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  1. Very poor management. Being left alone for that long things might actually start working properly. Time for some disruption.....sorry change management/organisational review/role re-definement/right-sizing/restructuring/etc....
  2. He normally makes the effort to visit the places he is writing about to try and get a feel for what it might have been like. While his books are not really challenging reads and never likely to achieve the more prestigious awards reserved for the more weird and wonderful authors out there, I think he writes a gripping story and develops interesting characters while at least following historical events reasonably accurately.
  3. It was the Sharpe series that I started with, and agree the Starbuck series was great. I enjoyed the Grail Quest series too.
  4. I recently purchased a bottle of Tesco Finest London Dry Gin and was really taken by it. It's a very reasonable price and was very easy drinking. Some of the own brand stuff is really quite good. Hendricks Gin is another I tried quite recently and enjoyed.
  5. I bought a bottle of Ardberg a while back and on first few glasses didn't really like it. A month or two later I gave it another go and now quite like it. Not sure if it has had chance to 'breathe' or my taste buds have adapted.
  6. I think Futtocks knows his food. I find my stomach rumbling at the mere thought of some of his meal descriptions. If he ever starts an open kitchen with the folk from TRL invited for dinner I am straight on the train. There's being a food snob and there's being someone who knows a lot about authentic good quality food.
  7. I've been reading quite a few Raymond Feist books recently. Really getting into them. Just about to finish 'Rage of a Demon King' - 3rd (of 4) in the Serpentwar Saga.
  8. There may be some travel involved...although initially only to Camberley.
  9. Has anyone on here ever tried Japanese whisky, I've read about them winning various awards but never given them a try?
  10. Had a nice enough time but our kids loved it which for me is the important thing. They are still young enough to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas, their innocence and happiness is very special. Starting a new job on 19th Jan so trying to make the most of relaxing and not worrying about going back to my current job on 6th Jan.
  11. No snow in Sussex. We went for a nice walk this afternoon at a local Nation Trust place, it was cold but blue skies and sunshine made for a very pleasant walk.
  12. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/ruined-ski-holidays-put-smile-on-everyone-elses-faces-2014121793924
  13. I love it when some moron at work decides to do something stupid 2 days before Christmas and I am left to clear up the mess
  14. During the recent Amazon Black Friday week sale thing I bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black whisky. I do not normally buy blended whisky but after reading that this has lots of Islay in it I thought at £25 a bottle I would give it a go. I was actually pleasantly surprised, it's not a world beater but it's certainly very drinkable and one I would consider buying again.
  15. Hope you don't like it too much or is could be hard going back to the cheap stuff
  16. I need to find decent pub with a good range of whisky and spend a pleasant evening trying a few.
  17. What are your thoughts on Caol Ila or Lagavulin? Perhaps I need to arrange a holiday to Scotland to continue my education.
  18. Not overly oppressed with Ardbeg 10 year old, not as good as Laphroaig or Bowmore. It's drinkable but lacking something. I might have to splash out on one of the other Ardbegs such as the Uigeadail or Corryvreckan as they seem to be rated highly....if I can figure out how to pronounce them.
  19. I had a friend at uni who was from Western Super-Mare he played the trumpet and was rather good at it. Couldn't understand his accent but he seemed a jolly fellow.
  20. Yep, I bought a bottle of Bowmore 100 degrees last year and really liked it. I was tempted to go back and try another Bowmore but first wanted to try a few different Islays. The pub in our village is rubbish for whisky (Bells, Teachers and that sort of stuff only) so I find myself 'forced' to buy bottles to sample in the comfort of my own home.
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