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  1. I don't think they need to really, they'd be better off doing a grand job on one or two stands to meet the criteria, it's does sound like they're trying to one up Trinity with trying to do all four sides with a small budget.
  2. If its not on TikTok, u25's won't be aware of the vote. Facebook is for oldies these days
  3. Well that was the advice from the pitch installer. I guess time will tell.
  4. Yes it's not 4g/artificial and they expect to get 30 hours a week use out of it. We have Wakefield AFC and Sheffield Wednesday u21's using it which leaves circa 25 hours use. I suspect its less in winter.
  5. The idea is to use Belle Vue, hence the new pitch of death that was installed last year.
  6. Not sure hence the question mark. Thought you may know.
  7. As an aside there were rumours on the Trinity forum Leeds were after him and he was interested as his brother plays for them?
  8. Not proof, just saying if its not the case then the publication needs making aware. I have no idea eitherway.
  9. Better tell the League Express https://www.totalrl.com/wakefield-trinity-starlet-rejects-leeds-rhinos-to-ink-new-deal/
  10. https://wakefieldtrinity.com/harvey-smith-player-re-signing-2024/ Well this is a plus. Leeds were apparently offering a deal too. Really wouldn't have happened if not for the new ownership.
  11. Confirmed on the Radio Leeds interview last night by Powell, he is a strong proponent of the reserves.
  12. Powell and Ellis have been on the radio this evening discussing matters. Essentially once recruitment has been finalised for 2024, the salary cap/recruitment manager is pushing on to 2025 players. We are late into recruitment given the takeover and relegation so player availability isn't that great, so I guess it's seen as a stepping stone to deal with the short term while making long term plans. Still don't like the concept.
  13. Don't ljme dual registration myself, if we have to borrow players I'd rather it be through season long loans to maintain some consistency with the available players rather than ones that can be pulled at short notice.
  14. Two shockers from Saints. However lucrative the deal is, Home Bargins just looks awful and screams tinpot. Not a good luck from one of our premier clubs.
  15. Fundamentally what's help Johnstone was the break he was permitted from his last injury with Trinity to his first game for Catalans. It was mid season 2022 when he played his last game and probably for the first time in his career he was able to properly recover rather than being rushed back. Trinity could've continued to play him for the remainder of the 2022 season, but instead agreed to his early operation putting him out for the season, to ensure he was fit and raring to go for his new club.
  16. Tanginoa treading the all too familiar path from Wakefield to East Hull.
  17. Decent young player. Really gets stuck in. Would've like him to stay.
  18. Hard to shake 25 years of disappointment! At least you've seen Trinity when we were good!
  19. That'll be nice as a starter for 10. There is always a nervousness with things like this. We've been here before with owners promising much and left us fighting for existence, this guy sounds different and hopefully will pull through with his aspirations.
  20. Trinity away. Not sure if this official but it looks legit.
  21. https://twitter.com/WTrinityRL/status/1720425595107230030
  22. https://twitter.com/WTrinityRL/status/1720123610529194201
  23. It hasn't been included as it wasn't completed in time for the indicative scores to be set. We effectively had no permanent seats last year so we go from 0.5 to 1.5 once it is commissioned.
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