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  1. They’ve done it in the past with Betfred logo don’t see why they don’t do it every game
  2. What’s been the best season of Super League? I think this seasons been pretty good for competitiveness (bar St Helens running away at the top)
  3. I usually dismiss conferences but how else would you do it?
  4. Interesting picture from 2003 after the South Bank was built. And in 2019 it looks exactly the same
  5. That’s sport I’m afraid. This system is a lot fairer than the Super 8s as well so the worst team after 29 rounds will be relegated. But we could start another thread to debate the pros and cons of relegation. On current form I’d say Wakefield or London will go down
  6. It’s worrying to see them leave the city but their options to return are limited and aren’t great I know Bradford Park Avenue are ambitious but I can only see major developments to Horsfall if they get to the FL which looks a million miles away since they are bottom of National League North. Valley Parade looks like the best option (it’s in better shape than Odsal) but it wouldn’t make financial sense to leave Odsal because of running/ maintenance costs to move to VP and pay high rent. The third option is to find a magic money tree and build a new stadium. IMO Bradford isn’t big enough to have 2 major sports stadiums and unfortunately both the Bulls and City are not rich or successful clubs.
  7. This is embarrassing. I’m a Leeds fan but they didn’t lose because the referee, people over analysis referee performances
  8. What will happen to Odsal now then? I presume Bradford City Council will sell it and it will be filled in?
  9. Horsfall might be ok in the short term but it needs serious development. There’s the running track, poor executive facilities, low capacity although there is potential in the long term to expand although it’s unlikely to happen unless Park Avenue get into the FL
  10. Surprise! It’s Betfred. Grand final has also been moved to St Helens https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/betfred-sponsor-womens-super-league-as-grand-final-brought-forward/
  11. If they do agree an arrangement and stay that’s all good and well but maintenance and running costs are only going to increase over time. Its a great place to watch rugby but there are no facilities, the terraces are crumbling, the only improvement in the last 20 years has been the Southbank
  12. D day tomorrow for Odsal. Are we putting bets on what’s going to happen? I think they’ll leave
  13. The perfect place for a shared stadium for Wakefield and Cas would have been the Newmarket site which is now the big freezer you can see from the M62. Its slap bang in the middle and has Good motorway connections. Seems like a big missed oppertunity for both clubs imo
  14. 4 games to go. The biggest game there is probably London v Leeds
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