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  1. Terry Webb - didn't he play for Leeds in the late 80s
  2. Looks like LG is putting a decent squad together. Hope we have a better run on the injury side and that we play a style to try and win games rather than trying not to lose, which it felt like at times last season with 5 one man drives and a kick. But with some younger halves (though I hope Sykes re-signs) then we might play a more expansive game. Here's hoping anyway.
  3. And hes got pace. Jake Sweeting https://www.facebook.com/rugbyfootballleague/videos/3670948013131355/
  4. Dewsbury Rams. Apart from the fact he's too young by about 15 years to be a normal Rams half back, he sounds pretty useful.
  5. Just signed Jake Sweeting from Featherstone, a young goal kicking half back.
  6. Yes I know you would but at least we could bring it up on the Forum on a regular basis... Along the lines of you might have a better team, stadium etc...but at least out Chairman hasn't cost us 12 points...
  7. But apart from all that what have the Romans done for us...... This is a joke for the older fan.
  8. Good to see journalists are on the ball. This was in the Wakefield Express 2 weeks ago. Stupid but not exactly murder. Still think Fev should be docked at least 12 points though....
  9. In the end we will get a better World Cup next year as Covid starts to abate. Not sure how not watching NRL helps anything but each to their own. Ill be watching NRL
  10. Can't Ben Flower play for you now you're in the Championship?
  11. If Jimmy Beckett wants game time he'd be welcome back at the Rams. He certainly improved during his time at the Rams.
  12. With at least one half back under the age of 40 next season and better luck with injuries think Dewsbury might surprise a few.
  13. Having lived in France, this is just part of the French Rugby Union theory of an Anglo-Saxon conspiracy against the French. As though the Scots, Welsh and Irish just love the English in RU. It's about as real as the global conspiracy against Featherstone and Derek Beaumont that some seem to believe in
  14. Thought it was a great performance from Featherstone, really hung in their as TO played really well in the first half with barely an error. In the second, great fight back from Fev, have to say was a bit surprised Parata didn't come on earlier as he livened things up, but at the end of the day hard not to agree that TO were the better team on the day and overall during the season. Think Fev will be favourites to go up next year.
  15. Funnily enough I played for 25 years, but before a game I didn't whine that a referee's decision "might" change the result. I took the view you have 80 minutes to win a game and if you don't, look in the mirror first. Appreciate lots of RL people are obsessed with blaming the referee for losing a game rather than look at all the errors and missed tackles their own team made. It's much easier.
  16. Winners win, losers blame the ref. Ever heard a winning coach say they only won due to the referees decisions?
  17. Whoever wins will deserve it and it won't be down to the referee.
  18. HIAs are a nonsense. Concussion cannot be diagnosed in 10 minutes in a changing room.
  19. Calendar News on ITV. It's usually pictures of Ossett, Wakefield etc..
  20. One for the more mature fan. On ITV. Yorkshire, quite a few weather photos sent in by Shaun Womersley. Is this the same person who played second row for Dewsbury back in the 1980s?
  21. But no card for the tip tackle, definitely a yellow, watch the video and Dupree is stood there waiting for his card
  22. Is Barley's budget much bigger or Whitehaven's? I think with a good quick scrum half then we had the players this year to do better than we did. And it wasn't just the results the performances have been dull. Seemed we spent much of the season on 5 drives and an ineffective kick, trying not to lose rather than trying to win. Off the field it's hard with next to no staff but we need to market the club more and the new media manager has made a good start.
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