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  1. Coote back is a big boost, hopefully we see Simm at centre but assume it will be Welsby or Costello.
  2. Meaning? I'd be delighted if TWP do well. I don't think that they have put themselves in a particularly strong position to do so though, which is disappointing to me. I also think that the TWP in SL premise is fundamentally flawed but hope to be proven indisputably wrong.
  3. TWP have horribly wasted their marquee spots and have what I consider to be a poor coach in charge. The result is unfrotunately the farce we're seeing now. I'm sure they'll go better back on home soil but that was an embarrassment and the weather saved them from a similar scoreline last week against Saints when they were also dreadful, in a horribly embarrassing "home" game event for which they also deserve the blame. Nothing I have seen has given me cause to change my initial view that this whole experiment is more than a bit of a joke.
  4. He must have all his excellent games when I'm not watching. Never been a fan.
  5. He tackles a lot and is enthusastic, that's it. Maybe he'll add some impact with the ball but he's miles off yet IMO.
  6. Morgan Smithies? Good defender but not seen anything from him to suggest he should be playing for Engalnd yet.
  7. Been saying for years they need to move him on. Hull FC as a club are not ruthless enough.
  8. Great to see Tomkins in this form. Thought he was done for but looks really sharp and has a yard of pace back. Great news for England before the ashes series.
  9. And there in one sentence (if true) is why Hull are not a club with a winning culture
  10. What absolute nonsense. Lomax played very well. Makinson should have scored when he knocked on from what was a fabulous piece of Lomax play. Also, when Makinson came up short for the no try it was very quick thinking from Lomax to ship the ball over the top - Makinson should really have moved the ball outside him and we were in.
  11. The only reason people post things on Twitter is because they want other peiople to read it. Silverwood could have just kept his words to himself, he didn't because he wanted the interested world to read them. Bitter, attention seeking idiot is where I would file it.
  12. Wowsers, that Roosters team looks scary even without Cordner (and Cronk / Latrell)
  13. 15,000 at average ticket price of say £30 plus hospitality - big earner for Saints and makes perfect sense to play at home.
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