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  1. Apparently, the reason Tony Smith never really succeeded at international level was because he didn't have control of the day to day management of players in the way that he did as Hudds/Leeds coach. That's not a criticism of anyone but an observation by people who know far more than me. As an international coach you are bringing together a disparate group of players who generally play against each other and not with each other, therefore presumably a different set of skills is required to manage that whole dynamic. I don't know enough about potential candidates to pass judgement on who might have the best skills to bring together players who you don't work with every day. What I do know is that it doesn't appear to be Wayne Bennett. His admission that Grace was excluded from GB because he wasn't in the frame for England is a sacking offence, plain and simple.
  2. Bradford will be back mate and hopefully so will you.
  3. I think that's the best Wire shirt I've ever seen - but trashed by the sponsor's logo. The away one looks ok with the logo to be fair.
  4. Wandering round the park with my dog this morning, I noticed that the birds were more excitable than they have been recently. I put out the remnants of my croissant onto a fencepost and the birds were all over it immediately. I realised that the abundant Autumn berries have gone and the birds might start relying on humans again for a few months. I filled up a peanut feeder when I got home and sure enough, a great spotted woodpecker was munching away on it this afternoon in the back garden.
  5. Keep your chin up pal. Condolence to you and yours.
  6. We used to drive to North Wales most weekends as a kid, my parents and two older sisters. The Carpenters were a standard feature, as if we couldn't drive to Wales without Karen singing along. The other staple was actually Showaddywaddy, mainly I think because my parents thought it was funny to hear the kids singing harmonies to it on the back seat (no seatbelts plus my Dad smoking a pipe). Anyone remember them?
  7. A particular type of transaction? As in, "ordering"? Into room 101 please, Mr Futtocks. Off you go, you bad man.
  8. I'm attending a Leeds City Council focus group next week and they've emailed to ask me to do some "pre-preparation" for it. I'm tempted to reply and ask them to send it again, but in English next time. Surely the 'pre' bit of preparation is enough of a clue? I always squirm a little when asked to 'pre-order' something (surely I'm just ordering it?) but this is a new low. "Going forward" is another pet hate. Oh and passed instead of past; loose instead of lose; try's instead of tries. Anyone got any other examples of 21st century gibberish? And anyone who replies with "THIS" will be hunted down and made to watch 100 Eamonn McManus interviews.
  9. "Totally Wicked" Vaping and "Cash Converters" stolen goods traders. It's not a great look.
  10. I have a little anecdote. Way back sometime maybe in the 1990s, Warrington drew Chorley away in the Challenge Cup. Given that it's only about 20 miles away, a lot of Wire fans turned up. I remember going into one pub and the landlord had his head in his hands, saying he'd run out of everything except whisky and was gutted that he didn't know about the match! I also remember Doug Hoyle wandering around the perimeter just chatting to some people and getting an impromptu standing ovation. That memory has triggered all sorts of weird ones - Runcorn Highfield away with Les Boyd getting targeted by Runcorn players who later thought better of it.... York away when the half time snowball fight was shown on Scrumdown on ITV.... the time when the Swinton floodlights went out and they asked if there was an electrician in the crowd (and later asked if there was a qualified electrician in the ground) - so many funny and silly moments following my team. What I know about that day at Chorley is that when people say "There's no such thing as a bad pub" I immediately think of that unfortunate Chorley landlord. Anyone got a link to that day? I can't find anything.
  11. There are thousands of wild bores around Headingley on match days.
  12. I get your sentiment but I disagree. I grew up with that GB side that had a number of great Welshmen in it, but it goes beyond that. RL is played in all corners of the UK and I think it's fantastic for us all to have one team to rally round. That is pretty much it as far as I am concerned... The act of coming together as one nation, alongside the ambition of gaining the ultimate honour of representing such a unified team, should be the aim of all players of our sport. Also, there are people like me who don't like the England brand (I support Wales at all sports), so will not be as keen on seeing the St George cross everywhere when you switch on international rugby. With that in mind, a great way to potentially grow the game is to include players from the other UK nations. At the moment, let's take Regan Grace as an example. A remarkably talented player, his inclusion in the GB side might have ignited some interest from the Welsh media and, by extrapolation, would have ignited some interest across Wales and help sides like the West Raiders. If we'd have just called it England, the Welsh media would have ignored it completely*. Obviously this is hypothetical given the stupidity of not picking him. GB and England are not as interchangeable as you suggest. *Read "Fibber in the Heat" by Miles Jupp, a brilliant book which, among many other things, highlights the fact that the Welsh media was only interested in the England (and Wales) cricket tour of India because a Welshman called Simon Jones was selected. He ended up injured and Welsh media coverage ended there.
  13. I'm trying to see the positives but... I feel the honour in the Lions shirt is being diminished.
  14. My issue is that we are planning a trip to Perpignan, plus a possible Toronto visit now that I've seen the brilliant deals on offer. They will eat up a lot of goodwill points with my missus and to be fair I don't have that many to start with. I'm really not trying to put a dampener on it but Magic may have to be put aside this year. I truly hope it's a massive success, I loved it last time. Newcastle and its people are fantastic.
  15. Next Thursday, 14th November is when they reveal it according to the Warrington Guardian. They are usually really quick at posting stuff in my experience so I'm sure you'll get one in time. Buy yourself one while you're at it
  16. I really don't mean to be rude, but the fixtures have been announced. There is little point posting different iterations of what will not happen. Let's discuss what will actually happen
  17. Stumbled across a Fishbone gig from June this year. They open the set with Party at Ground Zero. These lads don't seem to age!
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