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  1. What you do with a vibrator while pouring walls is your own business.
  2. There was a great clip of Nick Fozzard saying similar to Michael Dobson a few years back at Hull KR. Can’t find the clip.
  3. She is woeful with microphone in hand with zero personality, a good move, but she should be congratulated for doing such a long stint where she has no doubt put the effort in.
  4. I remember the Bulls selling Paul Newlove to Saints, think it was £500k deal with £250k cash plus Sonny Nickle, Bernard Dwyer and Paul O’Loughlin. Good deal on reflection!
  5. It would need a lot of people from Norwich to go as not sure you’d get many travelling fans - having been a few times it’s literally the back end of nowhere and hours from any real supporter base!
  6. Thought it was one of the best RL podcasts I’ve heard in a while, really interesting and informative and made some good points on the need to strengthen the heartlands whilst recognising there is a role for expansion.
  7. Out of interest I just checked ... first of all no rugby was listed in ‘other sports’, but the CCF is listed as a football match no mention of the 1895 Cup though.
  8. Thanks, I did actually look on that link originally and didn’t spot it! So Ralphs criteria of ensuring fans who watch the 1895 Cup can get back to the north at a reasonable time hasn’t worked out too well!
  9. Just trying to plan a Wembley trip and can’t find what time the 1895 final kicks off despite looking on ouRLeague and a quick google search. Anyone know? The RFL don’t make it easy do they! More likely to be in the pub for the 1895 but would rather sort travel on the off chance I want to stay for it!
  10. First time I’ve watched the show in its current guise since the days sat on the stools in a bar! Enjoyed it overall - agree Rimmer wasn’t pressed hard enough on some issues ... like the 1895 Cup ... he was challenged on KO being after the main game at Wembley but he was allowed to give a generic ‘we’ll listen’ answer when its an obvious own goal!! And he said one of his criteria was people being able to get back to the North in a timely fashion ... playing after doesn’t deliver that! Had potential to be great, but overall it was good. Like the fact it’s available as a podcast so will add it my weekly download on today’s experience in addition to 5live and Forty20.
  11. Yep, a Bulls fans, but what have they got to do with this?
  12. The introduction of Golden Point has ruined this next week for me .... all week I’d have been praying for a draw between Broncos and KR so Leeds could be bottom I wouldn’t be surprised if Leeds just break the salary cap to stay up and take a penalty next year. Remember Wigan a few years ago ....
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