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  1. That's the problem though when you put someone in charge who has come straight from a club side. Macnamara has chosen Sykes, Lynch and Langley from a team that could hardly win a game last season, and will probably take all 3 of them to Australia. Lynch I can understand, as he should have played for his country many times before, but the other two are hopeless. I predict we will be seeing some shocks in the next few days as Mr Mac leaves out some really good players to accommodate his Bulls mates. Australia will be cacking themselves at the thought of fronting up against Sykes and Langley.
  2. Nonsense. Riley is a liability in defence. He is nowhere near as good as Darrell Goulding.
  3. Gloucester V Bath?? 16K capacity at Gloucester, and they only got 3/4 of that for one of the world's biggest sporting rivalries last year. It's becoming a joke, but not a very funny one.
  4. 3 of them yes, but are you serious about Chris Riley?
  5. I'm drinking a beverage that is best served cold, it's called "Pie-Eaters Revenge"
  6. And that they would get a decent slapping.
  7. You got a link to his profile? I don't use Facebook, and there are hundreds of Terry Newtons.
  8. Here, here. The guy deserves nothing less, and the game next week would be the perfect opportunity.
  9. Sorry, but that's nonsense. If the people in charge find the decision on whether or not to honour Terry's memory difficult, then we have the wrong people in charge. He was a 31 year guy, who made some bad decisions in his life, many of us have done the same, but maybe not you.
  10. Absolutely bloody heartbreaking news. RIP Terry.
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