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  1. In your list is that the same Patton who was dropped and replaced by an experienced former England international and GF / Lance Todd winner? In that case we were also missing Luke Douglas because he was on loan at Leigh.
  2. I'm sure we'll rest a few - hopefully a comfortable win but Wakey are desperate and we are playing for nothing so who knows.
  3. That's exactly the point - it signalled to the Saints players that Wigan thought breaching the defence was "never going to happen".
  4. Not getting carried away with Wigan's winning run - lots of poor / out of form teams in there. Can see Saints winning by 20+, far too much in the pack (with some injuries for Wigan there), more class through the spine and better backs.
  5. How come Sammut is an overseas player but not a NFT player on those list?
  6. To be fair - if you are a fan of weasel words, that quote says he will return after signing a three year contract. A bit like me saying I’ll head home after going to the pub - doesn’t mean I’ve been to the pub yet . . . . or that I ever will if I decide not to.
  7. I think it’s fair to question Bennett’s call on bringing Lomax in - I struggle to see the sense in it and I’m a saints fan. What I would say in response to the above, though, is that one thing you could never throw at Lomax is a lack of tenacity, desire or bravery - I that that inference is harsh.
  8. Does anyone really think Widdop is better than either Williams or Brown? The only thing he has that the others don't is an nrl contract. I dont think there is a rl fan in England who would prefer Widdop to Williams or Sarginson to Percival or Mike Cooper to Walmsley/Taylor at their club. But then England teams have never made much sense to me.
  9. Great news for Saints given Wane's tactics for the last few times he's met Saints have been "try to prove how tough you are, then lose". Im not sure there's too much Maguire can learn about anything on the planet from talking to Wane.
  10. Wouldn't be overly gutted, especially if it meant a top class outside back coming in. Would be a big miss though, he's been magnificent in 2010 and we would be gambling on two of three players not known for their fitness keeping fit (Lomax/Wheeler/Eastmond). We do have a lot of young talent in the halves in those three, plus Gaskell. The worry would be if Eastmond leaves at the end of next year, we'd have little continuity in a key area.
  11. That's because he takes the ball to the line and passes it a lot. If he just barged into the tackle every time like most other props, his metres per carry would be far, far higher than they are. If you look at the stats for the game against Australia at the DW last year, he averaged nearly 10m per carry against the Kangaroos, because he wasn't passing the ball at the line as much. That takes some doing.
  12. Gets through more work in attack and defence than Bryn, and makes twice as many busts and offloads in a beaten pack every week. Also offers far more aggression. He's comfortably better than Hargreaves.
  13. That profit looks unobtainably large for a Championship club and I can only assume it reflects write offs of directors' loans or similar, as per Wigan's recent profit after Whelan wrote off over
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