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  1. Provided that the A,B and C assessments are genuinely transparent (bear in mind that some information might be what's termed commercial in confidence - something that I appreciate more since becoming a local councillor) then I'm happy to give it a go.
  2. What I find slightly confusing is that we'll know the structure for 2024 (assuming the clubs vote in favour) and its effect on 2023 some time before season 2023 begins - an almost unique situation in the game, normally it's some time into the season before the new system comes in!
  3. If the winners of the play-off game's ground doesn't meet the SL's standard (minimum 5000 capacity with 2000 seats undercover plus other bits and pieces) then the runners up are promoted - just looked it up.
  4. That's Yorkshire for you - too tight to cough up for a second rail!
  5. Wonder when they'll release the figures or the Championship and L1. Or rather I don't, if you follow me.
  6. As far as the result's concerned, God knows and he ain't saying. Just for fun I'll say Leeds by 4, but so long as it's a good game I'm not that bothered.
  7. Agreed, now we'll have to see what the new season will bring with a new coach and some new players - let's see if we can avoid doing a Wrexham FC and not blow it in the play-offs. What slightly bothers me is the mooted reorganisation for season 2024 and what's going to happen to us lesser pond life in the RL world. Hey -ho, as Morcheeba once sang - 'Left my soul there/Down by the sea.'
  8. Not sure whether poor attendances, this year anyway, are due to apathy or economics. In the present situation I'd imagine that Wigan (and probably Saints supporters as well) are looking ahead to a possible Grand Final and are having to cut back on earlier rounds.
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