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  1. The “winning try” was scored on 55 minutes. Still plenty of time for Penrith to win the game but they weren’t good enough to and appeared to be trialling a new strategy of getting caught on the last and/or doing nothing with the ball.
  2. Thought Morgan Knowles was truly huge in this game. Brilliant performance, more like his old self
  3. Great event to be at, enjoyed it. No question that Wigan were hanging in and got the benefit of the calls (Wardle try wasn’t great but the ball steal one was a real shocker) but they were resilient and defended brilliantly well. But Penrith had the benefit of some marginal calls last year (Hopoate disallowed forward pass try being one) when the game was played with their ref under their rules. So suck it up - great NRL sides have come to the UK and taken the ref out of the game, Penrith couldn’t.
  4. I turned off after about 60 seconds when they talked about Marshall and Miski being “two big bodies” in the Wigan back three - they’ve obviously never seen Wigan play. This stuff is precisely why I always want the NRL side to lose even when it’s Wigan opposing them. Cant wait for the game - will be there. I will stop short of actively supporting Wigan but I certainly won’t be supporting Penrith!
  5. Derek Beaumont isn't around to sign them off.
  6. Sounds like Leigh lost their opener . . . .
  7. The games weren’t the greatest but I must have missed the period in time when torrential downpours in the first game of the season was a recipe for brilliant rugby. The biggest culprits for ruining a game that I watched were the players of Hull FC not the ref or the rules.
  8. You could see in Tony Smith’s face before ko he knew he had a right rabble on his hands. Zero confidence
  9. Who is this clown with the dreadlocks? He’s absolutely terrible.
  10. Can confirm this is now available in the USA after my original whinge. One very happy US based brother! Great work Superleague
  11. Yep - easy to broaden coverage if you accept a reduced deal to facilitate filming it and then give it away, but I'm feeling positive about developments.
  12. If it is Tommy Makinson then that noise has been around for a little while. Or are you referring to someone else / something for this season?
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