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  1. It's not a good time to go at this stage of the season with all the OOC players to sort out and potential recruitment for next season too
  2. The club will be hit financially by the pandemic they have the stadium to pay for and were investing heavily on the corporate side which has hardly been used .
  3. I'm now reading Agar has been offered The " lucrative " deputy coach job at Cronnula. Could be all change at Headingley. If all this has any substance they need to be planning now
  4. Philadelphia Union association football club had a supporters club before the actual football club was founded
  5. Kevin has dedicated his award to MND and all who took and donated . He has drawn attention to this awful desease congratulations Kevin Sinfield. This might not be relevant, but I do wish they would take the word " EMPIRE" out of these awards .
  6. I believe he was 12 or 13 when he came to Headingley
  7. Highly over rated ? You are well wide of the mark there my man
  8. I did put a question mark over the title of the degree
  9. He has a degree I think in sports management ? A masters ? Studied at Leeds Met
  10. There was once rumours that Kevin was bound for Warrington at the end of one of his contracts and he was non committal. His friends were saying he's fed up with people asking this . When he did sign his deal with the club he commented I didnt comment because I didnt want to give e it credence.
  11. If they do want him it must only be for his Name because right now his role at Leeds is unfulfilled
  12. That's not the point ,its RU showing the country we can take their high profile people and make them ours
  13. Without a doubt Kevin Sinfield is now a nationally recognized person, every time he comes on TV most people know who he is ,every time people hear his name they know who he is . This has probably been deliberately leaked as the other codes season ends and ours is getting going and we have lots of positive promoting and work to do . If it does happen they will want him on the panels of their big games talking about their sport as if ours is insignificant. The very fact that we are talking about this means they have made us take our eye off our season.
  14. Not all the time Leeds from 2004 all through that era all their players admitted they could get paid more elsewhere, but were talked into staying at the club and hopefully get the winning bonuses and t he rings
  15. After my own club I would also like to see Cats get to OT and win and hopefully if the restrictions are lifted we RL people must all make an effort to hit the 70K attendance if Cats do get there.Long way to yet though
  16. I think Hardaker comes from Pontefract they used to be known for Licorice cakes
  17. Cats are looking a bit good ,but its early and as we have seen before things change come the playoffs and of course the GF
  18. Last time Cas put over 60 on Leeds the then Leeds coach commented on this and said " we can win the title " and that's what they did . That was Cas at their peak
  19. Maybe GW could see out this season short term as been said and could get an offer from the other code?
  20. I lived for many years I. Philadelphia PA and I used to get homesick for my hometown. I was happy in USA ,but still got homesick. Now I've moved back I get the same homesickness for Phila . I never liked NY though too many Brit Tourists with Brummie accents . Lol
  21. So in hindsight was it a mistake to leave The Boulevard?
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