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  1. I find it funny that someone can say Morgan Knowles is the most obvious "grub" in SL. I can only imagine they don't watch SL.
  2. I have Hull as a B. They should be an A but they need to improve performances, finances and juniors IMO.
  3. The last time Saints played in the WCC we were well in the game, I think we lost by 8. That Saints team had a left edge centre/wing partnership of James Bentley / Matty Costello (I think because we were missing Percy, Grace and Coote). The bench also had Joseph Paulo and Aaron Smith who wouldn't get a game for us now. It was the first game under Woolf and I would say we are now better quipped to cope with NRL intensity levels. I don't think Saints would win but I think the talk of nosediving standards and getting battered is overdone also. Players like Welsby, Makinson, Lomax, Dodd, Walmsley, Roby, Lees, Knowles etc would be excellent players in any generation IMO and constant referencing of poor standards is pretty disrespectful to them. There arent many weak links in that Saints side but clearly nobody would argue Penrith aren't the best side in the world.
  4. Woolf has done really well to resist the temptation to bring players back too early and as a result the squad suddenly looks pretty strong for the final with only Grace, Dodd and Walmsley now missing. i think young Bennison will be the unlucky one to miss out with Hoppa back at full face and Percy remaining on the wing. I think we’ll go: Hopoate Makinson, Hurrell, Matautia, Percival Welsby, Lomax Lees, Roby, Paasi Batchelor, Sironen, Knowles Bench: LMS, Wingfield, Lussick, Bell I the big risk is if Hopoate pulls up injured and no Bennison in the squad - would probably mean having to move Welsby to FB and play a scratch halves combo or Makinson to FB, Sione to wing and Bachelor to centre. Much could hinge on him making it through the game. I think that team has enough to get the job done. Can’t wait to jump on that train up north, history or misery awaits!
  5. Who are the confirmed absentees for both sides, do we know? Saints definitely out: Grace, Dodd, Walmsley, Knowles Uncertain returning from injury / still out: Hopoate, Norman, Simm
  6. Of course they will care if they care about Morgan Knowles - he will want to play a home World Cup not miss the first (huge) game of it. I’d say this appeal has more to do with trying to get one match and be free for wc warm up rather than him playing on the GF which is a 0% chance of going down to zero matches on appeal.
  7. Can’t wait. All noises suggest Hopoate back so we’ll have some ball players across the spine in Hoppa, Welsby, Lomax, Roby which will help - we’ve looked more dangerous with Hopoate at FB. Knowles is a miss but we’re blessed in the back row. The big call will be whether to play Bennison wing or stick with Percy on the wing with Sione centre and Bennison may then miss out. I’d go the former: hopoate, makinson, Hurrell, Percival, bennison Welsby, lomax lees, Roby, paasi sione, Batchelor, bell Wingfield, LMS, Lussick, sironen
  8. No ban for Welsby, ban for Knowles - sounds like common sense to me. Don’t think we should be appealing the knowes ban unless the point is to try and get him free for the first game of the WC? Or do England have a friendly it can be used in?
  9. Well at least Leeds had some good news out of it too then
  10. Someone apparenty the know on the saints site has both Knowles and Welsby banned for the final (grading meeting held this morning apparently?) So that should please those amongst us with a dislike of players sprinting out to attempt tackles at rib height. Or Saints. Or both. If true of course!
  11. Just watched it. Very surprised you think there is any real comparison between the two. Welsby has his feet planted and is head on, bending his back and wrapping his arms. Bentley’s is a flying one armed smack in the head with his swinging forearm.
  12. What are the rules for being “eligible” for a 0 match grade A sanction?
  13. What tackle would you say is most comparable that got a ban? Ie someone bending their back and wrapping arms and hitting at that height? again, genuine question.
  14. I think he was asking how an example of a perfectly fair tackle on Field is proof Welsby has a reckless streak.
  15. I’m not being lazy but I can’t find a link to either this tackle or the other referenced Fonua tackle (I assume it’s not the one of Field that he was binned for some reason but not banned). Dont suppose anyone can help?
  16. You could argue that with literally every single piece of accidental contact on a rugby pitch could you not?
  17. Can you point me in the direction of the one you think is most comparable please? Genuine question, not being argumentative!
  18. Fair enough, I give up. Using your logic there is no place for any type of flying out of the line tackle as a ball carrier might do something at the last second. If that’s what you think then I can’t argue that. It seems a bit silly to me though.
  19. OK - so we’re saying we don’t want players flying out of the line and putting on rib height tackles where they bend their back and wrap their arms. Just in case. Because bending your back, wrapping your arms and hitting rib high is “reckless”. Because the player in possession may do something to put their head in a position that makes it reckless and causes accidental contact with the head rather than perfect technique. Good sport we’re building here. By the way for the reasons above I’d be incredibly surprised if Welsby got a ban. All the tackles cited as reasons for a ban out of “consistency” are nothing like this tackle. If there is one that is equivalent in terms of Welsby’s body position and not being late / off the ball I’d genuinely be interested to see it and change my mind.
  20. So you’d ban him for that tackle then? Genuine question?
  21. I’m not against pulling foul play, it just wasn’t foul play. No doubt Knowles’s foul play will get him a ban.
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