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  1. She's doing ok.Lived on a farm (she's a failed sheepdog)and not used to living in a house but she's clever and obedient so is just about house trained after a couple of days.
  2. My dad,after a battle with pneumonia.He passed away peacefully. A man who loved sport,especially rugby league who passed that love on to myself and his youngest grandson.
  3. If in doubt blame the ref.It works for Salford, maybe Leeds should do the same!
  4. I remember someone on another thread stating they'd never seen any arrogant posts from Wakey supporters on this forum.Just spotted at least two!
  5. Now for a dose of realism.The (slightly) better of two poor teams won.Leeds deserve to be relegated,struggling against a Wakefield side seriously depleted by injuries.Heaven knows what the scoreline would have been if Wakey were at full strength. Congrats Wakey.Well done.
  6. Oldham and Pontefract.Pontefract is local to Leeds,oh,by the way,COHA signed lads from York this year and tried to sign a few Leeds lads for the 19's (my son being one of them).
  7. Utter rubbish about the academy,8/9 u16's in the England training squad (most of them are local) and plenty of Leeds u19's in the roses squads.The youth system is doing very well. Is Connor's contract due for renewal,seems like a good story to get an improved FC contract.
  8. 0.5 million for Connor. He's not the Messiah ...............
  9. Error strewn first half.Yorkshire 16 - Other lot 4
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