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  1. I wonder if there will be any money from the French government as part of the bid to fund rugby league development officers etc ?
  2. Absolutely can’t wait for this ... I’m hoping to come over for every match I can !!
  3. I thought Avignon would be on that list??!!
  4. Yep, an attendance of 37,471 to be exact … AFAIK it remains the biggest ever crowd for a RL game in France ! Let's aim to beat it multiple times in 2025 !!!
  5. France were awarded a rather dodgy penalty try by the French referee (who also gave the penalties to France 15-6 according to the RLProject) right near the end of the match to make it 16-16, so it was a bit like the old days in that regards! LOL
  6. I was living in NZ in 1995 and went to the 2nd Test in Palmerston North (the 16-16 draw); crowd was approx. 10,000 from memory. From memory France played 2 midweek games as well as the 2 tests, and – again from memory – the tour (very well promoted by Dean Lonergan's crew) made a profit. Both tests were on free-to-air TV on a Friday night.
  7. yes but it is telling me that TOULOUSE won 50-10 !!??
  8. Funny, my FlashScore app is giving the score as Toulouse 50, Carcassonne 10 !!
  9. Yes I actually heard it on ABC radio here in Sydney this morning … but I'll believe it when I see it !!
  10. And presuming the 2022 event ever actually goes ahead (a big presumption, I know), and that the IRL is not killed off by the likes of the NRL, the 2025 RLWC – if awarded to France – may stage the final in Paris and hold matches all over the country according to this article: https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/10/12/robinson-bennett-backing-french-revival-and-2025-world-cup-bid/?utm_source=NRLEmail_Top5&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021Offseason&utm_content=Article_1277598 Lacoste believes that hosting the 2025 World Cup will accelerate the growth of the game in France and he is aiming to increase the number of teams that would contest the men's, women's, wheelchair and youth tournaments. The final would be staged in Paris, but World Cup matches would be spread around France to enable visiting fans to enjoy a taste of other regions. "We want a World Cup for everybody," Lacoste said. "We will be very proud to welcome people from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific nations, and we know that our country is able to receive these tourists because France is the most touristed country in the world.
  11. https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/10/12/robinson-bennett-backing-french-revival-and-2025-world-cup-bid/?utm_source=NRLEmail_Top5&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021Offseason&utm_content=Article_1277598
  12. https://thetimeshub.in/there-is-no-competition-there-is-room-for-both-perpignan-city-of-rugby-between-xiii-and-xv/3448/
  13. Absolutely stoked Toulouse won … now if only the moronic RFL didn't have their idiotic plans to change the SL structure AGAIN Catalans and Toulouse should be permanently except from relegation … it's the only way to grow RL in France and make it the power it once was. Anyone know what the crowd was for today's game?
  14. Fantastic win, I am so happy …! For me it has (almost) made up for the 2021 RLWC shafting by PVL etc ! LOL Allez Catalans next week !
  15. Audois, are you saying that if Toulouse win, they will host the grand final the following week in Toulouse at Ernest Wallon Stadium ??? Merci !
  16. So both games (Catalans and Toulouse S-Fs) will be on TV this weekend, yes? And are the kick-off times confirmed? Would love to watch both games online from Oz if I can … Thanks all !
  17. Hi all … FYI: This has some interesting (up to date?) comments from Jon Dutton re the RLWC in 2022: https://www.voice-online.co.uk/sport/rlwc2021/2021/09/28/what-next-for-the-rugby-league-world-cup-as-jamaica-have-their-global-debut-delayed/
  18. Very surprising … my experience of talking to locals when biking and hiking long distances in France is that very few people know of rugby a trieze …
  19. https://mobile.twitter.com/catalanmedia/status/1437721688595173376/photo/1
  20. There seems to be a media conference on now about the Rugby league World Cup being held in France in 2025. just saw a few tidbits from Twitter as I was randomly surfing the net. If anyone has any more information, please post it here, merci beaucoup!
  21. There is a still of it at about 14.02 in this:
  22. Where is the picture of Ken Davy looking downbeat? Cheers
  23. IMHO I have long thought that Catalans and Toulouse should PERMANENTLY be exempt from relegation … so if they come last and 2nd last, the 3rd-last team would be relegated. I know this is controversial but the survival (ie expansion) of the game in the UK depends on a strong French game. PERMANENT exemption from UK 1st tier relegation is the only way to keep the French game strong … will allow the teams to blood French players, among other things. Eventually, a 3-game France v England series could become HUGE. A strong 2nd tier in the UK would also help. We all know Oz/NZ ain't gonna help the NH in any way. BTW, the future plans for RL in the UK fill me with dread at the moment …
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