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  1. Just watching the Titans game and first time I’ve seen the new rule in play ... quite like it so far ... One thought, what could this mean for the RLWC 2021? It often feels we tend to follow rule changes in the NRL and will concede to their rules ahead of international clashes ... which if we did ahead of RLWC could put us at a significant disadvantage due to less time to become accustomed. In fact the rule even if given time could put us at a disadvantage as it stops an ability to slow the game! Therefore I wonder if it would be in SL interest to keep our existing rules and therefore retain them at international level - Aussies may find it very hard to revert back to our rules and their refs may also find it hard to adjust ... so a RLWC with our rules and our refs!!
  2. I saw this story on Facebook from the IRL about Nigel Wood retiring. The actual link doesn’t work so can’t see anything further. Fingers crossed its true, hopefully he leaves the Bulls next!
  3. Great news and a rare well done for the RFL. Assuming pro clubs have furloughed players this shouldn’t be needed for salaries but could support the wider structure of the club which would link to the point on communities.
  4. Could this be one of, it not the biggest Sky TV audiences ever for a RL game? Live on main event, Prime TV slot and literally nothing else on. Will be interesting to see the numbers.
  5. Great opportunity for the sport to showcase itself in the absence of other live sport. As long as the SL continues thru the current Coronavirus issue then they should get as many games on as they can. If we pick up some new viewers they might just continue to watch in the future, may even attend the odd game, or buy some merchandise!
  6. Officially expelled! Would assume there is more at play here surely ... you would think the IRL have a process mapped out to get Tonga sorted of which this is a step ... Official statement at below link ... http://www.rlif.com/article/8863/statement-regarding-tonga-national-rugby-league
  7. Good to see they are doing research - but when they say top-tier ticket do they mean up at the top of the stadium or best seats! Obvs put that I’d pay £0 for 6 Nations.
  8. Await the reaction from those most vociferous about Folau. Surely SL with their new powers will ban him from the comp, or maybe Catalans will sign him.
  9. I’ve had a sneak peek of the new Bulls away kit last week ... quite nice!!!
  10. What a great occasion today - a few emotional moments, Burrow walking on pre game in tears, entering the field near the end and his interview on the field afterwards. Watched the post match when I got home and his interview on Sky was also tough as was Barrie Mac’s reaction. Strange in some respects how an event can sadden you so much whilst making you see so much of what is good about RL. I thought the Bulls fans were a credit, when Burrow was struggling in his interview they started singing his name and Leeds fans soon joined. Fair play to JJB as well ... took a back seat in some respects which I think only enhances his reputation as a great bloke. I also think the Bulls need to make Fielden an offer of a contract for 2020!!
  11. Jamie Fielden - Stuart Fielden’s brother. I don’t think he actually ever played for us. Maybe a chance for the two brothers to play together.
  12. Can’t wait for this, promises to be a great occasion which I hope raises lots of money. Glad I have my ticket.
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