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  1. Yes I've thought that looking at some of those NRL games
  2. Just thinking when we had those hidings from you I used to reminisce not the 0-19 ,but long before that 25-4 1968 there weren't too many from a Leeds perspective. I wasnt being facetious
  3. Now its Wigan V Leeds and when Leeds beat Wigan its very memorable because it doesn't happen very often even when Leeds are doing well. Wigan are going through a poor patch and some are predicting they really are in a downward spiral , Leeds could be the fixture when the rumours of Wigans demise are greatly exaggerated, but only for now . Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. They will beat Leeds ,but they're still in demise
  4. I expect the club and players from that era will make a big boost to the fund
  5. It's hard to visualize where it will be situated but I hope it will be easy access for the public to view . I was thinking just at the area near the old slope where they used to enter from the old dressing rooms
  6. Leeds always had a sizable Jewish population going back to the days of Leeds Parish Church the bulk of that clubs Support was from the Jewish Leylands area and the Irish Bank area that was one of the reasons the Angican vicar disbanded the club . The Jewish community has always been involved in the sporting institutions of the city and when Leeds RL signed the great Wilf Rosenberg they were even more attracted to Headingley
  7. I believe Leicester has a large Asian population, but theyve got a relatively successful football team with quite a wealthy owner
  8. I dont think it's a case of more supporters . Leeds for instance up until the Revie era was a RL city with 3 clubs even though the football club averaged more support that was because West riding was a RL area ( northern union) , but this is a debate for another thread . Bradford Northern Bulls even though they have had crashes throughout their history theyve also had periods of success . Odsal is totally inadequate it's now awful, but Bradford have never owned it therefore they couldn't sell it and move to a more suitable site . I believe the RFL are leaseholders, I dont know what they can do with it as Leaseholders, but are they just going to leave it like that
  9. A city the size of Bradford should be challenging in SL and due respect to Bradford City SFC it is a RL city ,but the club has gone bust twice in my living memory while clubs considered smaller than Bradford kept it king over .in 1964 they went bust through lack of support because of a very poor team and the more recent time the Harris issue which resulted in a vendetta with Leeds .they still have a reasonable support base so there is room for optimism there . They have never owned Odsal
  10. Different culture! How would RL fans take it if the owners of the Trophy winners started to collect the trophy before the players touched it ?
  11. Maybe if it was a George Formby impersonator you'd think it was normal?
  12. Oh I didnt bring it up someone posted 24 / 7 so I responded .By the way I liked Murphy's Leigh team better than Murphy's Warrington
  13. I'm not complaining about the result just that mans mind games leading up to that game and he did definitely say " oh we'll beat em now " the game was already lost when he took a dive .its ok him smiling and being hail fellow well met ,but he wont live that down he deliberately got a man sent off
  14. " if hit him he wouldn't have got up" S Hines . If he did connect maybe it was for Celebrating that the late great Mick Shoebottom was ruled out never to play again plus Ray Batten and Alan Smith . " oh great we'll definitely beat em now " said gloating mr Murphy
  15. I dont know wether it's just me but I've never been able to get used to the New Wembley . The atmosphere to seems lacking
  16. I think it could attract many who appear to have got out of the habit of going to Wembley
  17. A truly great player from the golden age of Rugby league. Dick Tiger Huddart RIP
  18. there are complants springing up in USA that MLB games are taking too long and on average how long do their games take ? 3 hours. If you look at NFL games on TV when it gets down to the last 5 minutes which usually takes about a half hour the stadiums by the are almost half empty fro. Being full
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