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  1. I am beginning to think you’re right…
  2. Er…. Back on topic please class! There are LOTS of interesting tidbits in this piece from the IRL: https://www.intrl.sport/news/explainer-the-venues-size-structure-qualifying-process-being-considered-for-rlwc2025/
  3. https://www.barrons.com/amp/news/fiji-riding-rugby-league-popularity-in-making-world-cup-host-bid-67b98188
  4. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/sport/490291/2025-rugby-league-world-cup-fiasco-symptom-of-larger-problem
  5. Now South Africa has supposedly put in a bid !! This really is getting utterly ridiculous- even for RL !!! https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2023/may/17/qatar-steps-up-to-join-bidders-for-next-rugby-league-world-cup-in-2025
  6. Mmmmmmm …. And how many RL fans would travel to Qatar for it??? Not me, for starters. France? Oui Qatar? No. PS: I’m still shattered about France pulling out …
  7. I am just too speechless to say anything… Apart from pointing out that I am absolutely gutted… I don’t think I can take any more international rugby league rubbish like this… It is just too depressing trying to be a fan.
  8. Some stuff in here about possible RLWC in the US in 2029 (which I personally still think is a pipe dream): https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/why-nrl-can-finally-break-through-in-us-with-its-great-vegas-gamble-20230513-p5d84a.html
  9. An excellent game… Kept me occupied in the airport while my flight was delayed!
  10. I will watch the game today on YouTube while waiting for my plane at Madrid airport!
  11. Would have LOVED to Paul, merci, but I will be well into my Camino in Italy by then! Maybe next year???
  12. Very good suggestion I have been in Spain and Portugal for the past three weeks walking along various routes of the Camino de Santiago… now going to Italy to do two more weeks of walking there.
  13. Thanks but I am actually in Europe at the moment!
  14. Merci! What are the kickoff times?
  15. That story is behind a pay wall… Can someone please post all of it? Thanks.
  16. Yes, I think you may be right, and that article from the French newspaper (also posted here by fcl) seems to indicate the same thing… Not enough French cities and towns have supported the bid, as we saw with Avignon (so sad because they attracted 17,000 people to the 2013 World Cup match against New Zealand… It just shows the potential for rugby league in France!) I remain hopeful but I despair about this …
  17. https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-world-cup-2025-at-risk-of-postponement-after-funding-cuts-2338385
  18. Okay back to the opening topic… Any news from the meeting in France?
  19. Incredibly and awfully depressing… I was so looking forward to coming over to France in 2025, to say nothing of my hopes that the World Cup would give rugby league the boost it needs in France. I can’t believe the government funding was not locked in… Remember the big launch a year ago with no less than the French prime minister presenting etc?!?! perhaps the French rugby union got in the ears of the French government? I would not put it past them!
  20. Actually, Avignon was NOT on the list of the 38 cities and towns that expressed interest in holding games when the event was launched by the French prime minister in January 2022: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/world-cup-news-38-towns-and-cities-bid-to-host-at-france-2025
  21. This is worrying… if a “treize bastion” like Avignon refuses to pay, how many other cities actually will ???
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