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  1. And in 62 (I think) we played St George - the first time we had played a Premiership team rather than representative teams on tour. We beat them, and Alex Murphy played with a broken arm - he knew it was broken but didn't tell anyone because he didn't want to miss the game!
  2. Different perhaps but ask Melbournians about how their Government has dealt with this! The Storm and the AFL teams had to decamp to Queensland; but they have done it because they realise the importance of completing this season for the survival of the professional game. The Warriors players spent six months away from home with no option for even occasional visits in order to complete the season - now that's professionalism.
  3. And yet across the 18 rounds and 1 final there have been no positive tests in the NRL at all - just a few idiots (Wayne Bennett included) trying to get round the bubble regulations
  4. Napoleon was WAY before the codification of the football codes! There are many episodes in Tony Collins' excellent Rugby Reloaded podcast looking at how and why these games were codified in the 1860s and 1870s, the myths surrounding these origins and the games' spread (or otherwise) across the globe.
  5. Tommy Bishop Australian? His lad maybe but he's from St Helens.
  6. Central Park for me. Not so much for the ground itself, although I did enjoy both sitting and standing there, more for seeing Billy Boston holding court in the Griffin!
  7. There is indeed "more to it than that". Allegiances to football codes were "baked in" to most cities as they grew rapidly in the late 19th century - Rugby League perhaps more than any other football code is indelibly linked to the social history of the communities that play it . You will find many examples of this history in the excellent Rugby Reloaded podcast from Professor Tony Collins. No myths, no William Webb Ellis, no "England took football to the world", no "build it and they will come".
  8. Reality is it will probably be a disaster for the TV viewing figures - something that V'landys is actually interested in. A cold hard look after this extraordinary season will show that I'm sure.
  9. We've donated £416 to CALM today in the name of the John Sullivan Trophy despite the season being suspended. A magnificent effort from LBSA members and the wider Broncos family, supporting an excellent organisation addressing young men's suicide in the name of a fine man who graced our shirt for many years.
  10. I was hoping we'd raise £150 this year for CALM but we are already around £190 with a week to go! With your help we can double this and make a real statement about the values of the LBSA, Broncos supporters, and the wider Rugby League community.
  11. In what were once normal times the Broncos Championship fixture against York City Knights on Sunday 19th July would have seen the teams taking part in the fourth staging of the John Sullivan Trophy (https://www.lbsa.org.uk/john-sullivan-trophy-2020/). The “Sully” is a joint initiative between the Broncos and the Supporters Trust LBSA, and we’ve decided that suspension of the game will not stop us highlighting the issue of young male suicide and supporting the Sullivan family’s chosen charity CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably (https://www.thecalmzone.net). Sully was a member of the Club’s Academy for many years, and his tragic suicide in 2014 came as an awful reminder of the struggles former professional players can have coming to terms with post Rugby League life. Since the inaugural Sully was played against Dewsbury Rams in 2017, we have raised around £1,300 in support of CALM. We’ve set up a Virtual Bucket Collection of £4 at https://lbsa.sumup.link/sully-2020, and a couple of PayPal Donate buttons are now on social media. All transaction and other charges related to donations will be paid by the LBSA so that every penny will go to CALM. The scourge of young male suicide will only have been exacerbated during this most challenging of times; we can do our little bit in showing the Rugby League family's concern for young men's health and wellbeing; whether Rugby League players or not.
  12. Really sad day for the game today; may well be the last EVER captain of an Ashes winning team Down Under.
  13. Great Britain is not a Test playing nation and so playing for GB itself wouldn't stop say Jackson Hastings for then playing for Australia. The rules apply to England.
  14. Rorke's Drift is probably the greatest ever Test - I had the pleasure of wearing my Rorke's Drift commemoration England shirt at the SCG on ANZAC Day this year - but a word has to be said for the Battle of Brisbane 1958. GB Captain Alan Prescott broke his arm in the 3rd minute but played on for the whole game - in the pack!!
  15. Ambition you say. The Test venues for the First Kangaroos tour in 1908-09 were Park Royal London, St James Park Newcastle, and Villa Park Birmingham
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