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  1. Talking of Yearbooks, as a sad stato, is it possible to include ground capacities in the club section, at least for SL outfits?
  2. I've gone for Saints by 7 - 12, although they'll probably win I reckon that the Wire will really make them sweat for it.
  3. Could you put a horror warning on this - it's put me right off my mid-morning mug of coffee and chokkie bikkie
  4. I wonder if a perception (wrongly in my opinion) that with the current form of the two teams we're heading for another one sided game is putting some people off going.
  5. Was at the Keighley game, and it was a bit odd. At half time the Cougars were leading in an even and interesting game, and in the second half they just went to pieces - a lower division Pennine League side would have been ashamed to concede a couple of Whitehaven's tries. That's what sport's about.
  6. Crusaders, Whitehaven (might be at this one if i can escape a trip to Howarth), Newcastle, Oldham.
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