've always done.
  14. Futtocks you should have understood Browny by now, mate edit - apologies, I should have read the full thread before diving in. I just had a bit of a conniption thinking that two of my favourite TRLers were falling out.
  15. Seeing cars on that pitch brings back such happy memories, from the launch of Superleague at Headingley in 1996. I'd been on my brother-in-law's stag weekend in Edinburgh and we finished it off with Leeds v Wire on the Sunday afternoon. We had a few ales. The skydiver delivering the match ball missed, the prize car got stuck in the in-goal area and the Leeds cheerleaders were so confused that they did a choreographed dance every time Wire scored. Seeing cars on the pitch has brought it all back. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a rugby match (unless we count the floodlight failure at Swinton, but that's another story).
  16. The 'Not finished but ignore the away end' stadium?
  17. If someone did a quick poll of rugby league players at any level and asked if this was worthy of a ban, what percentage do you think would say yes?
  18. You're borderline trolling now mate. This forum is quite good at self-policing.
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