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  1. Think you should look at the team TO have put out over the last few games before you pass comment.
  2. Your argument was there was no point as you had nothing in common with clubs 40/50 up the coast. Carlisle Border Raiders were twice the distance yet you “merged” with them. What did you have in common with them that you don’t with Whitehaven/Workington?
  3. Obviously not as much in common as you did with Carlisle Border Raiders when you ‘merged’ with them.
  4. Well there’s one thing despite your Chairman’s best efforts he won’t be in yours.
  5. Think Sunday was the first crowd figure they’ve announced for 2 years.
  6. Marrafan

    v Haven.

  7. So we were the better of two poor teams? I could say we only beat you because we had players missing and couldn’t field a full strength team. You only play as well as other teams allow you to play.
  8. Perhaps Haven didn’t allow you to play your usual game hence the result. A bit of disrespect saying we only beat you because you were poor. On the day we were the better team on the park as you allude to saying we deserved the win.
  9. No doubt you’ll have your fingers crossed.
  10. Poor argument. Your defeat at Whitehaven last season was two months after Coleman was sacked.
  11. Didn’t have Coleman in charge when you travelled to Cumbria last season. Oh and by the way we travel the same distance.
  12. Like Town they haven’t put any figure out. Somebody taking the p#*@
  13. Probably disappointed quite a lot of critics that don’t go by winning.
  14. Allerdale getting some pile of Government funding, Copeland MP obviously didn’t get any as we didn’t get any Christmas cards here
  15. No one will come in while he’s there that’s the problem so do we just accept that? Fair do’s to him for putting money in but the club is been run into the ground. There’s good people on that Board but he seems to think it’s his club.
  16. Same man responsible for others leaving but he remains. If they don’t get rid of him then we are goosed.
  17. He is. Done well tapping him up to get him out of his contract. Fell out of love with the game my a#@e
  18. It will be good to get back to some rugby. Both sets of supporters will be looking for different things while wanting the win. Honestly don’t know what to expect from Whitehaven. Just pleased we will be playing. The well publicised troubles that have disrupted pre season will have an effect I’m sure. Also with a lot of new faces in pivotal positions may lead to a lack of cohesion for us. Likewise you have a lot of new faces in similar positions so will face the same problems. The game won’t reflect the season the clubs will have. I just hope it’s an enjoyable game without the players being too rusty. Good luck.
  19. Kids have been free at Haven for a number of years. The only condition being they are accompanied by an adult. Haven have a Young Peoples Champion who works hard to get more kids to the games. The club is trying to attract kids. The problem is there is a sizeable number of people in the area who would rather whinge about/do the club down than turn up to games or even fetch their kids encouraging to follow SL clubs. It seems as if they want the club to fold.
  20. Shame it’s not a Board member leaving
  21. Been chasing him for weeks and obviously persuaded him to get a release. Contracts don’t mean a thing.
  22. A couple of brothers from Kells to come
  23. A small ground in Yorkshire situated on a retail park out of the city. Game being played on a Bank Holliday weekend. Top whack for hotels etc. Home game for York, one of the least supported sides at Headingley. Leeds was a poor choice this is even worse. Blackpool was the ideal venue, could go out between games, plenty to do in the area and ideal for families. RFL can’t see beyond Yorkshire.
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