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  1. Yeah, I read that earlier which is one of the reasons I asked. But I also read that we intended to appeal last time, but couldn't as he had a full hearing.
  2. It was mentioned after his first ban that he had no right of appeal as he had had a full hearing. Is that right?
  3. Please take this in the spirit is intended, but I think you are being rather thin-skinned to people disagreeing with you on this. The tone of this discussion has been really civil for such a contentious subject. I've had a skim read through the early pages again before posting this, but I don't see the attitudes to you that you claim. One of the most antagonistic posts was on page 4 where you brought "woke" and "idiot" into the discussion. Personally I think it has been a decent thread with plenty of good posts and interesting views presented. Most of the "attacks" are against the majority view, beibg accused of group think.
  4. It is clear that they do not believe a word Mcguire says. They found him to be a liar earlier this year and didn't believe him this time. He appears to talk a good one in interviews etc. but his actions don't really match with his words.
  5. Do you think anything could be said that would be worthy of a ban?
  6. Which 3 offences from before he signed for Wire? I've asked you, but you won't answer, so it's making the discussion difficult, but that's on you. I can find one ban for verbals in the NRL. Where are the other two? That's a genuine question. You are saying he has history, but appear to want to keep it a secret.
  7. I don't think it is appropriate personally for us to discuss the alleged comments specifically here. We know the rumours, it should just be left there. What is relevant is the point about verbal abuse around protected characteristics vs hurty words. The sport has very much gone down the route of not tolerating verbal abuse and taking it serious, I personally welcome that, I can understand others thinking it is OTT, even though I 100% disagree with them. Similarly, I don't think it is too helpful to compare to physical violence, we have plenty of discussions around disciplinary for violent acts, unfortunately the sport has decided to water down punishments here. But there are loads of threads for us to discuss that. McGuire was found guilty of these two incidents, he has ben held accountable, he is banned, hopefully moved on from my club and we all get on with our lives.
  8. That's not really true Phil. There are a very small handful here maybe, support for him is more prominent on the depths of Twitter.
  9. When talking about 'this' I was referring to the situation. We were clearly talking about these two incidents as linked. Nobody had forgotten about his 7 game ban, it was discussed extensively here. I can see one ban for dissent - he was sin-binned and received a one-match ban. What was the other offence? He was fined for touching a ref. So, what you are saying is that a player with a 14 year NRL career, with experience at the very top levels (Origin and Kangaroos) - has next to no experience of this kind of offence before he signed at Wire. Glad we agree.
  10. We are talking about when Wire signed him. These two offences have been at Wire.
  11. Let's be honest, nobody thought this was how this was going to end. A gouge, maybe, even dissent to an extent, but nobody predicted this. THis article was interesting, I assume he took the one match ban for dissent, but interesting how the NRL treated another player who called the ref an "effing r**ard" - 2 match ban. NRL: Josh McGuire's vile rant towards referee revealed (yahoo.com)
  12. I don't really buy this argument tbh. Had he been picking up bans for thuggery, I'd agree, and I think that is a feature of his game that we decided to accept. Just like we did with Dudson. There is a fair argument that our pack needed toughening up. Abuse like this sits outside of all of his previous offences in his very long career at the top of the game.
  13. It's a small world, many of these players know each other off the field. No need for the over-reaction in your post.
  14. None of this is new. We've seen players receive hefty bans before for racism, homophobia - we've seen clubs fined and banned for racist, sexist, homophobic abuse. We see in other sports, particularly around Europe real problems with fan racist abuse. All just 'words'. The reason Mcguire has an unprecedented 12 matches is because he had already been done once in the first half of the season.
  15. As you righy point out, sledging isn't banned, there are plenty of ways to get at players if yiu are that way inclined. But to go down a route which is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc it is right that a dim view is taken on this. I'm surprised it is even a debate in 2023 tbh.
  16. I hope Wire don't regret defending him so much after the first incident and that they took the relevant disciplinary steps that would alow them to send him packing this time.
  17. I think the RFL are far too lenient on some of the offences we see nowadays, I have made that point consistently, but I broadly think we have got it right on banning for slurs like this. Dudson's punch was bad, and he got 5 matches - a really serious ban, so we do punish these instances of foul play, but I wholly support huge bans for things like racism, homophobia, sexism, disability slurs etc. It could be argued it's a little like drugs or betting bans - they may seem excessive for what the person has actually done, but I think it is fine that they are treated on a different level.
  18. The fact this is so rare shows where the issue is.
  19. I have no sympathy, nor offer any defence for Mcguire's alleged actions. Probably not too much more to it than that.
  20. I'd have been impressed with RaginBull's predictions if they'd have predicted these type of offences, but suggesting that the most banned player in NRL history would have disciplinary issues isn't overly impressive! However in reality, I'm not sure he has done much of note in terms of actual Rugby on the field, good or bad.
  21. I think the problem is the offenders rather than those reporting offences. We've seen players making allegations around things for years.
  22. Wire as a club have been at the forefront of PDRL and LDRL, yet in recent years our head coach has used the phrase "m*** strength", and a star signing has been banned for calling a player a "s******", and he now faces another ban. That jars with me a lot. I have no idea what Mcguire is meant to have said this time, iirc it is against Charnley, who gets a lot of unnacceptable stick, so this may be a race thing.
  23. You've acknowledged it isn't acceptable, despite downplaying it as playground insults. The game has decided it isn't acceptable, and despite 6+ match bans, some players still can't help themselves. Thankfully the vast vast majority seem able to not use these offensive terms.
  24. Using some words has always been punished heavily for a while now. I don't believe it has led to bigger squads. The solution is not bigger squads, it is players behaving.
  25. Well he's just had another Grade F charge for unacceptable language, so let's see how this plays out.
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