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  1. yep, TCP alert! tbf I don't mind it these days but initially thought it too "medicinal" for my palate
  2. the gold reserve is a bit "meh" too
  3. you're allowed it any which way you like, some recommend neat (me), others suggest one piece of ice, others will say a separate container of water to sip in between the whisky sips
  4. not tried that, have tried the highland one which was ok, the speyside is the one that won awards and I think aldi have rereleased it prexmas re talisker Skye, I have a bottle given to me by my boss as a Xmas gift, its very smoked oaky, not really my bag....was a bit miffed as he got me old puteney last year which went down a treat, still gift horse/mouths etc etc....
  5. yay, my fave....after a sober October I deserve a treat....
  6. I'm supping on an aldi glen marnoch highland, its nice indeed but I couldn't get hold of the award winning speyside. Hey ho...apparently this run of glen marnoch is getting discontinued according to a member of aldi staff so if you fancy a drop at £17 which is nay bad at all, then get down to your local aldi before stocks run dry
  7. Caught the end of The Infiltrator yesterday and noted this little beauty at the end credits....now, having grown up with a dad who is a massive who fan, I thought I knew all of their best ones....but alas no, apparently they could knock out a catchy little funky number such as this too....
  8. wowzers....bet there were some sore heads the next day!
  9. aldi's glen marnoch speyside single malt is getting some good press at the moment, for winning blind taste test awards and coming in at £17 a bottle t'boot
  10. the godfather of grunge: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I067fbBem3Y
  11. it depends which industry you're in. If its a specialist technical then there are recruitment consultancies who specialise in your field and know exactly what you do and who is looking for your skillset, I wouldn't use them unless desperate though, they are leeches
  12. which is precisely why it should be top of any employees list for putting themselves in the shop window its basically your online cv as bait on a website full of errm, sharks I guess
  13. This all day, it seems that "recruitment" these days involves scouring linkedin then sending someone a message saying "I have a position you may be interested in"........ok, 95% of them may be annoying recruitment consultants but my current position is due to an employer approaching me direct via linked in messages
  14. its not bad, quite light and smooth with a hint of toffee. No particular lasting aftertaste though, its kind of like a cheap glenmorangie...there's prob much better whiskies out there to enjoy but then I got this for free so cant complain!
  15. a mate has given me a bottle of cardhu gold reserve as a pressie, haven't had it before and may well crack it open (though it is a school night) hold tight for feedback!....
  16. yes indeed, the green one (14yrs?) is still one of my faves
  17. or there's this: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/34537/macallan-12-year-old-double-cask
  18. Can't go wrong with the six classic single malts - two of which are from the Speyside region - Cragganmore and Dalwhinnie
  19. yeh I saw this, a great insight into the origins of hip hop music too
  20. Oh and if you get a bottle of laphroig select you apparently get a free square foot plot of land on islay...seems like a bizarre gimmick but what the hell, got the bottle for free, have registered my code so now have a plot allegedly...its prob the only opportunity I'm likely to have in my life to own some land!
  21. Happy recipient of a laphroig select gift, not a bad drop. Seems to have more body and flavour than the original from what I remember
  22. I've heard that the current Caol Ila does not taste as good as it once was. I've only tried the recent stuff and wasn't impressed, particularly given it's reputation for being a good drop.....someone I know who has drunk it for years offered me an almost full bottle of it as he said "tha's no Caol Ila, ah know it seys so ah the label but there's no way tha's Caol Ila"....perhaps someone has tinkered with the recipe?
  23. Best episode for a while that, really ramped it up.
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