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  1. Yes, it was said that by the time we left Chapeltown Road you could get a gun, a fix, a woman and a Cup Final ticket without changing queue. Seem to remember that Joseph Platt's successor conned the RFL into moving there as he only lived just round the corner.
  2. A positive and optimistic thread on here? Could this be the start of a new trend? (please!)
  3. The problem with the pre cap days was that the other clubs kept trying to compete with Wigan and to an extent Leeds when they just didn't have the resources. In Scottish football the clubs basically just left Celtic and Rangers to get on with their private argument and concentrated on staying in business. If the other RL clubs had followed the same path we might not be debating this at all.
  4. Brentford were started by members of the local rowing club for the same reason. And, fieldofclothofgold, that is right about Everton and Liverpool.
  5. A thought that occurs to me is how it's affecting clubs' pre-season training - can't imagine that they're doing much outdoor work with the air quality as it is.
  6. The oldest what was known as 'open' (see above for definition) club is believed to be Blackheath who were in existence by 1855, although apparently there's indications in letters that it may have been in existence earlier. I suspect we'll never know the answer as it depends on when what was initially some mates playing each other for a bit of exercise morphed into a properly organised entity.
  7. A very Merry Christmas from Oswestry - just going to open the presents and then investigate the bottles on the sideboard!!!
  8. One thing I notice is that you can actually read their signatures, unlike today where you're lucky to get a scribbled wobbly line!
  9. The reason that we're on the BBC is that it's the only terrestrial broadcaster that's interested, seem to remember that last time round C4 didn't even bother to submit a bid.
  10. Saints League Leader and Grand final double, Huddersfield down, Leeds Cup.
  11. The problem for League 1 sides is keeping key members of what are largely thin squads fit. A couple of injuries can wreck the season at this level.
  12. Got that wrong! We looked like a side that couldn't wait to get on the plane home - preferably yesterday. It makes me wonder if there have been some serious divisions within the squad, which looked on paper reasonably competent.
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