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  1. If (and it's a big if) the season goes reasonably smoothly I'd go for Toulouse, but it's really a toss up between them and Fev. If Fev finished in the promotion place, it'll be interesting to see what SL will do about the prospect of having a quarter of their clubs almost within walking distance of each other (600 page thread on here coming up!).
  2. And not forgetting that whether we and West Wales are allowed spectators depends on Cardiff not London.
  3. BBC2 on Thursday evening has a programme called 'Inside Culture' presented by Cambridge academic Mary Beard. Last week's programme was on what is was like performing/playing without an audience. One of the people interviewed was Clare Balding and when Mary Beard said she'd never been really interested in sport, Clare said that when we were back to 'normal she'd take her to some, including (obviously) horse racing AND the Rugby League World Cup Final.
  4. Yes, 14-20, after which we were presented with the Second Division champions trophy. One of the dirtier matches I've ben to - I remember Martin Herdman hitting Tommy David with a straight right at which TD got up and belted him back!
  5. Knowing the idiots who run the game as we do, would anyone be greatly surprised if Gledhill ended up being given the job?
  6. As L1 starts in May, being in the 65-70 group I should have had my jabs when it starts so I'm happy to go, but if I was in one of the groups still waiting I'd probably hang on for a while.
  7. The real point is that Sky are now owned by hard headed American business men, who want to know that something's going to give them a reasonable return for their money before investing. It's standard business practice.
  8. Certainly with Will Carling. The Harlequins supporters where I used to work in Twickenham couldn't stand the man, if I repeated what they said about him the mods would give me a compulsory holiday from this forum!
  9. As far as admitting spectators is concerned, the Royal Horticultural Society has just announced that the Chelsea Flower Show is being put back from May to September. Given that they are a very large organisation with probably good sources of information this could indicate what government is thinking in private.
  10. Nope. I think that London Irish are in there. Also I seem to remember that we left Griffin Park due to the rental demands that were equivalent to our entire gate receipts!
  11. A problem for L1, of course, is that two out of 10 clubs don't come under Westminster rules but Cardiff (gawd help us!). The Cru MIGHT have the option of temporally slipping across the border (Chester RU, maybe - nice ground but there's costs to be considered) but I don't know about West Wales.
  12. Nah, if the Broncos run to form it'll be 3 weeks after the first game there. (edited for clarity)
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