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  1. Mal Meninga actually talking some sense regarding this issue: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/it-shouldn-t-even-be-a-debate-mal-smacks-down-taumalolo-origin-talk-20210329-p57ewg.html
  2. I can see one tiny little problem about allowing Jason Taumalolo to play Origin for Queensland … … he's not a Queenslander. He's a Kiwi/Tongan, end of story.
  3. Over the past few years the mid-year Pacific Tests in Oz have been building up nicely, drawing big crowds and much interest … that it is all to be scrapped is SO very rugby league !
  4. We've been waiting 10 years for this 10-year cycle !
  5. Yep, totally agree. Luc Lacoste reminds me of Eric Perez in this regard …
  6. What A shame. Just when the French competition is looking really good
  7. No more games on Via Occitane free to air??
  8. Is Via Occitanie Still showing games? I thought they had stopped showing them all of a sudden?
  9. Footy starting again even though COVID still rampant???? Really?? I presume the players will all be in a bubble like the NRL?
  10. Is this a free to air channel? I can’t work it out from the Wikipedia entry
  11. Dare I ask why Catalans and Toulouse played on the same day? Can't they schedule home games so there is a home RL game in Toulouse and Perpignan every week?
  12. well, that sounds pretty good … free to air in the Occitane then, but how far does that stretch? Merci !
  13. Is this a free to air channel? How far is its reach? Merci !
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