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  1. What?? This is in direct contravention of rule 24!! https://www.velominati.com
  2. Widdop’s positive test for C19 was (or rather wasn’t) announced on the day of the Hull game, which meant his 14 day quarantined ended on Thursday. So no time to train ahead of this week’s game. Expect he’ll be back next week, which will give an interesting selection headache!!
  3. Hopefully not, and I don't see what it should be closed. It's impossible to discuss a possible postponement of RLWC without acknowledging why this might be, which is as much government response to C19, as C19 per se. Given the importance of the RLWC, and how big a story this is, I hope the thread stays open. I'll happily delete any posts I've made if requested by admins to do so, if that helps it remain open.
  4. I have a number of pre-war programmes for sale. The full list is here: pre-war programmes for sale These mainly relate to Warrington, but include the 1933 Huddersfield-Warrington Cup Final, and 1934 Salford-Wigan Championship Final. Please PM me for more info, prices (or with offers!). Images available on request.
  5. Apologies for engaging in thread drift, but seeing as it's in reply to my post: UP TO 650k people are estimated to die globally from respiratory disease linked to seasonal flu. The estimated range is 290k-650k. (Source) The US alone suffered 75,000 excess deaths in the past 6 months (source). Some of this will be timing, but these are on top of deaths caused by seasonal flu. So globally excess deaths are already in the range of what can be expected annually from seasonal flu, despite widespread lockdowns at national level. There is regular media coverage of the impact of flu - I'll leave you to do your own research on that. As for suicide, 10 September was World Suicide Prevention Day, which had extensive coverage in the media, and certainly on my social media feeds was much more prevalent even that C19. It has also been receiving significant increase coverage recently; indeed, even during the C19 pandemic it is regularly commented on. You can deny the fact that there will be second and third waves as much as you like, they will happen, with more excess deaths as a result; it's a political choice whether there will be a lockdown similar to what we have seen previously, but inevitably the impact will be greater if there is not one. And to try and get us back on thread, it's highly likely that C19 has a significant impact on preparation & pre-sales for the RLWC 2021. You might not like that, and think that people / the media / governments are over-reacting, but do you not think that it will impact?
  6. Rather than the political posturing of government soundbites, it's become clear that you need to take your cue for the reality of what's happening in the corporate world. My own employer has been a step ahead of Boris and co all through this, helped in part by having a Danish head office. So even in the UK, we were already working from home 10 days before we the official instruction came, we had a return to office plan mapped out before returning to work was pronounced, and our production sites have had various measures in place throughout consistently ahead of the lagging 'guidance'. Our most recent update concerned working with Covid on an on-going basis, referring to the impact of second and third waves (no debating, these will happen), and the need to continue working this way until a vaccine is in place. There's no way this will be rolled out to the required levels before the end of H1 next year; whilst it might be theoretically possible to host an international tournament starting in Q3 2021 therefore, pre-sales will be poor, driven by on-going uncertainly, and logistical planning will be difficult. The logical decision, which will hopefully be made early, would be to push back 12 months. There will be reluctance because of the soccer world cup, but it's feasible to be finished before this starts, with only minor modifications to the 2022 calendar. It would also allow teams a proper build up that they won't get in 2021. However, it may come down to what can be negotiated on the broadcast contracts.
  7. Hi everyone. I've finally had a sort out of stuff, and have a large number of items for sale. There's a bias towards Warrington programmes, but there are also some from other clubs, books, Baines cards, annual reports, and other bits and bobs. There's a link below to the list of what I have available (note there are several tabs with different 'categories' of stuff on). Images of any of these available on request, or just get in touch for more info. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y3a0FuadckRJqUdpJWbnSRTervQQpKrLz85DoDfMJTA/edit?usp=sharing Thanks Neil
  8. Possibly Mark. My list includes those, but it’s possible one has slipped through the net, as they’re difficult to identify, and impossible to reconcile (by definition). However, IIRC I reconciled Wakey’s abandoned games with Lee recently, and we agreed on that. More likely I’ve missed one that Lee’s creates one! We’re in the process of reviewing Wakey’s data, so that should sort it out.
  9. To be fair David, we'll box off the game & dates bit pretty easily with the checks we've got for loading stuff into the database. Once we've got Leeds & Wakefield in there for example, I would be able to confirm which is correct, 276 or 277. Leeds is in, but we're not quite there with Wakey yet, which is with Lee for review.
  10. Yeez, I'm emotionally retarded (according to my missus), but that literally brought tears to my eyes. Rob's about the same age as me, and it seems his two girls are the same as mine - way too close to home I guess. I can't begin to imagine (or maybe I just don't want to) how hard it is for him, and his family & friends. Hopefully he continues to get support from the great RL family to live life to the fullest, and continue to watch his kids grow up.
  11. I think Wire have shown fantastic character in the past fortnight, and it speaks huge volumes for the attitude of the club, which has been rewarded. OK, Hull aren’t going great, but Cas are a tricky proposition; I guess under the rules Wire could have ducked both games, and there was incentive to do it, especially with the the table changes-I don’t think that ever figured in their thinking though, and they just look an out-and-out tough, gritty team now, with a few aces in the side who can break a game open. That’s a winning formula in the current climate, but the challenge is keeping it going: there’s still 10 weeks of the season left! I won’t shed a tear if we lose our next match though.
  12. I thought that was clear. No offence in the tackle, head hits the ground, ball dropped. Right decision (annoyingly!)
  13. Who had tweeted this Futtocks? I was trying to track this down for a fellow collector, and now I can't seem to avoid it! Someone sent me a link to it in the Facebook RL Collectors group earlier in the week, and then separately I received an e-mail with it attached (in relation to a completely different piece of work I'm doing on international matches), and now it's on here
  14. And also in 1955/6 when Belle Vue Rangers withdrew shortly before the start of the season. Yet again: nothing is new in RL (same with point scoring average too, used for 82 years already!)
  15. Hmm, I had 276 Lee, but did it manually - I wondered if they'd played since I posted, but it seems not I don't think I retained the lookup I did (but it was based on your info!) One to check when we get loaded in!
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