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  1. I guess so. The Amur tiger won best new primary logo 2014 from SportsLogos.net readers.
  2. The rumour at the time was they forgot to copyright it! with Cas the logo isn’t atrocious but if you look at Richmond in the AFL and Amur in the KHL then tigers logos can be done so much better.
  3. Interesting though the two team names you chose are unique to professional sports, come from the history of the area/club and would never be chosen by a branding agency because they aren’t fierce.
  4. The problem is they have to avoid infringing on Man Utd’s brand image (I appreciate Salford had the name first) so avoid full body devils. The Koucash one and this one both have some good elements but parts of the face just look weird and bring the whole thing down. I said last rebrand that a red pitchfork on a black shield would look really cool and avoid the other issues.
  5. So was his thinking that union players could be signed and therefore there wasn’t a real need for amateur RL? I’ve always been puzzled by how things got to the stage that BARLA was needed.
  6. I’m not sure if it’s changed but the RFL certainly used to have a contract that they had to hold one event at Wembley each year.
  7. Since Adidas bought Reebok they’ve positioned it as a fitness/lifestyle brand that doesn’t do team wear.
  8. French Basque teams have been taking big games to the larger stadia in the Spanish side for years. It’s right next to the French heartlands.
  9. Cricket has their World Cup and an Ashes next year while we have no international fixtures. RL will probably be a million behind in 2019. In 2020 the hundred will launch and probably be at least an initial success. 2021 could be very interesting though.
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