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  1. Ah norway! That explains. Didnt think stozza heath was that cold!
  2. -15 wheres that sam? No snow whatsoever here in north wazza, its cold but we dont seem to get it.
  3. Think James Graham and Jon Wilkin's antics were the black mark on the Grand Final, behaving like Soccer players in backchatting to ref and disputing decisions endlessly. Next season the refs have got to spell it out, any continuous backchat and its 10 mins in the sin bin. We are heading down a path like Soccer when players are starting to gang up and show no respect for the officials. It needs eradicating from out game.
  4. I think its good for SL that we have 4 possibly more teams that are capable of making a GF. But compared to the NRL we are still way off in that we don't have the top to bottom shift of clubs on an annual basis. Wigan have got a team that has time on its side, Saints are in semi transition with some good youngsters blooded this year and will be better next season, Wire are a bit ageing with some good youngsters and Leeds are in a similar position.
  5. Agree apart from Deacon - been there and failed, Fielden - Not mentally strong enough, Coley - Not good enough for Tests.
  6. Good to see Wigan win last night for the game as a whole. I doubted them in the build up because of their big game bottling this year. I think Wigan have a solid platform now to build on this and be up there every year challenging for the GF. Good squad, well coached and with a good backbone of young English players with 3 top imports to come in from Melbourne next season. Next year they will be the team to beat without a doubt. But who can be the main challengers? Obviously Saints have got to be the main challengers but without Cunningham what will they be like? Wire have been the 2nd best side for most of season but faded badly in play offs but I expect us to be top 4 again. Then theres Leeds who will surely come good again after a poor year by their standards. Outside these clubs its hard to see any challengers with Hudds, Hull and potentially Catalans being dark horses. Thoughts?
  7. Either Cunningham or Farrell. Both had great club careers.
  8. On Engage SL website it says last few hundred tickets remain on sale.....
  9. Think Catalans will be top 8 next year. I don't think we will see a Roosters style bottom to top in a year like in the NRL! Catalans will have to turn Perpignan into a foretress again then win the odd few away games to get in the play offs, not that hard really.
  10. Does anyone else feel like the showpiece event in Sky's Rugby League calender has been downgraded this year? Shunted to Sky Sports 2 by the Ryder 'rained off' Cup, meaning less viewers will watch. ###### build up show tonight, last year we had interviews and studio analysis. Poor advertising with hardly any adverts on Sky for the game. No 3D viewing as promised earlier in the season.
  11. Well for starters 2 Gardner 9 Clarke or Lunt 13 Purdham Thats a few decent SL players. I think they will see it as a big game after what happened up there and a chance to shine in the memory of Gary Purdham.
  12. I do like the look of Jodie Broughton, he could be one for the future if he played for a top club.
  13. Should have said best British winger then! Thats the main problem, if you look at the England second string we have no depth because all the best backs in the comp are imports!
  14. Thats poor by Sky if its true they aint showing it. Look at how many Union non-events have been covered yet they won't show the biggest game of the RL year.
  15. Myler is still a class act but Smith knows that he just didnt think he fitted in for the big games this season. Next year will be different I'm sure.
  16. He might but Smith doesn't! Riley aint safe under the high ball on the wing at Wire he's protected by King but when hes gone to full back he's not looked at all safe.
  17. England team for Garry Purdham Memorial Match at Whitehaven: C Riley (Warrington); P Fox (Hull KR), M Shenton (Castleford), T Clubb (Harlequins), T Briscoe (Hull); P Sykes (Bradford), R Myler (Warrington); A Lynch (Bradford, capt), M Higham (Warrington), L McCarthy-Scarsbrook (Harlequins), J Westerman (Castleford), B Westwood (Warrington), J Langley (Bradford). Replacements: N Scruton (Bradford), G Carvell (Warrington), J Broughton (Salford), R Atkins (Warrington), B Harrison (Warrington), S Murrell (Hull KR). Why play Riley the best winger in the comp this year at fb??? And Sykes at 6!!! Think the Cumbrians have a chance.
  18. I don't know but there is some element of truth in your beliefs. Speaking to a Saints fan at work and he was saying how much he was looking forward to watching it on Sky!! When I said why you not going he replied that he had been 3 years running and then I said you lost all 3!! He just said oh well I have a stagg doo the week after! Thats a typical St Helenseer!!!
  19. Wigan to bottle it. Saints have luck and KC on their side thats why they will win its all set up for them i think.
  20. Anyone know if the SL Grand Final is been shown in 3D? Any tips on where to see it in either Wigan or Wazza pubwise?
  21. I think it is (even as a Wire). Wigan on the rise is good for the game, them winning everything is not. Fans get complacent after success, look at Bradford. You need that hunger as a fan to keep you going and Wigan and Wire have that at the moment, a loyal, hungry fanbase.
  22. Thought Smith and Morley would have got coach and MOS. Tomkins deserved YP though.
  23. It also shows that RL can only become the top news story on the likes of BBC when tragedy's like this take place. When great things happen they don't want to know. Sad but true.
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