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  1. No way is the capacity of the Queensway stadium 8.5k, I'd reckon it's around 2000.
  2. Wasn't archaeologists but an army germ warfare unit trying to make the site safe.
  3. Dunno. I'm just repeating what our supporter said, haven't seen it myself. As this was in the mid eighties when Billy was still refereeing (including our games) and could have been asked about this I can't see it having been made up.
  4. I should have said when it was released and to be pedantic I'll add that this was in the Working Men's Club of which they were both members - the video was released by the BBC in the early VHS days. Happy now?
  5. One of our regular supporters in the Fulham era was a prison officer at Brixton who came from Huddersfield and knew Billy Thompson When he saw the video of the game (no DVDs then) Billy agreed that Murphy had conned him but made the point that in those days there was just the ref and the touchy at pitch level working with what they saw in an instant.
  6. A problem that's just occurred to me as far as L1's concerned is that West Wales Raiders and North Wales Crusaders restart plans will be dependent on the Welsh Assembly, not Westminster. What happens then? Given that the Welsh government seems work to different rules to England ( there's a pub near me with its car park in England and its building in Wales so it's having to stay shut and the pub on the opposite side of the road's in England and open), what will they do if we restart?
  7. SL contracts end on 30th. November, not sure if the same applies to the lower divisions.
  8. Mike Stephenson (Dewsbury, Penrith and Sky) was a plumber and former Kangaroo Greg Dowling had a couple of McDonalds franchises in Townsville (don't know if he's still got them).
  9. Former Widnes player and Fulham and Warrington player-coach Reg Bowden was a diesel fitter (I'd imagine that he's retired now).
  10. And not forgetting that most players in the Championship and probably all of them in L1 are part time. If one of them tests positive not only will they have to stop work, but it would affect the people they work with. Time to stop listening to the self centred idiot that owns Leigh, smell the coffee and accept that the season for the lower divisions has to be abandoned.(edited for spelling)
  11. Plus the problem of the Championship clubs still in the Cup if their league doesn't restart. Can't see them wanting to go back into full training for what might just be one game and they'd probably have the cost of CV testing as well.
  12. This brings back memories of the game when us supporters arrived in a very large double decker coach (the one we were supposed to have had broken down) with the driver very slowly and nervously going down the middle of narrow Glebe Street with cars parked on both sides while we watched all the net curtains twitching. We used to drink in Leigh East's clubhouse before Leigh built their own - a very welcoming place.
  13. Looking at the old Ordnance Survey map of Leigh (oddly enough the OS English maps are online on the National Library for Scotland site) and a picture of Hilton Park in Mike Latham's 'A Groundhopper's Guide' I reckon that that's right - even the orientation of the two pitheads agree with the map. Given the derelict state of the allotments makes me wonder if it was taken just before they started to build Hilton Park (about 1945/6) with the plot holders having been recently evicted.
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