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  1. But what will happen in the future when/ if Ottawa, New York and Red Star join? And last year there were question marks over wether Toronto would be promoted and a week before the season starts everyone’s talking about the salary cap which should have been dealt with months ago.
  2. Problem is you have teams applying to the RFL to enter League 1. Then in Toronto’s case for example, you have question marks when they are on the verge of promotion to Super League. Should Super League not be consulted it’s given a vote on new teams entering the league system?
  3. Yeah it makes sense to target new areas where there is no real rugby presence rather than places where union is fully established. Serbia seem keen on developing RL and North America is so big it’s kind of an open market and I can’t really see one code dominating. I think we need to be strategic and have a plan. Does Super League want to be an transatlantic competition? And what does the IRL want the international scene to look like?
  4. Think this should be in the next TV deal, if your teams not being shown on Sky The clubs should be able to stream their games through their website for a premium
  5. Played a few before and they were poor, really hard to understand what to do it progress
  6. I think that’s great. Miles better than previous seasons’ efforts. I like the action and the players on show in it. My only criticism is it should have come out a month ago!
  7. I disagree. If football ban gambling sponsors then why wouldn’t they turn to RL? Leeds has one of the worst gambling addiction problems in the country, how many clubs wear a gambling companies logo on their shirt? Tobacco sponsorship and advertising has been banned for years, gambling and alcohol advertising and sponsoring is outlawed as well Gambling addiction is not just a football problem, it’s a society problem and rl is part of that society
  8. Hopefully we’ll see some actual rugby being played in it rather than players in the gym and getting out of bed. The NRL always do really good promo videos
  9. Yeah I think they got the layout badly wrong. Problem is all the hospitality is in the main stand which is why it’s so big. The location is a problem but there’s not much they could do about that. I mean where else could they have realistically built it?
  10. No it’s not, what did people think at the time of it being built though? To say it’s only just started breaking even after 8 or so years is concerning
  11. It cost £26 million to build according to Wikipedia so it’s not that much of a shock.
  12. Yeah the sponsors we have show what level rugby league is at compared to union which like you say has Land Rover over Dacia. The other point is lots/ most sports teams and leagues have gambling and or alcohol sponsors
  13. The only teams who should automatically qualify should be England, Australia, New Zealand and the host nation(s). Turn qualifying into an event in its self
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