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  1. I'm not sure what kind of thinking it is that suggests that what we watch every week isn't sport. Nobody is claiming it isn't a business. It absolutely is. Only one person is being 'edgy' though and making then claim that Pro RL isn't sport.
  2. Just doubling down on a wrong post doesn't change it to being right Your last line doesn't mean Pro RL isn't sport.
  3. I've no issues with treating clubs differently. I'm cool with protection from relegation like Catalans had, and I've often championed ring fenced funding for expansion clubs for example, with additional support for them. But if your principle is that making decisions to maximise away fans is small time and backwards, but then you want to make decisions on maximising away fans, then I'm afraid your are exactly the same as those you criticise. There is no "ah but the bigger picture" high ground on that.
  4. Oh come on. This insistence on trying to be smart is tiring. Rugby League is a sport. Your post is just plain wrong.
  5. I've explained the hypocrisy clearly. You can think it's fine, but it's clear cut hypocrisy. When people are so nitpicky about any mention of away fans at English games, it does them no favours when they then complain the day is no good for away fans in France. There is nothing clever, or strategic, or bigger picture about that, people use away fans as a stick to beat English clubs with, it's a silly thing they do.
  6. The same analogy can be used for licensing - there are winners and losers in every system.
  7. Do we have any evidence that players were missing training for other work?
  8. The French Derby was arranged by SLE for the Easter Rivals Round. Sky could possibly have shown it on Good Friday, but with travel on Monday the Thurs was probably favoured. If you are going to make your argument, yiu may be better focusing on where Catalans have been on TV in France but Sky haven't shown them here.
  9. I think you are giving rather too much credit to the likes of Wakey and Salford - they aren't the ones controlling the game over here. Agreed with the principle of difficult decisions to be made and maybe teams being in/out etc. But we have done that plenty of times, we've shown we're happy to take tough decisions.
  10. It was a very good game with some great Rugby, but as always, particularly in a World Cup year it is interesting to look at where there may be weaknesses. And I do think there were some. Fatigue absolutely got to the players and there was some very sloppy play later on particularly. I thought there was a lot of poor distribution in the game, and a different ref could have pinged a lot of forward passes. The two big problems for England that I see are that 1 - the Aussies get to pick the best 17 from those today, and 2 - England haven't been playing and getting themselves in good shape, which is a huge worry.
  11. I think that's a good summary of the approaches. And I would add that despite the claim in this thread that we were poor last year, we weren't - we beat all of the teams around us, including Wigan three times and Saints twice in the season. I've been clear on my position, we needed to move Price on and make some changes, but Powell has work to do, and I think he has put himself in a tough position.
  12. Are there any details of the squads, players, who they play for etc? Can't find anything online?
  13. But my post wasn't about the rights and wrongs of approach - it was challenging hypocrisy and OTT claims. These outlandish claims are imho why we often fail to get people to go along with the journey on exciting initiatives. We are told that Toronto are the future of the game, that Toulouse and Catalans are crucial to SL, that we expand or we die, even the debate we had yesterday that relegation is 'catastrophic, and most clubs do not recover from it'. Now on each of those points individually I agree they are good for the game - I'm an expansionist, was excited by Toronto, I think France should be our number 1 growth focus area, and that getting rid of relegation is probably the best thing for the comp - but I don't buy the antagonistic positioning of these initiatives. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that the French derbies should have been nice Saturday 6pm games live on Sky, whilst also believing that Catalans should have got far more than 8.9k for the first ever French derby even on a Thursday. I think we are unnecessarily creating real extremes in the sport, the moderates are drowned out and I think more reasoned expectations and positioning of changes would see more people buy into some of these things.
  14. Ignore Wakefield, they were a name dropped in randomly. We are told Thursdays are no excuse. It is being used as an excuse for Catalans and Toulouse. We are told away fans are not important. Now we are being told that fans won't be able to travel to these games. That is the hypocrisy. FWIW, I think they are valid issues, just as they are for UK based clubs.
  15. Did the South African domestic players have this game to aim for? There is an argument the money may never be there in Brazil to stage regular tests, so what then? There needs to be a plan for nations to be playing internationals in their nations.
  16. I do think it's possibly simpler with Cooper. He hasn't really stepped up into being a pack leader and I suspect his wage was decent at Wire, so has been moved on. Although I thought we got a decent subsidy on the cap due to him being home grown (is that set at a limit?).
  17. This is ultimately the problem. If it costs a lot to stage internationals in Brazil then a plan needs to be created to secure that funding. You don;t just ignore that challenge and take an easy option. Because tbh, staging these games in Oz will probably always be cheaper, so there may never be a desire to shift them away from Oz. The failure of the game to support development of international teams whilst expanding the number of teams in the WC is shocking.
  18. People have asked, in good faith, what the benefits of this game are for Brazil and South Africa being played in Australia. You have refused to engage, calling people white privileged POMS. If you want to engage in serious discussion, feel free to tell us the benefits of staging a test between Brazil and SA in Aus. And if the benefit is 'it's cheaper to stage' then don't be surprised when people don't agree that is a good reason. If you don't want to engage in a proper discussion, no problem, we can go about our day.
  19. I mean, this is just excuses. Something that backward northerners aren't allowed to use. The Catalans crowd versus Toulouse was poor.
  20. OK. But that doesn't relate to my post. Thursday nights are either an issue or they aren't. Away fans are either a benefit or they aren't. I agree with the principle, I think we need a strong, clear plan for France integration into the UK structures, not this random invite that we currently hand out. The French federation should be stakeholders in the UK structure imho.
  21. Its a modest capacity - they got 2.5k more last year on Thursday versus Hull KR. Surely they would expect that for this once in a generation game?
  22. Well we can't judge that, because on there surface there looks to be very little logic, and 'experienced and knowledgeable' people just dismiss others and have failed to sell any benefit other than travel was cheap. And vanity project doesn't mean that the intentions aren't good. But imho it is pretty much the definition of it. Looks good on a list, that we have played a test match, but what has it done for Brazil or South Africa RL as developing nations?
  23. We are seeing some stunning hypocrisy here. We give Catalans a pass for a low crowd on a Thursday for a match that is geographically the same as Hull v Wire. We won't do that for Wakefield. We say that they had no away fans because it is a Thursday. Yet the arguments over and over are that Northern England clubs are backwards in relying on away fans. Catalans' crowd versus Toulouse was poor. They got 2.5k more versus Hull KR for the LLS game last year (on a Thursday) We don't need to overstate everything. There i every indication that we can get good crowds in Toulouse, there is every indication that a Toulouse v Catalans match could be a big draw - but we don't need to go overboard with it and then move the goalposts when it doesn't happen. People in Toulouse are like anywhere else, they won't be enjoying their season and will vote with their feet. Its similar to all the claims about how a French TV deal would come on the back of two French teams. A strong Toulouse could be very good for SL IMO, but we don't need to put undue pressure on them with unrealistic expectations. On the other hand, we should be doing everything we can to support them being a success. Over to IMG I suppose.
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