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  1. I get where you are coming from and there is certainly a lot of truth in what you say - but the events leading to the legal wine being available in the supermarket are somewhat different to the illegal drugs being available on the street, and the supply chains behave slightly differently . . . . If you take the societal impacts across the chain (not just the impacts on the middle class married man man who bought the drugs in your example) it becomes a bit easier to understand the approach. But then one could say the same for buying cheap clothes and iphones. Anyway - this is wor
  2. I understand the point about its not him its his agent, but his agent isn't doing him any favours IMO - he'll just get a rep as a moneygrabber rather than getting his head down and working towards his NRL debut. And he will be a young lad playing under more pressure than he should be. Those demands are nonsensical.
  3. In what way does this help Leigh? I agree there is a benefit in being able to prepare better but they could equally have three seasons blighted by injuries and not get close.
  4. Congratualations to Leigh but I must say I am very disappointed (no offence). Another team in Wigan, with a hstory of not really competing when in SL, is pretty uninspiring but good luck to them. Whoever joined this year was always going to be massively up against it so I wish them well but suspect they will finish bottom by a distance. If we are bringing in a team and accepting that they will more than likely finish bottom I'd rather it was TO.
  5. Saints to October 2019 were a £300k operating loss after depreciaton charges of £420k (so positive EBITDA for a company which is essentially third party debt free) - I wouldn't tag that as a significant loss to be honest, but it is fair to say 2019 revenues will have been helped by a succesful season on the pitch. 2020 numbers will indeed be very interesting.
  6. You can read the accounts here: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/00174692/filing-history Quite a big improvement on the prior year, so some of the cost-cutting is moving them in the right direction. Only so much of that you can do on that front though so without large sources of other income / materially increased sponsorship it's hard to see how it improves too much more. Wigan needs to find a way to grow income which probably comes down to people through the turnstiles given the limited scope to drive other revenues given the stadium ownership. L
  7. Must be why players get hit off the ball like that all the time near the try line. Hang on a minute . . . . .
  8. My employer is considered a leader for welfare, wellbeing and employee support matters - internally and externally. There is not a snowball's chance in hell that they would be present in court with me if I was charged with grevious bodily harm against my wife. They would certainly offer me support, but they would never be in Court. I find it really odd that you expect that any supportive employer would be.
  9. Hopefully irrespective of the contract value there is a requirement on Sky to invest in refreshing their coverage - that would be nice as it is incredibly stale.
  10. I'm bored of watching Queensland v NSW in State of Origin. i mean yeah it's the best teams playing each other, but who wants to see that? Maybe Saints could wear Huddersfield shirts and wigan wear Wakefield shirts for the final to ease the tedium.
  11. I can certainly see the argument for Simm. I just don't think it is the slam dunk decision some suggest it is and I wouldn't criticise JW for going with Welsby, particularly given ability to cover elsewhere in the backs if we have issues in-game.
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