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  1. I know! I know! There's no need to rub it in. ?
  2. A couple of rounds after I heard "Swinton get beaten in the cup?" ?
  3. "Where is this heading?" Obviously, that's up to U. Sorry!
  4. Current City young star, Phil Foden, is from Stockport, Greater Manchester.
  5. The game really did cheer me up? Hope your tinnitus clears up soon. It's a nasty problem to deal with but they've made huge progress recently with alleviating the syptoms.
  6. Okay. Got out yesterday. What a catalogue of disaster! Carol turned up and while she was there, the surgeon asked if I wanted to go home there and then. "Yes, please." Of course, "there and then" became "in two hours" due to paperwork. The light was going to fail soon and Carol cannot drive in the dark. Anyway, we made our way to the main door and Carol went to get the car because the wheelchair is not allowed outside the hospital and the car was parked in the car park across the road. Ten minutes later, she's back. She'd left hazard lights on and the battery was flat. So, with the help of a young man we got our insurer's roadside assistance out. One and a half hours later, we were ready to hit the road. Twenty minutes later, it was clear that Carol couldn't continue, so I moved into the driver's seat. It was uncomfortable, especially depressing the clutch. I was in agony at the end, but we made it home. Hopefully, England will now lift my spirits and make the pain go away. Happy watching, everybody.
  7. Much better today. I've had two goes with the zimmer frame and not much pain. The surgeon says I can go home on Saturday. Here's one for you all to think about. Carol's been ill and the nursing system here means that you rely on family members. With no Carol, step forward two women who were looking after their own family members. Helping me into and out of bed and emptying the urine bottle. The kindness of strangers, eh?
  8. Okay. Just had my first physio. About 10 steps across the room and back. God, it hurt! Dizzy snd sweating when I got back to the bed.
  9. Thanks to all who sent 'Good luck' messages. I'm back on the ward and have spent the last 3 hours sleeping. I get the occasional urge (don't we all?) to pee and puke. I've peed twice but not puked yet. Let you know how I feel tomorrow.
  10. Phone call at 9am this morning. "Hello, I am your surgeon. Can you come to the hospital today?" So, here I am. Pre-op checks done. They slice me open tomorrow and fit me with a new hip. I'd almost given up on this chap. He said he would phone me in September and it's now nearly November. Still, I wasn't going to say "No", was I? I don't think I'll be fit for the 2nd test on Sunday, but if WB wants me for the 3rd, we'll see.?
  11. Oh no, he won't! ######! It always does that to me when I don't quote the post I'm responding to. FYI, it was the post saying Biggins was in panto at the Alhambra.
  12. Hope it turns out to be a false alarm. Good luck.
  13. The sister-in-law and step-daughter finally went home on Tuesday. I survived, and I didn't have to resort to ckn's cruel and unusual punishment tactics. No animals (human or otherwise) were harmed during the course of the last fortnight. Phew!
  14. When I was a student (don't you love posts that begin like that?) I was almost permanently hungover and sudden, loud noises would cause me serious discomfort. I support this ban wholeheartedly in sympathy with all students who suffer hangovers.
  15. I don't mind it too much if an ordinary man or woman gets a word or its spelling wrong. My blood boils, however, when the mistake is made by someone who earns his/her living by writing - advertising people and journalists (where were the bloody sub-editors?) in particular.
  16. Given the context, I prefer psychopathic.
  17. I could not possibly inflict union on a fellow human being. Except possibly Farage and Inverdale, though the latter might enjoy it.☺
  18. Dear Diary, Exactly one week today, my sister-in-law and my step-daughter arrive to spend two weeks with us. I am dreading it. The house is not really big enough. We have two bedrooms each with a double bed, so step-daughter will be using the sofa-bed, which is in the large, open-plan kitchen/dining-room/lounge. There will be no escape. I am trapped. I can feel the breakdown approaching. (Just to be honest, I quite like it when the step-daughter stays and I can tolerate the sister-in-law - on their own! Together, is going to be a nightmare) The prospect is so bad that I have forgotten to renew my RLW subscription. I'll do it tomorrow. Be good to each other. Tony
  19. What's wrong with that? It's practically word-for-word the PM's next Brexit plan. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  20. And in Latin, "sinister" means "left-handed", which is why I posted that. PS. Also in Latin, "dexter" means "right-handed", hence the word "dexterity" and its derivatives. But thanks for the Italian reference.
  21. In fairness to graveyard johnny, who first mentioned "voice enhancing sweets", I used to enjoy the "voice tablets" we got from Morrisons in Scarborough. Callard & Bowsers? Proper, old-fashioned boiled sweets they were. (still are?)
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