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  1. Which is what happens when the building's demolished, which requires special precautions to stop any asbestos escaping and very expensive sealed landfill - costs a fortune as our local tennis club's found with their quite small clubhouse proposal.
  2. Given the current government's apparent attitude to the BBC and its rumoured future, getting C4 involved seems a very good idea!
  3. Sorry, as a member of the Green Party I can't oblige - our method is to have a long and very earnest discussion, after which most people go off and shoot themselves!
  4. Congratulations to Workington - with three Cumbrian sides in the Championship and the possibility of two French teams in SL by the end of the day, who needs the M62 corridor?
  5. Still got the programme. Although there were obviously far more there than the official attendance, giving an official figure just below meant that the authorities wouldn't feel obliged to do something. Mind you, that did seem to give Brisbane an idea (think their motive might have been a bit different!).
  6. Which at the current exchange rate would save a bit over £120k - which could be given to the L1 clubs!!!!!!!! Daydream over - Toulouse by 18.
  7. I think that Worky on their own patch will be too good for a Donny side with a leaky defence. Town by 12.
  8. Gone for Catalans, just, but as far as I can see either team could win. Any chance of a 'Haven't a Clue' button with the poll?
  9. Oh grief, 4 pages of feeding a troll! Any chance of the mods sending the OP to a gulag, if not shot.
  10. Depends on whether Donny can avoid the nasty attack of the wobblies that happened against us last week, either way I'll go for Keighley if only because my paternal grandmother's family came from those parts.
  11. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the gates for the two play-off games were? Can't find them anywhere.
  12. That was a seriously weird day. First half we were a bad as I can remember but the second saw a complete turnaround. Never mind - if someone had said at the start of the season that we'd reach the second round of the play-offs I'd have been happy. After that I reckon that Keighley will go up - something went wrong with Donny in the second half and if that happens at Cougar Park then it's bye-bye time I'm afraid. Now, what to do between now and the pre-season friendlies?
  13. Cru by 12 - the team'll want revenge after the 0 - 68 mauling earlier in the season. This one could be a bit tasty!
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