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  1. Circus Circus!! That was it! All you can eat monster buffet for $2.99, if I recall correctly… But it WAS way back in the Jurassic era when I were young backpacking lad
  2. When I was last in Vegas (admittedly a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away), the casinos had these all-you-can-eat deals of endless and excellent food for less than $10 … do those not exist any more??
  3. When does Matty Johns etc expect international games to be played with the two footy seasons NOT running in tandem? Do they really think NRL clubs these days are going to let their players play internationals vs (say) the touring GB side in the middle of the NRL season?
  4. What is the all-time attendance record for a six game super league round? Thanks
  5. Is that for the game in Paris or the game in Marseille? Cheers
  6. Interesting that the Lord Derby Cup semi-final double header is in Marseille, and the France v Wales game is in Paris … the FFR XIII trying to push the boundaries? If so, good to see !
  7. Toulouse and Catalans should be permanently exempt from relegation ! Controversial, I know, but it is for the long-term future of the code
  8. TBH the more V’Landys and the NRL wrap themselves around gambling and mega gambling $$$, the more concerned I become
  9. Interesting tidbit about the possibilities for the 2024 Pacific Championships: The only reason the NZRL moved the game to Hamilton was because the Test schedule was not locked in until the collective bargaining agreement was nailed down. October remains the best time to play Test football – it is foolish to suggest any other time during the year – and 12 months of promotion will help next year. Four nations taking part rather than three will also mean there is no rest weekend during the Pacific Championships, which helps the series maintain momentum. Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and potentially Fiji will make up the Pacific Championships next year, with international officials hopeful Samoa tour England, and Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Lebanon and potentially France round out the tier-two tournament. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/inspired-kiwis-send-australia-crashing-to-their-heaviest-test-loss-20231104-p5ehla.html
  10. Final score, New Zealand 30, Australia 0. New Zealand play absolutely faultless test RL. Australia suffer its greatest ever defeat in 395 Test matches going back to 1908, unbelievable!!!
  11. Could somebody explain exactly what is NA TV ? Merci
  12. Looks like a full house for today’s Papua New Guinea versus Fiji game, even more impressive when it is a dead rubber match! Great to see!
  13. This probably means they're NOT selling fast … !
  14. In a rare spot of good news for international RL, all the Pacific Cup and Bowl games, including the women's matches, appear to be on free to air on Channel Nine (on their main channel, no less!) in Sydney this coming weekend … will be interesting to see how they rate.
  15. Even more absurd would be if France did not qualify while Lebanon AUTOMATICALLY does. (And this is NOT to knock all the efforts at RL development there or anywhere else).
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