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  1. Got back into Sim-Racing.Being unable to afford an AMG SLS or a Mclaren 720s it's been great to race against pro racers on circuits such as Monza, Silverstone etc.Not podium material but enjoying it.
  2. How did you post those videos when you undoubtedly have such sore wrists?
  3. Was it,thanks for pointing that out. So you'd rather clubs went down the tubes,than a ceo suggesting how the game should continue after this crisis. A sainthood awaits you.
  4. Given that the Rhinos are expected to lose £1.5m, isn't that to be expected?
  5. Haughton is now a fireman in Darwin,Australia.
  6. Imagine if one of the forums chosen few had said what Hetherington has said,it would be a fantastic idea but you get the usual guff because of who said it.
  7. Tried that.Dog would lick the cheese off and leave the tablet
  8. I found the best way was to wrap the tablet in a cheese slice (a dairylea type slice), then mould it into a ball.The dog would eat it in one go.
  9. Don't know if Phil and Steve Ford played together at Leeds.
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