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  1. What do people want from magic weekend? Is it there to promote and grow the game or is it just a ###### up for regular fans? If you want to use it to attract new audiences then maybe a 9s tournament could work
  2. Home shirt to me and you. I presume they call them principal and alternate because they play in their home shirt away from home sometimes
  3. At least he’s out of the way now. He’s only running the international game
  4. SL Champions - Warrington GF Runners Up - Wigan SL League Leaders - Warrington SL Relegated - Huddersfield, KR or Wakefield Challenge Cup - Saints Champ Winners - Toulouse Champ Promoted - Toulouse Champ Relegated - Oldham and Dewsbury L1 winners - Newcastle L1 also promoted - Workington 1895 Cup - York?
  5. 2020 and 2021 will be played at Sydney Cricket ground. Would have liked to see it go to Brisbane, feel like they’ve missed a trick and played it safe https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/10/16/nrl-grand-final-to-remain-in-sydney/
  6. How’s that gonna work with the reserves?
  7. Don’t think he was being sexist just think he was commenting on the quality of the game although i think I did it in the wrong way and I didn’t really need saying anyway
  8. Anyone know where there is one up to date with the end of this season?
  9. A proper V as well, not like the GB one that has the end cut off
  10. They kind of did something for the 120th didn’t they
  11. The only bad thing I can think about them is not paying players and peeing other clubs transfer fees. Other than that it’s really exciting
  12. Why do some people hate Toronto so much? I don’t get it, this could be a huge step in growing the game, isn’t that what we all want?
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