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  1. Whitehaven produce a matchday programme and have since fans were allowed back in.
  2. So by that reckoning we should be nowhere near a play off place. Our last home win was by a narrow margin. One of those narrow away wins was at Newcastle, a derby for us only two hours away. I’m afraid your defence of travel affecting a performance is a ready made excuse for teams. I’ve never heard a Whitehaven fan complain we were beaten because we had to travel. A trip to London has a knock on effect for a part time team like Haven. Arriving home after midnight players have then to get up for work no luxury of rest and rehab for the next game. London as full timers won’t have to bother about little things like that.
  3. About the same length of travelling Whitehaven did to play in London. Why do people bring travelling into it when teams play Whitehaven? Whitehaven travel every other week more or less and no one ever mentions that.
  4. So Town have made no money from it?
  5. I think your marquee has scuppered it.
  6. Reason I said that is from observation. Just what I’ve seen the guy who is possibly the main shareholder has done a helluva lot of work while he’s been down there. I couldn’t knock him at all. In fact some of those that’s left could learn from him. Just my opinion of course I’ve no inside information
  7. Be prepared for injuries guys. Every team in the Championship is suffering. The 12+ months lay off, lack of contact and rule changes speeding the game up are definitely having an effect on all teams. Good luck today.
  8. Born in Stirling, Scotland. Played rugby Union all his life. Represented Scotland Under 20’s at Rugby Union. More Scottish than someone from the other side of the world.
  9. Sure that news wasn’t released on April 1st? Didn’t think they knew their way to West Cumbria in a pre season.
  10. Sad really. I think it’s time they went back to all clubs entering in the first round. Give us all the chance to see the big teams and maybe produce a shock or two. Bring a bit of magic to it. Let’s hope we get to see some rugby this season.
  11. Fairly certain it meant if they all went in that they would have to play a preliminary round on the 14th March which a lot of L1 clubs thought was too soon. May be wrong though (Haven supporter so bound to be )
  12. I think they all wanted to initially but I’m sure I read somewhere that the dates meant the majority felt it was too early for them in pre season. That left only the 3 that are in as the rest withdrew.
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