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  1. It might have just been a stupid throw away comment. Even so, it’s unacceptable and I think the RFL will have to make an example with him especially after this weekend with the social media blackout
  2. I can see it possibly becoming like playing in Elite 1 or Queensland/ NSW cup. Then hopefully the NARL and Canadian championship should benefit the US and Canadian national teams
  3. Things have changed in those 40 years. Society moves on mostly for the better. I wouldn’t immediately dismiss anyone who says they’ve been racially abused. Discrimination is not black and white there lots of grey especially when you take in to consideration context although that does not always make it acceptable. But like it can be complicated. I would never single out someone’s race, gender, sexuality to abuse them, I wouldn’t expect anyone to do that to me no matter how bothered I was by it
  4. They say there’s no smoke without fire. You’re innocent until proven guilty but it would be a strange thing to make up
  5. Are you sure? I’ve just been emailed by a Nigerian Prince who wants me the inherit his fortune. Just sending my bank details to him now
  6. They commented on Twitter saying they’re still wanting to be in L1 but I the article they say that NYRL and NY Freedom are different teams. All very confusing
  7. Didn’t Bradley do something like this when the original club folded in 1999? Hunslet are fan owned too, other examples like Wimbledon are success stories of fan ownership in pro leagues, what Brighton are wanting to do sound promising
  8. I’ll agree with you there, people don’t want to upset anyone. I believe John Davidson was banned from Leigh for writing something about them, I think someone else was banned from Wakefield. To your second point I’d say that not calling people and or issues out does more harm than ignoring them. Tbh I think the main issue is people not wanting to fall out or upset others in the game
  9. I wasn’t expecting national media to start calling out clubs and administrators I was saying how the rl media don’t do that.
  10. Simularities though. We have 11 clubs fighting over a pie that gets smaller and smaller and are doing everything they can to keep their heads above water rather than doing what’s best for the game which will benefit all of them in the long run
  11. I’ve been thinking after the uproar in football about the European Super League comparing it to rugby league there’s similarities however the rugby league media doesn’t make a fuss about it. For example the 11 clubs have most of the money and power and have not let Leigh have the same amount of central funding as them to make sure the 11 don’t get relegated. The Bradford Bulls saga. Wood led RFL buying the Odsal lease then eventually buying the Bulls as well as the farce of keeping them in the Championship after they were liquidated. The narrow mindset of the SL that is
  12. England rl don’t have a strong identity. Forever living in GB shadow. I’ve said before, scrap GB and have England adopt the GB lion, kit and colours
  13. I see what you mean and I think these things can be done without much thought.m and an almost knee jerk reaction. The Lazenby cup between Leeds and Hunslet was renamed the Harry Jepson cup after Jepsons death in 2016. You can’t honour everyone with a trophy or stand unfortunately although I think renaming the Harry Sunderland Award would be a fitting tribute to Burrow. Burrows records and achievements speak for themselves and for the MOTM of the grand final to be given the Rob Burrow Trophy I think is quite fitting. Sunderland left his mark in the game I think it more appro
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