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  1. I always wore black boots but that was just a personal preference. Never bothered me players wearing colourful boots
  2. Remember when the RFL wanted to turn Odsal into a national stadium for RL? Seeing as the RFL is moving to the Etihad Campus is have more events there. An increased capacity/ modernised Elland Road would be good for internationals and Cup semi finals. Wembley and Old Trafford should remain Finals venues IMO. Plus you have Newcastle and Tottenhams stadiums So they’re the 6 ‘ Major’ stadiums I’d use for big events. Then your looking at Headingley, KCOM, John Smiths Stadium, Halliwell Jones for smaller games like Championship finals/ semi finals and smaller internationals. Ive always like the idea of starting the season with the Champions v Cup Winners
  3. Yeah I suppose some are hard to incorporate.
  4. Just to go off topic a bit, don’t you hate it when clubs rename their grounds due to sponsors like this? Old Trafford cricket ground is know as Emirates old Trafford rather than Emirates cricket ground for example
  5. Does sound strange. There’s an interview where he explains why he calls football soccer and rugby football so not to confuse anyone. Suppose them same could be said for his accent, maybe they can understand him better now
  6. Went to Wakie v Leeds a few seasons ago and stood in the away end next to a small group who were in their 50s (and old enough to know better) and every time James Child ran past on the touch line they’d hurl a load of homophobic abuse at him. As well as that St George’s Day was coming up and they had a ‘debate’ about why it wasn’t a bank holiday, which you don’t need me to tell you why they thought that was
  7. Wonder what 2021 will look like? 22 rounds again or will they want 29 with midweek games?
  8. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/teams/roosters/sports-confidential-apparel-company-iscs-collapse-could-cost-nrl-clubs-a-combined-8-million/news-story/49ff7495a78d79346beb6968c0b9ac09 Pulling out of the UK next year as well
  9. I was stood next to a woman who punched a man in the face at Fev when Leeds played Leigh (I think) in the cup a couple of years ago
  10. If there is any trouble it’s usually a few isolated incidents. Probably worst I’ve seen it was at the 2015 Grand Final. Scrap in the pub near to OT before the game, someone scrapping in the stands in the 2nd half and a streaker. IMO and not trying to drag any teams name though the mud but from what I’ve seen and heard Cas are probably the worst But you could write a book about all these isolated incidents. The majority of RL fans aren’t hooligans
  11. Maybe. I’d be interested to see a combined total for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the clubs
  12. Never saw that coming. Hopefully he’ll have a good send of at saints. Nice for him to be able to finish his career there
  13. As you’d expect, big 3 out on top. Then you’ve got Warrington and the Hull clubs (FC and KR have a combined total of 127.5) then the ‘smaller clubs’ down at the bottom who average 40-41K bar Cas I suppose who do well with 50K. Catalans and Toronto are interesting. Most clubs joined Twitter between 2008-2010 where as Cats have been a bit late joining in 2012. I wonder if that has made a difference Plus Toronto have only been around for a few years and are still building their brand.
  14. True and you wouldn’t want to put ‘big’ money into a rl club (or any pro sports club really). You may as well burn your money if your doing that
  15. Seems sensible. I believe teams with games in hand will start in early August with everyone else starting mid August. If that’s the case I wonder if the teams with a game in hand will have an advantage by starting earlier
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