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  1. We've donated £416 to CALM today in the name of the John Sullivan Trophy despite the season being suspended. A magnificent effort from LBSA members and the wider Broncos family, supporting an excellent organisation addressing young men's suicide in the name of a fine man who graced our shirt for many years.
  2. I was hoping we'd raise £150 this year for CALM but we are already around £190 with a week to go! With your help we can double this and make a real statement about the values of the LBSA, Broncos supporters, and the wider Rugby League community.
  3. In what were once normal times the Broncos Championship fixture against York City Knights on Sunday 19th July would have seen the teams taking part in the fourth staging of the John Sullivan Trophy (https://www.lbsa.org.uk/john-sullivan-trophy-2020/). The “Sully” is a joint initiative between the Broncos and the Supporters Trust LBSA, and we’ve decided that suspension of the game will not stop us highlighting the issue of young male suicide and supporting the Sullivan family’s chosen charity CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably (https://www.thecalmzone.net). Sully was a member of the Club’s Academy for many years, and his tragic suicide in 2014 came as an awful reminder of the struggles former professional players can have coming to terms with post Rugby League life. Since the inaugural Sully was played against Dewsbury Rams in 2017, we have raised around £1,300 in support of CALM. We’ve set up a Virtual Bucket Collection of £4 at https://lbsa.sumup.link/sully-2020, and a couple of PayPal Donate buttons are now on social media. All transaction and other charges related to donations will be paid by the LBSA so that every penny will go to CALM. The scourge of young male suicide will only have been exacerbated during this most challenging of times; we can do our little bit in showing the Rugby League family's concern for young men's health and wellbeing; whether Rugby League players or not.
  4. Really sad day for the game today; may well be the last EVER captain of an Ashes winning team Down Under.
  5. Great Britain is not a Test playing nation and so playing for GB itself wouldn't stop say Jackson Hastings for then playing for Australia. The rules apply to England.
  6. Rorke's Drift is probably the greatest ever Test - I had the pleasure of wearing my Rorke's Drift commemoration England shirt at the SCG on ANZAC Day this year - but a word has to be said for the Battle of Brisbane 1958. GB Captain Alan Prescott broke his arm in the 3rd minute but played on for the whole game - in the pack!!
  7. Ambition you say. The Test venues for the First Kangaroos tour in 1908-09 were Park Royal London, St James Park Newcastle, and Villa Park Birmingham
  8. I remember listening to the BBC Radio commentary of the Lions famous victory over the Kangaroos in Melbourne 1992. We had the radio playing in our factory unit and huddled round occasionally doing some work. We had blitzed the Kangaroos in the first half and Peter was almost in tears summing up what he was witnessing. He captured the way we were all feeling as this game unfolded, and his love for, and passion about, the game shone through. A real Rugby League gent. RIP Peter Fox.
  9. Knights loyalist for 25 years so probably a bit one eyed. We're recovering from the devastation of the Tinkler era and now have a team capable of having a real dig this year. In Kayln Ponga we have undoubtedly THE talent of the game at the moment, and with the leadership of Mitchell Pearce and David Klemmer we will give anyone a game. Squad depth may be an issue, but we're up for Premiership Number 3!
  10. One of only two Rugby League players (Albert Rosenfeld being the other) to be a member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.
  11. A ten team Super League with 18 fixtures followed by a top 5 playoff gives a real opportunity to have a three or four week international window mid-season, and an opportunity to do something with the Challenge Cup. The game is in the state its in because it's not seen as valuable enough for Sky to pay at the level that would sustain a fully professional all teams spending the cap competition, or as a viable sport for another terrestrail broadcaster to get behind. Keep doing the same thing and you'll keep getting the same results. Shifting emphasis to Tests is our best chance of increased national profile and relevance, and thus corporate and TV income streams.
  12. The women's game can be a real catalyst for national profile if we can get our act together on this. Look at the NRLW this season (and the AFLW) - concentrated season with all the top players brought together for four clubs - Roosters, Dragons, Broncos and Warriors. All games as double headers (including the Grand Final), all games televised. The first game for the Broncos had 18,000 people in the ground by the end of the game! This on top of the first Origin played in front of over 8,000 in North Sydney - the NRLW will grow slowly but surely. For me the Women's Super League season is too long; we're really diverting players from successful amateur clubs and putting pro-team shirts on them. A concentrated full-on full time Super League with teams playing out of a few M62 clubs, London, Newcastle and Catalans and the Grand Final at Old Trafford could make a real impact on the casual sporting public.
  13. One mark of a champion club is when to move their best players on. Surprised no-one has seen the parallel with Ellery Hanley moving to Leeds in the 90s. Not sure if Wigan today have a Phil Clarke coming through though!
  14. 3 Nations is better - we get to play both Kangaroos and Kiwis twice and then the final. Real Test football.
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