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  1. I think once that Saints end sold out it would have made sense to just open one section at a time on upper bowl immediately next to the Saints tickets.
  2. We seem to have moved some people about and then refused some people entry since last week
  3. Considering most people in the stadium won’t be stopping to watch it why would the BBC show it?!
  4. A new addition to the GB range! More 90s rehash ... I actually had he original ‘away’ jersey that had this design!
  5. I was waiting for the first person to highlight the source
  6. Worst case SL could use the digital graphics to show some of the sponsorship/logos on the pitch for TV as they do in NRL.
  7. Good point, they should always kick off at same time but they never do ... maybe this year with the table so close they’ll review ... worst case they need the relegation matches starting together.
  8. I think it was mentioned that they have agreed a 50/50 split on food and drink sales at Bulls games.
  9. Damn ... I’d not thought of that. Tetley's Outlaw? Might just do it ...
  10. Wakefield and Cas could always move to the Tetleys Stadium, Dewsbury - the new home of West Yorkshire RL!
  11. I don’t get the sense there is any real plan to get us back to Bradford. Being a Bulls fan is a right pain in the ######.
  12. I think 20pts will probably be safety (maybe only London would struggle with this with pts/diff). Wakey v HKR this weekend is a big game, I think the winner is probably safe. On balance I think London will go down, but would love them to stay up with a last game of the season victory!
  13. Current status of the sales ... altho we know not all of the sold out have sold out.
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