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  1. The only reason people post things on Twitter is because they want other peiople to read it. Silverwood could have just kept his words to himself, he didn't because he wanted the interested world to read them. Bitter, attention seeking idiot is where I would file it.
  2. Wowsers, that Roosters team looks scary even without Cordner (and Cronk / Latrell)
  3. 15,000 at average ticket price of say £30 plus hospitality - big earner for Saints and makes perfect sense to play at home.
  4. Haven't seen anything to suggest he'll ever be much of a player. Just taking up an academy player's spot IMO.
  5. I think we'll probably be at full strength other than Coote & Percival, although Grace came off with a knock at the weekend. Fingers crossed he'll be fine.
  6. Sounds like another classy Lomax display. Good result leading into next week
  7. Thanks chap but I think it only shows top20 or so rather than an ability to search for any player?
  8. Does anyone know of anywhere you can get opta stats for players in previous seasons? The superleague website seems to only show the top20 in any given category for previous years and I'd like to be able to look beyond that. Any ideas?
  9. More confident having seen the squads (and I think people might be reading a little bit too much into Saints' performance last week). Saints by 8
  10. Percival doesn't lack physicality and is not a poor defender. Some really odd comments, but great news for Saints.
  11. Of course match promotion and social media have nothing to do with how Gelling chooses to conduct himself and nobody has suggested otherwise. If you think I have no regard for a victim of domestic violence that's fine, this is an internet forum and you don't know me, but clearly it's an odd stance to take. It's possible to comment on potential bad news about Gelling by referencing OTT tubthumnping about Gelling a fortnight or so ago, whilst still understanding that the human side and rugby side of this are separate points and many moons apart in seriousness.
  12. Not much to be bitter about when it comes to SL and Wire my man, no offence. Fitzpatrick (more than once), Wire twitter account, Lineham, Matt Davis for starters so far. Each to their own, you're obviously one of the ones who likes that stuff, I know a section of your fans think it's all a bit small time. KF set out to actively and publically rub another club's face in it re: Gelling and now probably wishes he hadn't - that's all I was saying. Back to Gelling - I imagine he won't have to wait long for Wire's response to this, if the rumours are true it won't take long to get there.
  13. Of course the main story here is the victim and I wish her well in her recovery and life back home. Re: my comment on your CEO - i you set out to be the wind up merchants of RL from the top down, you need to be big enough to accept that people will point out the sillier statements/actions when things go wrong. I'm struggling to think of any openly disrespectful comments from other clubs this year but can probably list four or five for Wire and we're only two games in. Live by the sword etc
  14. Or Greg Bird but if we want to make new noise about having stardards of conduct and the ability to block registrations then this is squarely in the oney where the mouth is category. Lui served his punishment in the NRL, this is a Super League player during a Super League season hot on the heels of the Chairmen making a noise about moral standards. I acknowledge they are just rumours but it sounds horrific if true.
  15. Wonder if the Wire cEO will brag about beating Wigan to his signing in the statement then cancel a press conference . . . . Really bad news for player, his family, Wire and SL. If the rumours are tru he shouldn't be allowed back on a British RL pitch.
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