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  1. I dont think the coverage is as bad as some people tend to make out however I would axe Barry, Terry and Phil Clarke. Bring in Jon Wilkin, Danny McGuire and other players who have recently retired or even some that are still playing
  2. I wouldn’t want it to become a Friday night fixture but since no one can go I think it’s fine. TV ratings will be good for it
  3. Not sure Odsal looks great on TV. I think ideally they’ll want a soccer ground if not a neutral rugby league stadium will be used. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the Etihad with the RFL moving there and its being in Manchester
  4. Grand Final runners up last year, Cup runners up this year in a really close game. I hope they can build on it and keep competing
  5. That’s what I thought but interestingly they did inquire about St James’ Park so maybe they’ll choose a soccer stadium if it’s is affordable
  6. Think there was always going to be uncertainty about the GF being at Old Trafford. I think it would be easier to have it at a RL venue as they have done with regular SL rounds. Obvious choices would be Headingley, St Helens and Warrington but I think it has to be a neutral venue, would be unfair and look unprofessional having Saints play at the Totally wicked in a GF
  7. I’ve not been a fan of Castlefords bright orange kits in recent years
  8. This is how SL and RFL should do expansion. Not just let anyone with money enter a team
  9. Is the Grand Final going to be at Old Trafford? Man U are playing away on the 28th but you’d think they’d avoid football stadiums as they have with the normal rounds of SL
  10. That’s true but if I was SL I’d offer a package to Sky and another to a terrestrial broadcaster, Channel 4 had been mentioned a few times with them showing Union games And having a base in Leeds. I think Magic is the best product to have on terrestrial TV
  11. Said this before but why don’t they sell different packages? Package 1: Thursday and Friday games Package 2: Saturday and Sunday games Package 3: Magic Weekend and maximum of 5 games Package 4: Playoffs and Grand Final
  12. I still find it hard to believe sometimes. It’s heartbreaking to see how much he’s deteriorated since January. Im always taken a back by how positive he is though
  13. I think Workington are. Could be wrong. Seems the sensible thing to do unless manufacturers or sponsors contracts are up
  14. They did release that shirt before they announced Oxen though so perhaps they agreed with ISC to put their logo on the shirt before the Oxen announcement. You’d have thought Leeds would have waited till the end of the season to release all the Oxen gear and give them more time to get rid off all the ISC stock. ISC clearly aren’t bothered about them wearing the new shirt for the cup final
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