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  1. Lol! I think you need to be a bit more self-aware pal. Comparing the tone of your contributions and Griff's post it's clear which one of you sounds like the dictator. By the way, "most people" do bother to vote in General Elections (66% in 2015). Your family's failure to vote is shameful and I'm betting they're the sort that wear lack of civic engagement on their sleeve like some badge of nihilistic honour.
  2. If you think an opinion pointless then just how pointless is it to point out it's pointlessness? Pointless.
  3. No, I said earlier in the thread "each to their own". The issue is whether people, specifically Robin and myself, are able to comment and deride said programme. It seems that Derwent wants to silence people as she/he doesn't like people who have views that differ from hers/his.
  4. No, as a TV License Fee payer, I have a vested interest in Top Gear not being on TV - I don't want my fee being spent on the production of this programme, the salary of Evans or Le Blanc. I think the money and programme slot could be better used providing an in depth analysis of Das Kapital (Volumes 1, 2 & 3), The Communist Manifesto and the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon. I'm sure you won't feel "it necessary to comment about a programme you wouldn't stand and wouldn't watch".
  5. If people on here didn't make comments on things they "can't stand" then the content would be halved. However, as you've stated this position I'm assuming we'll be spared your comments on the Corbyn/Labour Party thread.
  6. So you provide us with some supposed but dubious 'qualifications' proving the bona fides of this individual and when you're called out on it you back off and take a different tack without so much as an acknowledgment as to how wrong your position was. How typical of you Martyn. And you wonder why you're not taken seriously.
  7. Not sure any NRL club is going to fork out half a million bucks for Zak I'm afraid. Which might be the point.
  8. My money is on Liam, Nige and Kate doing an impromptu version of Puff (The Magic Dragon) as Peter, Paul and Mary.
  9. Why are you extreme right wingers so obsessed with the idea that to be socially progressive means doing without?
  10. As is the wont of the extreme right wing you have set up an entirely false dichotomy. As a British citizen I am personally willing to pay more in taxes to have better public services in the UK and pay more to help families in, say, Romania. My kids and the children of Romania have poorer education and medical care than they should because the wealthy have accumulated and continue to accumulate too much wealth.
  11. 1. Personally, I consider myself a Yorkshireman, a Northerner, British, European, citizen of the World - in that order simply because of increasing size. However, I don't view them as qualitatively any different. 2. Yes. I am far more concerned about the working class of Europe than I am the wealthy of the UK. 3. Absolutely, that why I am in favour of the EU in spite of it's many faults. 4. It's not "praiseworthy" it's essential to the responsible development of the planet.
  12. I seem to remember that they had to go through a very bloody civil war to get there and despite that Federal law only fully asserted itself below the Mason Dixon line in the 1960s and even still some south of the Potomac prefer to fly a different flag.
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