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  1. I’ve never understood why the RFL seem to think an event means ‘more games’. Who wants to sit thru 3 matches, surely none but the most ardent of fans? An event is about more than the game itself. I can see some logic in the semis being a double header if it really had much more surrounding it than just the games, but I don’t know that this does. And the womens game … I guess doing that as well secures the National coverage, but does feel a bit overkill.
  2. 95% of the time Oxen do cheap tat, maybe we should cut them some slack on this … I don’t think it’s necessarily done as England but assume the RFL own the GB rights so can release this stuff. At least it’s cotton, looks ok quality. Ensuring ongoing use of the current GB logo is I think important. Not sure on the black colour choice, feels quite basic to say Clive was black so the shirt is? But Oxen have done worse and at least RFL are marking the anniversary of a legend.
  3. With regards Oxen and Leeds I understand their strategy is quantity on the replica shirt side as they know there is a core group of fans that will always buy every shirt. And so it makes business sense to release more, sell at full price and then discount heavily to bring a wider supporter base in. But you’d have to think this strategy has a shelf life. What they are doing at Leeds feels extreme and as many have said the quality isn’t even good. Personally for me I always found ISC to be a really good quality brand.
  4. This is great news and positive to have it confirmed. I think it may be four years too early for them as can’t see them realistically being competitive against anyone of note so careful ‘planning’ of the groups could be key! But I’ll defo be heading over!
  5. Bradfords general merchandise photography and presentation has been pretty poor for a while, the club shop has been rubbish for ages for showing you anything more than a dodgy photo of the product.
  6. And they must have got that from …. the 90’s Bradford shirt
  7. To be fair they’ve not had a sale on since Black Friday so it’s overdue.
  8. Nice kits, both of them and like the club colours. I think the club logo is poor tho, very little standout and not sure how well it works on digital and in social.
  9. Just to let everyone know that Oxen have a sale on England kit for Black Friday. They’re unlikely to have a sale like this for at least another week so best get in quick.
  10. I think there is some merit in making the CC exclusively a British comp. Take any cross border planning out, take out financial burden/risk and allow it to be a traditional/heritage British Comp. That may also open up a longer term Euro Comp for SL teams, or allow additional French cups, or provide a stable future model should any other expansion teams join SL (which I’m a fan of)
  11. I love the idea of it, they just haven’t quite nailed it. Bulls logo too small and not enough of the design in the arms.
  12. Fair play on this. A rare bright light for the sport. Well done to whoever got this over the line!
  13. Not true, at 2017 RLWC the Australia QF had a guaranteed venue of Darwin and NZ guaranteed venue of Wellington, regardless of where both finished in their groups. It made sense for Anfield as encourages pre sale for fans who want to watch the home nation and allows fans to plan the weekend accordingly.
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