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  1. What was Sculthorpe talking about? When did he learn his Rugby? The conditions were awful, snowing through the game, a poor pitch which was greasy and slippy. A typical winter rugby scene. Catalans played last night's conditions and Wigan played last week's conditions. Wigan are fast team who benefit from dry pitches. They have not yet learned to adapt their squad to different tactics for different conditions and oppositions.
  2. Wire forwards too powerful and will get the go forward. Halves and backs to win the game on the back of that go forward. A large crowd but have the place buzzing and the Wire players will run harder on the back of it.
  3. I think it's about how Wigan will play away from home. Play as they did v HKR the result will be the same. Keep the same intensity as against Waney and they should win, not by many, but will win.
  4. Salford are better than their poor score at Wigan in the friendly. If they finish off their classy plays it could be a difficult time for Leigh. Salford by 16.
  5. Almost a full house should give Rovers a lift but Wigan will have too much pace. Wigan by 14.
  6. Matty Peet coached him at youth level and maybe wants him as a utility half. Not in the starting 13 but bench player. Can play 6,7 & 9. Has also played wing. Perhaps opening for a bench place with Cust to 9 and Hampshire in the halves. Gives Peet more options from the bench.
  7. I'd like to know what the thoughts of the City of Perpignan people would be on the Car and Wakey grounds.
  8. Wigan at present seem to be lining up much as last season save the two new centres. 1 Field, 2 French, 3 Thornley, 4 Wardle, 5 Marshall, 6 Cust, 7 Smith, 8 Singleton, 9 Powell, 10 Byrne, 11 Bateman, 12 Farrell, 13 Smithies. 14 Mago, 15 Ellis, 16 Havard, 17 Cooper, 19 Pearce Paul, 20 O'Neil, 21 King, 22 Shorrocks, 23 Miski, 24 Hill, 25 Astley, 26 Eckersley. 27 Isa. That's how I reckon 1-13 will be numbered and named but not how they will line up. Toby King will start at right centre but as he's a loan player then Thornley will probably have the 3 shirt. Bateman is supposed to have signed for Wests but nothing announced. Besides rumours around he may stay at Wigan so he's a big unknown at the moment.
  9. It was 2006 when we last beat the Aussies, it was at the Sydney Football Stadium. Since then we've had some good wins and some dreadful losses. This (IMO) was the best squad we've had for some time. One problem was that there wasn't an English International calibre right centre anywhere be it SL or NRL. Rowley knows Watkins can't hack it at centre so has played him second row where he had a very good season. Waney went for Watkins. Come the semi he got found out big time and by his Salford team mate. Watkins was getting beaten at will and then to compound things he dropped the ball over the line. From then on the squad lost all organisation and composure. England scored some spectacular tries especially by Farnworth. Golden Point time summarised the game for England. One mistake after another cost the game.
  10. Australia look in form, New Zealand don't. On that basis, Australia by 15 and more.
  11. Watching the game, New Zealand's biggest problem is themselves. If they want to compete with Australia or England they will have to keep 13 on the field for 80 mins and kick their goals. Mess up with either of those two they'll lose. Improve on last night and they've every chance of beating the game's better teams.
  12. Whatever the squad selection Waney will want a Greece 0 on the final score.
  13. Very good goalkicking that, Well done to him. Actually thought he was one of Leeds better players.
  14. Nonsense from beginning to end! Therefore likely to be SL's new structure from 2024.
  15. Last week will have taken a lot of the Leeds squad. Wigan will have too much pace and will have learned from the Headingly mess up. Can't see coming close in this one.
  16. A good player for Wigan as the above list proves. Thanks Matty and all the best for the future.
  17. Child hadn't ref'd in SL, he'd been TJ and ref'd in the C'ship. He simply isn't good enough for play off games or C Cup Semis or Finals. He ref'd Wigan's semi and was abysmal, he was then given the Final and was again terrible. Wigan won the Cup in spite of Child. Yes my team won and I'm complaining about the ref! (John Monie's old quip.) The RFL have a massive responsibility and their sending match officials on the same plane as Catalans opposition is staggering. Given they appoint a referee who is clearly not up to it and the Catalans crowd's sense of grievance came out in full. The Catalan club will have difficult questions to answer about various incidents but massive questions need to be answered by the RFL and their numerous misjudgements over this fixture.
  18. Child was the wrong appointment for a fixture such as this. He's nowhere near the calibre of referee we need for Play Off rugby. He has just finished his period of being stood down after the shambolic officiating in the Leeds/Wiogan game at Headingly. Moore, the ref, was stood down for one week. Child the VR was stood down for six weeks. He ref'd the Wigan/Catalan game last week, his first game back. After six weeks out he shouldn't be anywhere near the play offs. The dis comm will have their work cut out this weeks and their finding will make interesting reading. Pity they can't discipline referees for utterly dreadful performances as in the Catalans/Leeds game.
  19. James Child shouldn't be anywhere near Super League. He messed up in the Leeds/Wigan game with the Newman try and was dropped from SL for weeks. Tonight proved he should never have been brought back.
  20. Hudds are one league point in front of Catalans. Watson will anticipate the Dragons losing at Wigan so will rest his some of his main players for the following week's play offs. A Wakefield win.
  21. Wigan by over 20. Catalans looked tired out in the 2nd half v Leeds. Tomkins will be back but they will still be missing quite a few. Can't see past a Wigan win and going unbeaten at home for the season.
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