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  1. Terry Neill Former Arsenal, Tottenham and Northern Ireland manager.
  2. Blue Jays move into 5th spot with a innings score of 28 runs. Rangers (30) Red Sox (29) Braves (29 White Sox (29) Blue Jays (28) Not sure who they played.
  3. Watching Dodgers/Cubs, First innings 3-5 including grand slam, 44mins and 81 pitches. This games gone mad. 9-8 bottom of the third.
  4. Just reading whether the Yankees will break the record (116) of most wins set by the cubs/marlins. i don't think they will, i think they will fall short at 110.
  5. How on earth can we lose to that shower.
  6. Houston throw a combined no hitter against the in form Yankees to take the game 3-0.
  7. Joe Madden sacked as angels manager. Will no doubt be remembered for that cubs world series win with the cub fans (gingerjon)
  8. A lot of the NCAA Football stadiums. Oakland Raiders when there based in Oakland. MCG. Fenway. Dodger Stadium. Boca Juniors. River Plate.
  9. Without looking up, what would be the situation with the Atlanta Braves?
  10. Cleveland Indians now going to become the Cleveland Guardians.
  11. Lets hope i don't come to regret this. red sox. Yankees.
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