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  1. French Basque teams have been taking big games to the larger stadia in the Spanish side for years. It’s right next to the French heartlands.
  2. Cricket has their World Cup and an Ashes next year while we have no international fixtures. RL will probably be a million behind in 2019. In 2020 the hundred will launch and probably be at least an initial success. 2021 could be very interesting though.
  3. It passed in 1992 but wouldn’t have done much later, even then things like entrances were a bit iffy but got through because they were dictated by being part of the older structure. There is nothing they can do about it now though as making concourses, entrances and stairways big enough for today’s standards would require demolishing the structure and starting again.
  4. The bottom level was built in the 60’s they just added another tier in the 90’s. It wouldn’t pass building regulations if a new build.
  5. All big US tv events viewing figures are falling. The US President says it’s because of taking the knee (Super Bowl) and comedians being mean to him (Oscars) but it’s more likely due to changing viewing habits, streaming channels and people cutting the cord.
  6. There are you only four games in Europe and 67% of tickets sold last night are part of 4 game ‘season tickets’. There are undoubtedly tens of thousands of hardcore NFL fans in London but the evidence doesn’t seem to indicate mass support.
  7. At Anfield the top tier of the Dalglish stand opposite the cameras should be open to give people the choice. I can fully understand keeping the upper Anny Road and Main stand closed until demand dictates. This is the frustrating thing and was at OP when they waited to open one upper deck near the event.
  8. How many tests did Morley play? Rugby league project says 47
  9. But surely the whole point of this game is to test whether Moore can deliver a successful 2025 WC? 18k sellout for a big game wouldn’t really do that as we should be aiming for around that as an average, so a fairly large stadium was necessary.
  10. ANZ is proposed to have a similar system with tarps/LED bands over top decks meaning several different capacities depending on the event. This makes you wonder why the SFS needs to be anything more then 30k as the Roosters, Waratahs and Sydney FC don't need it and any 30-45k union or football internationals could be held at ANZ.
  11. If the new regime can promote and organise it well then France could easily get over 20k. They got 17,500 sellout v NZ in 2013 so have that fixture again in either Toulouse or Montpellier 30,000 stadiums. For their other WC matches in the heartlands they got 10k v Tonga, 8k v South Africa & 11.5k v Samoa so hold the other 2021 games in 15-20k stadiums in or near the heartlands. I would much prefer it to be held entirely in England but I think a reduction in games might actually see a higher average attendance over here and bring the RFL's workload down.
  12. Weekend 1 v Auckland origin at MT Smart Wearing the classic blue jersey the ARL team had a 7-1 winning record against Lions tourists. Get all Auckland junior NZ, TON & SAM internationals together for an opening matchup with historic value. Weekend 2 v New Zealand at Hamilton. Got good WC crowds not far from Auckland for tourists & 'heartland' fans. Weekend 3 v Indigenous All Stars at new Townsville stadium opening a few months ahead of schedule with JT stand naming ceremony. Weekend 4 v Australia at new Parramatta stadium. Usual excuses of 'I'll get wet, it's not in western suburbs, it's too big and it's not rectangular' don't apply 30,000 sellout! Weekend 5 v Australia at Suncorp. Weekend 6 v Australia at Melbourne rectangular.
  13. The NFL has never used a premier league stadium when they eventually do Spurs will have a second artificial pitch just so they don't have to mark their grass.
  14. While a World Cup is daft the Aussies want to take years off and seemingly never play anyone except Eng/GB and NZ so I would actually be happy with some indigenous/PMXIII against tier 2 in 2019 & 2020. The most important thing is developing strong national teams for 2021.
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