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  1. Always going to be difficult for Wakey, but with their squad decimated by CORVID, Wigan by a street (or possibly 2).
  2. To briefly go back on topic. Don't forget that we have clubs that are subject to different administrations. West Wales and the Crusaders come under the Welsh Assembly which currently has banned all spectator sport, the Catalans in France and the Wolfpack (if they're still around) in Canada.
  3. Or now 2021 - the latest lockdown could be in force as late as mid-April and our season will provisionally start in February.
  4. I think that it could be the middle ranking clubs that will be in the most trouble. The leading clubs and the few others that have owners with deep pockets obviously will be OK plus little clubs like the Crusaders that basically just have play for play and rent their match day venues on a game by game basis.
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