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  1. Cru by 12 - the team'll want revenge after the 0 - 68 mauling earlier in the season. This one could be a bit tasty!
  2. Yep, won 31-10. The winner goes to the loser of the Worky - Keighley tie, Keighley going above us because of yesterday's result (just looked it up on the RFL website).
  3. Hope so - always enjoy my trips to Cougar Park and we have won there before (I know 'cos I was there!).
  4. Yes, can't complain about the result, I said last week that we looked out of sorts and the same applied today. Pity because there was a great atmosphere with a big crowd swelled by a stonking good turnout by Keighley. Never mind, there's always next week.
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