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  1. This would make even golf interesting to watch. "Dave, get next to it for perspective". Yeah right!
  2. There were no posts on the 'Any Other Business / Any Other Sports' section of the forum for about 8 hours yesterday. Must be a record!
  3. The woefully dull are too busy watching woefully dull soccerball and woefully dull US sports. Incidentally, athletics and baseball are way ahead of all other sports in terms of positive drug tests. I believe you have professed a liking for baseball. Each to their own.
  4. That's right ginger one. That's right. Incidentally, the apparent lack of soccerball players caught taking drugs, particularly 'recreational' ones, is simply further evidence of cheating and corruption. They aren't tested often and the tests lack any rigour. Does anyone seriously believe that soccer ball players are not using drugs? I'd have to be on something just to watch it!
  5. Because it is as dull as dish water, a third of games end in a draw (1 in 10 is a scoreless draw), it's full of prima donnas and cheating is endemic.
  6. I was out walking with my 6 year old last weekend. The weather was typically April Showers with sun shining through the light rain. I mentioned that there might well be a rainbow and we started to scan the sky only to be disappointed. At that point, he piped up with "maybe it's still loading ".
  7. In some respects patisserie is cooking with the soul taken out. At least the programme reflects that very well.
  8. Lidl have very recently widened their range of fresh herbs. On the subject of fresh herbs, why is it so difficult to get chervil?
  9. Tragic. There was a period about 20 years ago when buying M&S ready meals was de rigour amongst 30 something metropolitan French yuppies. About the same time, French farmers were driving tractors through the windows of MacDonalds'. I know whose side I was on!
  10. And I always imagine you hunting wild boar in the garrigue Tim.
  11. Been meaning to post this for a while. If you have a Lidl nearby and you're a wine drinker, I would urge you to check out their Spring Wine Collection. There are some exceptional wines. A white from Tokaji Furmint that isn't a desert wine (traditionally associated with the region) is particularly good. Two Australian Cabernet Sauvignons (Coonawarra & Margaret River) which at only £6.49 are frankly better than any reds I have had for under £50. An Australian Clare Valley Riesling is also exceptional. A New Zealand Syrah at a slightly more expensive £8.99 is also outstanding.
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