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  1. That’s why I put worst case scenario. What if we’re social distancing in September and the football season has started behind closed doors, could SL still sell tickets for the GF and would it be a good idea to open up a 75,000 capacity stadium in that scenario?
  2. Worst case scenario but what if the RFL do go bust? Let’s say this years challenge cup and ashes series get cancelled and England don’t do well in the World Cup. What would the knock on effect be on the game?
  3. Well, not the same but similar
  4. The talk is lockdown could be over by June but social distancing would stay in place until September or October. Playing behind closed doors seems the only option. Worst case scenario could see the GF being scrapped for this year
  5. Leeds United have pretty close historical ties with Huddersfield Town. They were at one point going to merge and become Leeds Trinity FC. Now I’m curious as to how Town and Giants play in such different colours
  6. No Leeds Parish and Leeds St Johns were two separate clubs I think. Leeds St Johns are the same club as Leeds Rhinos
  7. Sandal RU also play in similar colours to those of Wakefield RU. The Castleford coat of arms, which is used by Cas RU, is also predominately red. Did perhaps the original Cas RL club play in red?
  8. The colours of the city of Leeds are blue and amber/yellow/gold (whatever you want to call it) Leeds United originally (and still do) played in blue and gold until they switched to white. Other Leeds clubs have followed suite with Leeds Tykes wearing blue and amber (until they became Carnegie) and even the hockey team Leeds Chiefs have adopted blue and yellow. I was just interested in why Leeds as a city and it’s sports teams stick to a colour scheme whereas other places and clubs don’t. Bradford city for example adopted Manninghams colours whereas the Bulls and Park Avenue wear similar colours, white, red, yellow and black, (excluding PA Celtic inspired green and white)
  9. The only sensible option would be to have conferences. How you would do that I’m unsure with most teams based in NSW/ that corner of Australia.
  10. In saying, that look at Wimbledon. They fell on hard times financially and were bought and relocated to Milton Keynes You could find a Sydney NRL franchise that is not performing very well and relocate their license somewhere else
  11. Sydney has 9 teams. Compare that to the Premier League which has 5 London clubs and a population of 8m. Plus 5 of the Sydney teams are a result of mergers. Maybe they could justify dropping the weakest team for a second Brisbane team or another NZ team
  12. What’s the story behind some clubs’ colours? Obviously Leeds play in blu and amber because they are the cities colours but I’ve always found it strange why Wigan play in cherry and white but Athletic play in blue and white or Doncaster play in blue and yellow but Rovers play in red and white stripes
  13. After this is over and everything goes back to normal it will be interesting to see who is still around. Gold Coast are probably the one you’d worry about the most but there’s always this talk of there being too many teams in Sydney
  14. This came up on twitter which I found interesting. Read into it what you will
  15. I’m all for alternating kits. Wakefield have done it the past few years white home red away, Red home blue away ect.... Leeds could do similar have white away one year then yellow then alternative ie pink, green, whatever
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