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  1. With regret, I'm afraid to say that a near 102 year tradition has ended at Warrington, and the club will not be producing programmes for at least the next 3 games. There's the possibility a digital version might be issued for games from 21 June. To compensate in some small way for those that wish to have a memento of the game, I have decided to start publishing my own unofficial programme. It will be very low key, and unashamedly replicates the original Wire format, of an A4 sheet folded in half to make a small 4 page booklet. Copies are available for free electronically, allowing thes
  2. I was hoping to find this thread Castleford are continuing as last year, to publish a digital monthly magazine, which covers their games played; it's available with Issuu. Saints are doing a e-programme, as are West Wales. It doesn't seem that Hull KR have continued to do an e-programme, unless I missed it last week (searching online didn't uncover it though)? Swinton & Leigh I believe are continuing to print programmes (no doubt strongly influenced respectively by Steve Wild & Mike Latham!). Good to see Leeds are continuing to do something, even if they are taking the p
  3. IMHO, no-one should be using Wikipedia as a source for stats or the history of competitions, clubs, etc. I think it's unrealistic to ever expect it will have the accuracy you would want for a minority sport like rugby league. One of the key drivers behind my motivation to re-start the Rugby League Record Keepers' Club was to create a reliable source that was freely available online to the public, and accessible to anyone seeking out information on the game. Within the next month we will be releasing data relating to all club games in the UK from the summer era (approximately 14,000 in t
  4. I have a number of pre-war Warrington programmes for sale. Images available on request. Drop me a PM to discuss Wire V. Dalton, Challenge Cup, 16/02/1924 (photocopy) £5 Wire V. Hunslet, League, 15/09/1928 (average condition) SOLD Wire V. Wigan, League, 17/09/1932 (good) £50 Wire V. Widnes, 18/02/1933 (good) £50 Wire V. Oldham, 28/10/1933 (poor) £35 Wire V. Keighley, 25/11/1933 (poor) £20 Wire V. Rochdale, League, 26/12/1933 (poor condition) £25 Wire V. Widnes, League, 30/03/1934 (good) S
  5. What an incredibly ignorant and offensive post: "with respect to any accountants in the room"?! You clearly have neither respect, nor, it would seem, any idea of what varied roles people trained as accountants can and do undertake. To suggest that they "hate people from...disciplines like marketing and advertising" is ridiculous: as an accountant who has, in one of my recent roles, worked as the in-house finance advisor for a marketing team managing some of the largest FMCG brands in the country, I can tell you nothing is further from the truth. We recognised the complementary strengt
  6. Not sure what your beef is with accountants, but you mention them in two consecutive posts, suggesting they are somehow to blame here. I think you're dealing with the wrong accountants! What evidence is there that the sport is largely run by accountants? I'm not sure which of the current SL chairman (who seem to be the ones making the decisions we're discussing here) have an accountancy background - I'd be interested to know which ones are though if you could share. It seems to me that the game would do a lot better if they look the professional advice of some experience finance p
  7. There's more on this here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/super-league-during-covid-inside-22939117?fbclid=IwAR3q0RjVj_jpOR6cgvCPauCDbZ0bSP5QLeOog7-V6O87BBTTpjxi9K7TECQ tbf, they're getting some decent exposure on the back of it. My favourite bit though: "the real narrative came about the eyes. It came from a work colleague who thought there was something about a Wiganer’s eyes - something you didn’t see in the eyes of his hometown of Warrington - a determination, a defiance, this desire to prove people wrong." So the agency asked what Wigan was famous for, and they
  8. I never knew that, and it's interesting, as Westwood also made his Wire debut in Carcassonne (with Nat Wood), in an 'on the road' game (remember them!) against London. My first holiday with my now wife of 14 years - a few days in Paris, TGV down to Arles, then across to Carcassonne for a few days to include the match. I thought it was important to set the tone, and establish a spirit of compromise early It was baking hot in Car. - game kicked off about 18:00 local time, and it was still over 40, so they played in quarters. We had to leg it at full-time, as we had dinner booked at a Miche
  9. If Wigan lose their next game, and Wire win theirs they would go second anyway (the Salford issue is irrelevant in that regard). And this isn't a quirk of %s (even though that's obviously the system being used), as they would have been 2nd ahead of Wigan even under the old system. People seem very quick to be looking for excuses to complain or point out either their team being hard done too, or their rivals benefiting, but the truth is it's hardly going to be different than any 'normal' season. We're going to get 4 teams out of Saints, Wire, Wigan, Leeds & Catalans in a position wh
  10. There have only been two 1-1 results, both flagged above: Workington-Hull KR in the league, 07/09/1980 & Leigh-Wire in the Premiership Trophy 03/05/1982. There have been three 1-0 scorelines: the first was when Dewsbury beat York in a second division match, 20/02/1977; the only time in the top flight was when Workington won at Warrington on 11/11/1979; the most recent was another second division game when Hull KR lost at home to Barrow, 16/10/1994. My personal favourite odd scoreline involving a one-pointer was Warrington's 84-1 victory over York in the cup in 2000. Wire had tal
  11. For the record there have been 426 scoreless draws since 1895 (plus a further 18 matches that were abandoned with neither team having scored). The last match was indeed 28 December 1993, between Whitehaven & Workington. The only top flight 0-0 since two divisions was re-introduced was Wigan-Cas, 26 Jan 1974, though since then Salford-Wire (Floodlit Trophy final, 17 Dec 1974), Dewsbury-Rochdale (2nd division, 30 Jan 1983) & Halifax-Hull (CC semi, 26 Mar 1988) were the other pointless answers you could have had. Other than Salford-Wire, only two other finals finished scoreless: th
  12. I think a rather obvious point has been missed, in that by increasing the duration and number of teams competing in the play-offs, you're increasing the risk that you face problems with teams unable to fulfill fixtures. The chances of a match being cancelled with 4 weeks involving the top 8 are a lot greater than 4 teams over 2 weeks - and what happens then?! All the way to this point, I've questioned what people mean when they talk about "asterisk champions": as it stands, if we play through to a top 4, and then successfully run semis & a final, I don't see what issues there are on
  13. I hadn't seen this thread earlier, but Nigel Pepper posted something similar on the RL Record Keepers' Club Facebook page, so I got on to the RFL to explain the error, and they updated as a result. No doubt the only time I'll ever contribute to my team's position in the league table! Of course it does mean that as things stand we've just lost what would be a certain victory against Saints, for a more difficult trip to Wigan
  14. Why on earth does the badge say '"est. 1895"?! Even worse on a shirt celebrating 130 years at Headingley!
  15. Ignoring Australia, Australasia & New Zealand tours, and a few more recent international sides that came over for various tournaments,, there's the following: - Queensland 1983-84 - PNG 1987-88 - Auckland 1987-88 - France 1988-89 - PNG 1991-92 (didn't play club teams) - New Zealand Residents 2003 A total of 14 first-class games involving clubs across these tours. For info I've got home and away teams for all these matches.
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