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  1. I happened to be in Morrison’s in Aberdeen today and at the front of the store with the newspapers I spotted this!! Very surprised!
  2. If the RFL had any backbone they wouldn’t let clubs pick and chose, but they don’t and so clubs saw a poorly organised, financially challenging competition and decide accordingly.
  3. Supporters Club is a great idea - the execution of it is poor. As of today you cannot buy tickets for any England game and no fixtures are confirmed with any dates/times. But £25 gets you a hat and badge.
  4. It is revealed isn’t it? Like I said, badge and hat.
  5. The merchandise is a pin badge and bobble hat. £25 for a team that currently has no games scheduled and rarely plays. What exactly is the benefit of this?
  6. I’m hoping Sky aren’t having issues ... why is their a movie review show on!!
  7. Clarke needs more game time. We look slow across the park. Woeful kicking game.
  8. That’s a fair point, in years gone by the game would be gone by now. At the same time ... this is a bit dull. Our kicking game is woeful.
  9. What are the official Cas colours? Is it now orange as seems to have gone that way over last decade or so? Thought it was always yellow (amber!) and black?
  10. I think Nigel Wood being involved could be just about the final straw for me. The big waste of space has done nothing but freeload and ruin RL and don’t want him anywhere near my club. Would love a proper investigation into the Bulls saga - Wood has had his fingers in for a long time.
  11. Do you have a different opinion? You’d have no concern about putting any of the games on TV? Or to your second question you think the men’s game is more uneven?
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