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  1. Think London would have stayed up, KR and Huddersfield might have struggled. Think Toronto were probably the only team who could have realistically gone up. bigger question, who would have won the championship shield?
  2. Apparently ISC are pulling out of the UK. Was mentioned earlier in this thread
  3. I’d assume if they don’t want to seriously take the game to WA they won’t be bothered about growing the international game
  4. Pretty close by though. A lot of people from Wakefield either support Leeds United or Huddersfield Town because there is no pro football team in the city
  5. My problem with it is there are 2 clubs nearby (Widnes and St Helens). Why haven’t they capitalised on Liverpool?
  6. The Merrin situation has been handled badly by both him and the club. Im interested in who they pick as captain now. Ward would be the obvious choice although injuries may count against him
  7. Yeah was torn between the two tbh. If it was a XIII from the 2000 Webb would definitely be in it
  8. 1 Zak Hardaker 2 Tom Briscoe 3 Kallum Watkins 4 Joel Moon 5 Ryan Hall 6 Danny McGuire 7 Rob Burrow 8 Kylie Leuluai 9 Danny Buderus 10 Jamie Peacock 11 JJB 12 Carl Ablett 13 Kevin Sinfield
  9. But if there’s a predominantly blue home shirt then you can have a yellow away shirt or a yellow home shirt would have a white away shirt. Yeah I agree, LBS is a great sponsor for the club to have although I prefer there old logo
  10. At least with the yellow ones you can tell straight away it’s Leeds. But I agree the burgundy one was nice but if your going to do something different ie not traditional colours there’s got to be a variety
  11. Yeah most have been pretty similar and boring. I don’t mind something different like the pink kits or something else but I’d love them to have a yellow away kit
  12. Leeds away kits have been disappointing like that for a few years now. I suppose white is traditional but I’d like them to switch between white, yellow and alternative each year
  13. Article on SL website about predictions https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/1169/how-the-2020-super-league-table-will-end They seem to think: 1 Wigan 2 Saints 3 Hull 4 Warrington 5 Catalans 6 Cas 7 Leeds 8 Wakefield 9 Salford 10 Toronto 11 Hull KR 12 Huddersfield
  14. Does anyone know the result for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 Lord Derby Cup finals? Can’t find the results anywhere
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