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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Trouty from a Haven fan. All the best marra.
  2. For someone that doesn’t bother going games you’ve a lot to whinge about.
  3. Marrafan

    2020 Squad

    I read something similar to what Donald said in a league paper some time ago. Ive also heard that it is only £30k or so more. It seems to work that Haven and Oldham are on the least and the top teams get up to 3 times more.
  4. Marrafan

    2020 Squad

    Tend to agree with you. From what I understand there is not much difference in the money they receive for moving in to the championship so the budget isn’t that big. They appear to have learned from previous mistakes. It’s hard for both our clubs as winning teams attract people through the turnstiles but won’t come when they’re getting beat. The money for these players has to come from somewhere. The ones that complain the most are the ones that probably only go once in a while or when they’re winning.
  5. Have they moved the venue from Santon Bridge?
  6. At least part time clubs won’t have to travel down to London midweek! It seems a given on here that Broncos are the only ones that would have to travel.
  7. We’ll have to send him through to you then. Thanks for the offer
  8. Marrafan


    Probably been started by a Whitehaven fan!!
  9. Of course they have. Sorry we obviously don’t have the same taste in humour.
  10. That’s going back a long way to find a win at Haven
  11. The embarrassing thing was that the board proclaimed them League 1 Champions for winning a promotion play off final
  12. Marrafan

    1895 cup

    Good decision hope Haven do the same. We’ve a hard enough job on our hands without Wednesday nights as well.
  13. So can messers Stobbart, Dobie and Wilson.
  14. As you say it’s been the last two seasons so why hasn’t your board done something about it? They’ve had plenty of time to sort it. Smallwood was in the press plenty of times saying you were making signings but they never materialised. Victims of your own making I’m afraid.
  15. It’s a shame there are more comments on this post about Haven than on the thread about tomorrow’s game.
  16. Totally agree with you about an Academy. This is something that both clubs should and could work together on and combined they could put pressure on the rugb6 League. It’s disgraceful that Newcastle are having first pick on the youngsters in this area. We used to have one based at Lillyhall didn’t we but didn’t Widnes take that over?
  17. It’s usually the week after the ban is implemented so he should be OK for this week.
  18. As have all clubs including Town
  19. A lot of people wrote us off this season and we’re now being told we’ve overachieved etc etc. No one that follows Haven expects anything other than a dogfight next season if we go up. The Championship is a different level but one that we want to see. Hopefully if we do go up we can survive. We will need players everyone knows that. I’m sure you would all be saying the same if Town was in this position. As a supporter I will just be happy to be out of this league as I’m sure everyone of you would be. I didn’t expect this at the start of the season but I’m delighted to be here. I couldn’t care less about points difference, the points won are the main thing and at this moment in time we have won more points than any one else in the league. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  20. Why do league fans always find something to whinge about? The fact that the RFL have got it on the website shows they are being proactive. Maybe the website chose the image from some stock photos. They are listening to fans with the e-mails from Pitchero. People should stop looking for negatives in everything and knocking everything. there is a seven page thread on here obsessing about the attendance at the Challenge Cup Final. Come next week we will have another long thread whinging that there was only x number of seats sold etc. Looked terrible on TV etc etc. Do the people that obsess about these things actually go there?
  21. Nowadays RL want not just a reserve team but a player pathway. Unfortunately in our area they see Newcastle as providing that pathway. It is therefore not just the funding of a reserve team it is the various age groups below that. In both our cases the biggest cost by far to do this would be transport costs. As with a lot of things in today’s game modern does not always mean best.
  22. Do you not feel it was a point lost by Town? Given possession and position you had should you not have had the two?
  23. You were definitely the best team today and you should have won it. Thought you made wrong decisions near the end which cost you two points. Haven were very poor, one man rugby, too many errors, poor completion. It was definitely a point won for us. Not knocking Town but a good team would have hammered us, we were that bad. We have no kicking game and lacked creativity. That point win could just be enough to see us promoted though. Then we’ll have to see what that brings. I would rather be giving it a go in the League above though.
  24. The same applies in reverse. I get a beer overcoat on almost every visit to Donley Park. The toxicity is on both sides. It needs sorting on both sides. It is more or less the same stewards at both grounds and the same people responsible on both sides. Maybe it’s up to us all to start calling them out no matter what colours they wear.
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