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  1. Which makes you wonder how the IRL have justified bringing the rule in as a standard
  2. Looks like the Aussies making sure we play under their rules!
  3. I think the 2013 RLWC shirt was one of the better ones. The current badge isn’t great - although England RL do seem to be using a more GB Lion like logo for the promotional stuff on social. I do think all the bring back GB stuff could have been avoided if England had just adopted that badge! It’s outstanding!
  4. It doesn’t, it’s a much better way of talking about sponsorship. It shows the intent to work together and be mutually beneficial. This is a great deal and should be seen as such, Monster can probably do more for RL than the other way round - they have huge reach and scale, look what they do with other sports/athletes!
  5. I did 7 days in Aus (more like 10 with travel) for the Leeds Rhinos v Melbourne game before heading up to Sydney for the Wigan/Souths and Hull/St George matches. Had so many people saying it was too far to go for that short a time ... absolutely loved it, brilliant trip!
  6. Also a great example of a partnership that feels logical where both can leverage the other.
  7. Great partnership for England RL and RL in general with a brand with genuine global scale. Note this is Monster HydroSport - so think Lucozade Sport rather than Red Bull, so a really good fit again with RL. Also Monster have access to a huge audience and their social media can be great at times. Could be some real value in this for RL and of course for Monster.
  8. I was quite excited for SL starting again but this is pretty dour.
  9. If it was the radio I’d agree, not disputing she knows her stuff. Just over calling it for tv. Anyway, I see from another post she is a a radio commentator so that explains it.
  10. The female commentator sounds like she’s doing radio commentary, literally describing every inch of the game. Give the mic to Dave!
  11. What a terrible name, a terrible concept ... what’s wrong with a proper game like France in France who we know have offered to play! And we’d be able to call on NRL players for that. This has that bunch of Right Fu**in Losers (RFL) written all over it.
  12. Point i’m making is that the RLPA put the whole Denver test in doubt right up until the last minute and so it was never given whole hearted support to enable it to achieve full potential (which I accept may still not have been enough BTW, but we’ll never know) The link to WC was just the point that if they chose to raise safety concerns etc. or player welfare again then they could harm the WC. From what you’re saying it sounds like they hold much less weight than I thought so could all be ok!
  13. The RLPA seemed heavily involved in sabotaging the Denver test
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