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  1. That's the rule, if you join league one etc you have to pay all the travel costs for the teams.
  2. Pia, ille and especially Baho have squads that would hold their own in elite 1, it's the 20000 euros to just to play in the league that puts teams off, no prize money etc, Villefranche have a decent team with top quality foreigners, villeghailanc are the reserve of Carcassonne so will use their squad players so will be a good team, Lyon will struggle but they're building for the future, no real news from Toulon, 4 Brits have arrived for Montpellier sharks and a Georgian should be arriving soon. Gratentour is a new team at this level but hopefully will win a couple of games, salon have been quiet about recruitment. Carpentras always have a solid team, But I can't see anyone really challenging the three Catalan teams
  3. Big junior tournament In Perpignan before the match with tickets to the game, all age groups.
  4. Valencia and bath? What does the partnership entail are Valencia strengthening the bath team? Ben barber to bath via the Valencia partnership?
  5. Rougé playing 9, Whitley centre mourgues full back, Franco on the wing, brochon on the bench to probably go on at 1 and mourgues moving to 9 to give Cesar a rest. Le cam starts in the second row. Very young and French team. Drinkwater, Maloney , baitieri and dudson to add a bit of experience
  6. If cats win it's a great sign for the future of French rl and the club with so many young French players in the team.
  7. Vaccinated and that's all for coming into France, and you get a nice stamp in your passport when you go through customs, going back isn't so simple.
  8. There's a rugby tournament before the game on the 23rd October in Perpignan. So the stadium may get full.
  9. He'll be playing at the same level as he was with Avignon so it won't make that much of a difference to him, except he'll gat pro coaching and be able to train with and against the super League team, as they are the opposition during the week for the dragons. He can only get better doing that,
  10. If he got two matches he'd still be free for the semi, he'll probably be rested against Huddersfield or Wigan anyway,
  11. Thanks, over here it's already in place for elite 1 etc and its first plays winner of 3v 4 even if 6 wins.
  12. They've stopped full contact on the beach rugby tours et tournaments here in France as it usually finished with a big fight, even at touch it becomes heated!
  13. Bit of positivity now heavy winger? Mourgue can keep le melon if he wants, dudson decided to run, and kasiano decided to do a bit more, Maloney nipped over from Lézignan to kick the drop!
  14. Leg pulls don't count anymore it's like watching Wigan of old with the tackle techniques
  15. I know it's good defence and winning tactics by saints but all the pushing and falling over and holding on at the play the ball is annoying to watch, both in defence and attack!
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