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  1. It was a tough day for Montenegro today , playing high level players from all over the world was certainly an eye opener for our boys but I'm sure they will be better for the experience! Hope Malta can restart their game again also.
  2. We (Tivat ) turned over the mighty Dorcol tigers yesterday here in Montenegro ! Final score 32 18 ; amazing day and performance and great to share a beer or 3 with the excellent Dorcol staff and players.
  3. We are looking for a couple of touring sides to come here over the next season or 2 ! September is a great month if anyone knows of a team that might fancy a trip here ?
  4. Thing is its a high speed collision sport with lots of mitigating factors , despite peoples best efforts there are going to be penalties which everyone needs to accept.
  5. Good news indeed , ive taken over the coaching of the Montenegro team and my long lost fire for the game is returning
  6. Craig Innes was a fantastic convert from the All Blacks
  7. Anyway will give up as I'm totally ######ed , rugby league lives on in the Balkans; good for the UK to get behind us
  8. Trying to post a picture with John Risman but a bit too drunk
  9. Just froze everything off watching Red Star beat Partizan in Budva Montenegro! Off to the pub now and no match report to follow.!
  10. He is a personal fitness trainer , which i suppose can travel anywhere but i doubt will help him enter the UK these days
  11. I've added a bit of video content, he's 24 years old , 6ft 1 , 110 kilos and is a full on 80 minute man.
  12. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4661264557231531&id=100000440978235
  13. Hi , Im trying to find a high standard amatuer club that is willing to give a couple of games to what I consider to be the most talented player in Serbia. He is a 2nd row or centre with all the physical and mental requirements to make it at pro level im sure ; he would need a return ticket as well as a place to stay and a bit of pocket money. I guarantee no team would be dissapointed in this guy in any aspect. Dm if you wish to give this guy an opportunity .https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4661264557231531&id=100000440978235
  14. Thing is you can have both if someone is prepared to think a bit
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