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  1. I agree with this so much that I can't add anything. Well played.
  2. No comment on the rugby, just a snide dig at the crowd. Full on RL fan, what can I moan about?
  3. Proper, 100% rugby league contribution. Well done for ticking the boxes.
  4. I hate you for this. I'll never be off that site now and may have to give up my job and my family to spend time on it
  5. First swifts of the year overhead at the beautiful Arthington Cricket Club near Otley yesterday morning. I umpired my son's U13 match but had one eye on a mischievous red kite who spent the whole match mithering a crow's nest. In other news, we have a new family member, a massive carrion crow who has been named Dave by the kids. He's here every day now, he loves the bird bath and the old fruit that we throw out. He hasn't put off the blackbirds or smaller birds but the wood pigeons don't seem happy with him. I hope he finds a mate. PS: Arthington CC, where there really are cows in cow corner:
  6. Oh wow this is so good. New stuff from Arcade Fire.
  7. Patterson is an interesting choice. I'm not sure but his form this season is worth a look. Who would he replace though? I toyed with picking Bohannon but is he ready to take on that England attack? Maybe in red ball cricket he's a better pick than Livingstone, so I'll agree with you on that one. It's so difficult to choose, I keep changing my mind. Still think the Roses would win. Maybe a 3 match series of 4 days each, then we can pick squads?
  8. Malan Bairstow Root Livingstone Brook Salt (w/k) Rashid Mahmood Coad Anderson Parkinson Versus Burns Crawley Morgan Stokes Moeen Foakes (w/k) Archer Woakes Wood Broad Leach
  9. A mate of mine who is a professional coach sent me a cricketing conundrum today. It was raised by the commentary team during Yorkshire v Kent. Would a combined Roses XI beat a combined team from the other 16 counties (ignore venue, conditions, toss)? No overseas players allowed. I'll post my selections later....
  10. You took about 250 to Wigan the other week. Shameless.
  11. The double headers at Bolton were fantastic.
  12. Ah great that's all we need on here - a farting goose to go with all the honking
  13. Hi all We've booked a week in Porto with 3 adults and 4 teenage boys aged 13, 16 and 18. We just thought we'd try somewhere that wasn't an obvious holiday brochure destination and got an amazing price for a big house in the city centre. Have any of you good people been and, if so, can you please recommend 'must do' activities, places to visit etc? Even if it's just a good restaurant or whatever that would be helpful. Thanks in advance Mark
  14. Cowboy Junkies covering Neil Young in a good way is not a new thing, but this is magnificent.
  15. This is what covers should do - stamp your own version it but stay true to the greatness of the original
  16. I'm relieved that someone got that reference! Those 3 (either the humans or the canines/feline) might do a better job than our current pack of startled hamsters.
  17. Yeah, this We knew this was coming last year but still sold Hill and failed to recruit. How the halves are supposed to operate effectively behind a pack made out of paper bags and double sided sticky tape is a mystery.
  18. New material from Arcade Fire, seemingly picking up where they left off...
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