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  1. TWP's kits are the greatest ANY sport has ever seen.
  2. Hats off to the Bulls fans ,during his post game interview Rob broke down and the Bulls fans started chanting "one Rob Burrow". It was a tearful,emotional day.One I'll never forget. It showed Rugby League is a true family sport.
  3. Archery is included in the 2020 Olympics. South Korea are the country to beat.
  4. We're the team not entered or refused entry. The open age team aren't in the national cup either,when they normally are.
  5. In Hong Kong 25 years ago on honeymoon,I bought a Ralgex Lobster. 25 years later,the watch and the marraige are still working!
  6. Technically he is because he doesn't exist. Hopefully they'll have an equestrian statue in his honour.
  7. No longer a season ticket holder.Go to games when time allows and the only time I've worn my clubs colours is when I played in them. Support the amateur game more these days.
  8. I remember Swinton playing Leeds reserves in a cup final in the 80's at Headingley and Swinton won!
  9. How about we just let the Wolfpack supporters make the rules! Whatever they say is the right way!
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