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  1. Made a good point about exploiting markets and how between Manchester and Leeds there is a massive RL market. Also made interesting points about York and their potential
  2. Yeah he’s better in the media than Wood was but I don’t think he’s the right man to be in charge of the sport
  3. I’d rather Leeds have signed Lunt 7 years ago. Lou is the first proper 6 since 2017 after they played Moon and Lolohea out of position there
  4. Would it be a success in England? I don’t think you’ll get 90K at Wembley but would 70K at Ild Trafford be realistic or 50K at Etihad it St James’ Park
  5. But wouldn’t SL be in a stronger negotiation position if they have Leeds, Toronto, London and 2 French teams in SL
  6. The stadium didn’t look great on TV. Looks like they are playing in a pub car park
  7. I think it’s a good idea although it’s not perfect and could do with tweaking
  8. I wouldn’t use the S*n for toilet paper but this seems very childish from them. They know they’re banned from Anfield, it’s not a RL thing
  9. I think the capacity now is about 20k although I don’t think anyone really knows the official capacity. I think the highest it’s been in SL is 23K when the south east and south west corners were filled in
  10. I would as well but a sold out Lamport would look better than a half empty Headingley
  11. Yeah I think it’s the highest seeded team will host the final. Can’t see Toronto v Toulouse selling out Headingley unfortunately
  12. Just seen Leeds’ new heritage stones. On some of them it has the old club crest with Est 1895. Were Leeds not founded in 1870 meaning next year will be their 150th anniversary?
  13. I think the environment kids are brought up in now is a lot softer although I don’t buy into this snowflake generation. I think it’s good people are talking about mental health. Kids who come through youth ranks these days though in rugby or football get everything given to them, kit, money, sponsors ect and they think they’ve made it before they actually have. I think some of its society and some of its how sports not just rugby league treat young players
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