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  1. We had a team from Canada in it but SL got rid of them. What has Super League done to spread the game, make the competition more competitive, or make the game more popular? Apart from wanting the full pot of money to themselves I would suggest nothing. If the standard of rugby produced by full time players in SL is the way forward then there’s more excitement watching paint dry.
  2. BSkyB told us SL was the promised land 26 years ago. Millions of pounds later SL is now a boring version of what was a great game. The most competitive and enjoyable competition is the Championship which comprises, in the main, of part time teams. 26 years, millions wasted, number of teams varied, fixture formula chopped and changed, franchise models tried all have failed to spread or develop the game. The same handful of teams contesting the same competitions every year. Why oh why do people believe that we should bow to what a broadcaster wants when what they wanted last time has failed spectacularly?
  3. The ref blew for a penalty and the hooter went right after that. They obviously have to play the penalty before the game ends. The ball steal by Walker was just that. There was 2 men in the tackle and one jumped off to let him steal. You can’t do that this season, the law changed. The way King was limping after the game suggested it was more than cramp.
  4. He’s not a Director he’s a fan.
  5. Only the top Championship clubs were on that. The bottom end wasn’t near that. I seen it somewhere before the season started last year as we were classed as newly promoted and at the bottom of the scale.
  6. We all know it makes sense but are they not wanting to make two SL’s of 10 in each and cut the rest adrift? The game is screwed and if it goes that way then neither of us will survive I’m afraid as there will be no future for us.
  7. I know you didn’t. I’m just saying it’s a shame as it’s a growing problem for these fixtures as a lot of good fans of both clubs are put off travelling to the away fixture.
  8. Unfortunately there are a minority on both sides that spoil it for the majority and “banter” is not sufficient for them. Spoils the occasion as fans from both sides refuse to travel either way because of it. Sadly stewards at both grounds seem reluctant to do anything about it.
  9. Marrafan


    Haven charge more than you, yes, as do, probably, all the other clubs in the Championship. Money has to be raised from somewhere. Central funding has been severely cut and all clubs face that challenge. However if you can’t afford to make signings and get relegated is that worth it for saving a couple of quid on admission? As for coming up too soon how would the club manage on lower gates, even less funding and having to travel to Cornwall, West Wales, London, Birmingham etc. likewise do you really want to go back to that?
  10. Must have been a few year since you seen Whitehaven then as we haven’t been to Barrow since 2017.
  11. Look forward to seeing you in June
  12. Looks like Haven have suspended him going by the statement they put out tonight saying he had been stood down.
  13. Hardly nurtured Gillam, Kelly, Dowsett, Crellin.
  14. Tell him to stop drinking through Workington with Town players.
  15. It’s the Town reporter that does that page isn’t it?
  16. A dangerous tackle. Have a look on the disciplinary page.
  17. Unclear enough for them not to give Jamie Doran ban though.
  18. And he said the pitch was playable that’s what they make an inspection for. The safety concerns are for the man with the title Ground Safety Officer. Why did Town not include him at the time of the inspection? Everyone on the Town forum was commenting on the weather yesterday so if you lot thought it was dangerous on Saturday surely he should have been there this morning when the official was inspecting the pitch?
  19. RFL make the decision on the state of the pitch only. Ground safety officer made the call regarding safety can’t blame the RFL. Club should have spoken to GSO earlier forecast has been known for long enough.
  20. Long way from Kingston Park so I’m told. If it’s the right one I’m thinking about
  21. must have been a helluva player. I always thought one man didn’t make a team but that missing player obviously did. As I recall there was 4 subs sat on their bench.
  22. Probably worded that wrongly. Dewsbury are a team a lot of fans look at as a team their team can beat. They are far from an easy team to beat though. They have survived in the Championship for a number of years through grinding out wins so will be a good marker for you. Likewise we should be able to see where we are against Barrow this week and what the year ahead might bring. As I said before good luck.
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