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  1. 1/ Tedesco 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ Addo Carr 6/ Pongia 7/ 8/ Hargreaves 9/ Smith 10/ Papali 11/ Fifita (Broncos) 12/ 13/
  2. Cas - Millington Cats - Baitieri Hudds - Mcintosh Hull - Tumivave Hull KR - Minikin Leeds - Oledzki Salford - Evalds Wakefield - Tupou Warrington - Philbin Wigan - NA
  3. What you need to solve that problem is silver point which as I’ve said before is perfect for RL. Then the team who scores first in extra time (silver point) wins if at the end of extra time the scores are level. You play out extra time to the end (so you don’t get that weird unfinished feeling you get at the end of golden point). That way once the first penalty/drop goal goes over both teams know what they have to do to win.
  4. I’m fairly sure the RFL will have this in hand. They do need to get a firm grip of the situation.
  5. Long by far the quickest out of those three
  6. Peter Gorley George Fairbairn Paul Groves John Fieldhouse Paul Vautin
  7. You’d do well to find a quicker hooker than Rob Burrow when he played there.
  8. Central park Watersheddings( though not if you asked me at the time) Widerspool SFS Parramatta old ground Headingley The Willows Hilton park The Boulevard Odsal Old Wembley some fond and some bad memories of all of those grounds.
  9. By 2070 SL tv coverage will start with at least an hr dedicated to Phil Clarke’s outfit that week. All game analyst will be gone as John Wells uses the touch screen to take a look at Phil’s latest caftan and Cuban heels combo.
  10. 1 criteria raise the Salary cap to £3m and clubs guarantee to spend a minimum of say £2.4m. The clubs that can do are in the clubs that can’t come back when you can.
  11. The joke is it was so easy for those commentators to see his SL performances. Now SBW may not be completely shot but it’s going to take plenty of work to get him anywhere need upto speed.
  12. The fourth team qualified for the four nations depending on hemispheres.
  13. There maybe but we don’t know if any of the players qualified for it. Were they employed here or there. Were they employed at all or just self employed contractors. If this was a available why were none of the players on it. I’m not disputing this was a get out of jail card for Argyle just that we can’t say the rest of SL clubs survived so Toronto should’ve.
  14. She does look like the old dear who came on to Central Park in the 70s to whack someone maybe she’s just getting angry ready for that.
  15. SL clubs were able to furlough players and staff for the bulk of the year an option not open to Toronto.
  16. As far as I’m aware the six original players who pulled out in the week were through track and trace. All have since provided negative tests. Where as previous postponements were down to actually failed tests. Since then separately 1 Warrington player has failed a test.
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