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  1. Couldn't disagree more. If you finish bottom of SL with SL money, you get relegated. If you finish top of the Championship with Championship money you get promoted and a chance to improve your squad with SL money.
  2. Exciting signing - well done Leeds. Hopefully he fulfils his obvious potential with them.
  3. Much less clear cut You can't actually believe that. Hohaia was actually stood on the try line when he was tackled without the ball! And even all the Oz commentators in that game were saying "that has to be a penalty try".
  4. The foul happened when he made contact with the head. By that time Yaha had already been shifted off course by earlier contact that wasn't itself a foul. That said, I was expecting a PT to be given at the ground.
  5. Even you realise that this is nonsense. The 40k at wembley was at a time when you needed a vaccine passport to attend amidst a pandemic. How does the 40k compare to other years when you've needed to take those steps to attend Wembley? The 45k at OT was about where I expected it to be with Catalans in the final and covid still playing a part in people's decision making. We haven't filled OT for a long while and we were never going to at the weekend. The one thing I will agree with is that more needs to be done to sell tickets earlier for these events but at the end of the day the people complaining about the crowd tend to be those RL die-hards who watched on TV. Those of us at the game enjoyed a great atmosphere and a great match.
  6. I get your point here but better to have them separated for all sorts of reasons IMO, including cost for fans and clubs.
  7. Every one of the post match interviews brought a smile to my face. Loved watching it - what a credit to the sport these girls are. Fantastic stuff.
  8. Genuine question - do readers “all over France” relate to a “Catalans” team? I only ask because readers all over Spain wouldn’t relate to one based in Barcelona for example. Is there the same vibe in France or are they viewed as 100% a French team? it’s just so wonderful to see such a well run club performing so well, with Toulouse smashing not too. Great days.
  9. We’ll see my man, we’ll see. Amazing how we can be back to back champions and cup holders given our choking isn’t it. im sure we beat a team called Leeds on the way to winning the cup. As we will next week.
  10. Put it this way - I'm very pleased to be playing Leeds and not Wire next week.
  11. Jonny Lomax?! The MOS award gets less meaningful every year. Sam Tomkins for me.
  12. Slowing down with age but the speed and quality of his distribution , together with his ridiculously effective defence, mean he's still a high quality player. When you're used to watching Roby at 9 some of the other hookers seem to move in slow motion getting the ball away from the PTB. What a player he's been - labelled as nothing but an impact scooter in his early years, matured into a magnificent all round hooker.
  13. I dunno, they managed it twice last time out with half a team and playing with 12 for 20 minutes so I can see them causing some real problems. If the returning guys are match fit (big if) Leeds will cause Wigan problems.
  14. I think Leeds will have too much in the pack and with ball in hand. I think they'll get the 3/4 tries that will probably see them win the game.
  15. I got it spot on thanks - Challenge Cup games are still games of rugby that can contribute to fatigue. They don't just magically disappear because your team got knocked out.
  16. I hear this a lot from Wigan fans. You’ve played the same games as Cas and what, two more than Saints? You’d think Wigan were playing every other day the way people talk.
  17. Love Wigan fans saying Walmsley’s performance was unimpressive. It’s been so long since they saw a prop they don’t know what one looks like anymore.
  18. I don't really know what you're getting at saying they were already there - nobody is disputing that. I'm saying Wigan's squad is in a far worse state than it was then when they had to beat Saints with both halves injured to win the GF. Maguire turned around some truly horriffic underperfromance from a squad with talent and leadership in it. This time his job would be very different, that's all. Plus the game has moved on in the UK so the step-change in defence and intensity he brought first time around wouldn't be quite so transformational.
  19. No you're right, in which case just add Stuart Fielden, McIlorum, peak Tommy L, Sean O'Loughlin in for 2010. My point is Wigan's squad looks really problematic for next year and I'm not sure MM will fix that (albeit he will undoubtedly be better than Lam).
  20. Just watched the Paasi tackle in slo-mo. Think 2 matches is about right - it's not one of those turn the shoulder and attack side on, he's front.chest on with Langi and tries to put a big shot on but gets it wrong.
  21. He just needs the equivalent of Finch, Lima, Hoffman, Sam Tomkins, Gleeson etc to join him too and they might just be in business again.
  22. Brilliant game, thoroughly enjoyed it. THoughts Saints were tremendous for the vast majority of the game but take nothing away from CAtalans and the way they approached that last period. Love, love, love watching Morgue play - like a French Shaun Johnson. If that ends up being the GF it could be an absolute classic. Comfortably the two best teams in SL I'd say.
  23. If you ignore the old players in most packs the average age goes down too. Averages are funny like that. If Wigan or any club puts out a pack with an average age of 21 they are horrendously badly run at best and negligent at worst - which is probably why you never see it.
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