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  1. What a ridiculously unbalanced squad - more half backs than props. Grace should have been in - firstly because he's Welsh and we should have a welshman in there, secondly because there's a strong argument to say he's in better form than the wingers named anyway.
  2. We would struggle in the NrL and will struggle against the Roosters. id be very surprised if they didn’t beat us comfortably in the WCC.
  3. So Hicks doesn’t deserve it, didn’t get it, but Saints disgracefully ruled him out? Strange way of looking at it.
  4. If there is no demand for knock-out play-offs / challenge cup we might as well all give up. We as fans whine a lot about the media taking us seriously, about the RFL not pushing the game, but then don’t turn out for the play-offs? Both the standard of that game last night and the crowd it was played in front of made me worry for the sport. Really, really poor.
  5. Awful quality game in front of an even worse crowd. Thoroughly depressing for the game all round I’d say but very very well done to Cas and their supporters - good luck next week!
  6. Three halves on the list and no Lomax, who cleaned up at the season awards of the team finishing top by a country mile. He hasn't lost a game of SL all season. Very odd to see him snubbed in both the dream team and MoS shortlist.
  7. I think he seemed pretty excited about a rebranding of SL too - I'd like to understand what he means by that and the nature/reach of the campaign sitting behind it.
  8. I think Handley has benefitted from Leeds headless chicken approach that seems to usually end with fling it left to Konrad and see what happens. So whilst he has done well in terms of tries relative to Grace, Saints have the "world's best winger" (sic) and SL top try scorer on the other side of the pitch. Grace has also played in a relatively unsettled partnership with Percival being in and out of the side (and indeed form). No issue with Handley BTW, just some extra context beyond the obvious Saints being better than Leeds. The odd one for me is no Lomax but I accept that the scoring approach lends itself to team's heavily reliant on key players (Konrad, Austin etc)
  9. Quite. This is a huge moment for Toronto, but a hige moment for SL too. If it blows up in year 1 it would be a disaster. I don't blame Elstone for seeking reasonable assurances. No idea what DD they've asked for but a viable business plan with committed funding is the least a competent governing body would be asking for given the greater than usual risk of this venture.
  10. I wanted to buy Club Wembley tickets at full price weeks ago. I couldn't buy them so I bought cheaper tickets, with the RFL losing revenue as a result. I could now buy Club Wembley tickets at 25% off. Guess what that means for how I approach this next year and beyond?
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