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  1. Ah the old - “I thought he still had the ball several seconds after he didn’t so I attacked his prone head on the floor” defence. Never fails.
  2. It would be great to see Leeds back TBH, you have been pretty dismal for years now and it's no good for SL.
  3. Sometimes players go through that - hopefully he's one that comes out the other end (a la Lomax) rather than staying that way (a la Wheeler).
  4. Clubs have become lazy and lack imagination IMO. There is no match day experience basically anywhere anymore. No push to get kids along. No creativity. The last few games I've gone to I've been struck by how the demographic has shifted dramatically back to older fans. I'm no naysayer or pessimist when it comes to the sport, but there are legitimate issues and I worry that the clubs and owners look for quick answers rather than acknowledging where balls have been dropped and redoubling efforts with their own fan bases. Wigan is a prime example - on their site all you ever see is people complaining about how little communication there is from the club. If you can't be bothered engaging with your own customers you are dead in the water.
  5. We don't have as many as we used to for sure Clark, Roby, Tomkins and Walmsley are clearly four world class players in my opinion. Probably Bateman too but he's struggling this year a bit. That isn't enough in a whole competition. I'd say we then have a number who have the potential to be world class if they develop in Johnstone, Knowles, Oledzki, (who I really, really like the look of) and maybe even Jake Conor (who can the talent to be tremendous on his day but has flaws and inconsistencies that I think wil stop him becoming world class - great to watch though). Then there are some younger lads showing big promise like Newman, Welsby, Dodd, Morgue etc.
  6. I think for a match that is dependent upon neutral support to fill the stadium, moving around "showpiece" stadiums makes sense. Maybe we should have Wembley every other year? I completely understand the argument for sticking with Wembley though.
  7. Without going back over well-trodden old ground, the Toronto money problems were evident long before Covid and their business plan made no sense at all (hey look, we're building a big male grooming brand that will make everyone rich!)
  8. I'm delighted with this - will be great to watch RL in a truly world class stadium (as it Wembley obviously, but great to experience new places). Good stuff RFL - if Wembley doesn't work, Spurs Stadium is clearly the next best option for showpiece RL in London.
  9. Toulouse dodged a bullet being given another season to prepare for SL. As much as Leigh coming in was always going to be terrible, Toulouse coming in would have jeopardised something potentially quite special. Can't wait to see them in SL. A club with potential - glory be.
  10. I'll be very interested to see how many injuries they have for their next game. Had more than a whiff of missing a couple then throwing the game to give the rest a rest to me.
  11. Silverware? Hope he doesn’t retire soon
  12. I agree with Eddie here - absolutely no way he is playing at Leeds for £75k
  13. Leeds are fun to watch this year and looks like that will continue next year. As much as I have enjoyed Leeds scratching around a bit recently, SL needs Leeds back competing properly at the sharp end of the table - we need Saints, Wigan, Leeds, Wire, Hull, Catalans all to be in and around each other and we would have one heck of a competition.
  14. Hopefully the organising committee will come out and confirm what they expect the postponement to cost International RL vs a tournament including Oz/NZ this year.
  15. I think he has a choice to make about what he does (on live TV), and heading into the crowd during a pandemic when he could just as easily clap them from a couple of metres back, isn't very smart.
  16. The "right" vaccination policy is to get people vaccinated quickly, no idea what is so right about Australia's vaccination approach but I can see a lot wrong with it.
  17. I think the score was about right - I think we made double the metres or something, the video ref call on the Makinson challenge and a schoolboy bombed try later on with Naiqama messing up a simple catch and pass to Makinson. The scoreline was tight for a whie but under the surface I thought we were pretty dominant. I was impressed with Hull's attitude though, they were really up for it and put in some huge defence at times.
  18. Really excited to see the Dodd era start at Saints. An academy spine of Welsby, Lomax, Dodd, Roby, Knowles (plus three of our four outside backs) is really something to look forward to for next year.
  19. So he's saying all unvacinated players are almost certain to get Covid if they follow bubble protocol? Hmmmm. Like every player got Covid during the Euros?
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