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  1. Is this a free to air channel? I can’t work it out from the Wikipedia entry
  2. Dare I ask why Catalans and Toulouse played on the same day? Can't they schedule home games so there is a home RL game in Toulouse and Perpignan every week?
  3. well, that sounds pretty good … free to air in the Occitane then, but how far does that stretch? Merci !
  4. Is this a free to air channel? How far is its reach? Merci !
  5. In 112 years of International RL since 1907, Australia until this weekend has only ever lost to: England/GB NZ France You can now add Tonga to that very short list !
  6. Thanks. Like everything in international rugby league, total confusion and chaos! ?
  7. On that video it had western rams 22 France 20 at the end! The western rams were certainly celebrating like they had won !
  8. Has anyone noticed the fact that there was, As far as I could tell, zero Oceania Cup branding at the game or on the jumpers? This was an Oceania cup game, wasn’t it? Was there any mention of itor any branding of it anywhere tonight? I should mention that when New Zealand played Tonga in June there was Oceania cup branding all over the place, including the referees!
  9. What an absolute financial disaster this is going to be! Bad memories of the 2000 rugby league World Cup!
  10. Precisely Regular 3-test series GB v Oz for the Ashes was a victim of the moronic Super League war … and for some equally moronic reason, an Ashes series has not been held since 2003 It means a whole new generation of RL fans in Oz (and the UK) are growing up without any knowledge of this brilliant historic RL rivalry and instead are fed the rubbish that Origin is the "pinnacle" of RL ! Depressing
  11. Cheers So 900,000 Australia-wide for a RU World Cup Q/F on FTA and PAY v 150,000 for the Nines on PAY (but presumably, the PAY figure would be boosted by the fact it ran for 9 hours …) So … not bad for the Nines, would people say??
  12. Totally agree, the refereeing was appalling, and was completely biased in favour of Australia!
  13. Are those good figures for rugby league on Fox? I wonder how it compared to the rugby union wallabies v Poms on free to air at the same time?
  14. Let’s hope so but I find those figures a bit hard to believe, it looked like pretty of empty seats on both nights!
  15. Does anyone have the attendance figures for the two days? Thanks
  16. Just logged on, can’t see this on TV. What is the crowd like tonight? Thank you!
  17. I'm watching it on TV and I have been VERY impressed … will be very interesting to see what ratings it gets.
  18. And the women’s game? What was the final score in that? Thanks!
  19. St Helens Would not need to rest players if the season wasn’t ridiculously long, with the ridiculous extra loop fixtures making a ridiculously long 29-game regular-season! Ridiculous!
  20. I find it very hard to believe the full French squad isn’t going out for the nines. The whole thing is being paid for by the RLIF !
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