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  1. The reason that we're on the BBC is that it's the only terrestrial broadcaster that's interested, seem to remember that last time round C4 didn't even bother to submit a bid.
  2. Saints League Leader and Grand final double, Huddersfield down, Leeds Cup.
  3. The problem for League 1 sides is keeping key members of what are largely thin squads fit. A couple of injuries can wreck the season at this level.
  4. Got that wrong! We looked like a side that couldn't wait to get on the plane home - preferably yesterday. It makes me wonder if there have been some serious divisions within the squad, which looked on paper reasonably competent.
  5. Yes, they've turned the corner and run straight into a brick wall - they believe in sticking to what they're good at!
  6. Gawdstrewth, this is worse than B**x*t! Ah well, I suppose it keeps us occupied in the close season.
  7. Also the average attendance at SL games last season was much the same as the season before, in spite of Widnes being replaced by London whose average gate was under half theirs.
  8. It's a hard thing to say, but the best thing to do is let the current club fold, and establish a phoenix club somewhere like Horsfall accepting that it'll be perhaps many years if ever that SL returns to the city.
  9. This is very much a valid point, and not just for the attendance at the game, but also for the TV audience. If it had been yet another Saints - Wigan match I doubt if I'd have bothered to watch.
  10. I suppose it's too late to ask for a 'Haven't a Clue' button. 'cos after the way Salford have been going in the play-offs, I reckon anything's possible!
  11. Fixtures are usually released in mid to late November. Obviously the powers that be in RL have a provisional outline already to allow for Toronto's promotion [cough, cough].
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