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  1. Whitehaven don’t get a lot out of kids going to Newcastle, Wigan etc either. At least it gives kids an alternative to spending endless hours in a car travelling to academies that will then cherry pick. It’s a shame Town turned down the opportunity of making it a West Cumbria one.
  2. Yes it is it’s your club begging to another clubs supporters to turn up because you can’t raise enough support on your own. Not just another club one who’s fans a few on this forum have a deep dislike of.
  3. SOME GOOD NEWS TO START THE DAY...... EARLY BIRDS CAN STILL CATCH THE WORM WE HAVE EXTENDED THE EARLY BIRD SAVINGS UNTIL 10pm SATURDAY NIGHT! ALL CONCESSION TICKET PURCHASES WILL REQUIRE PROOF OF AGE. https://buytickets.at/town/753934 Town fans please keep backing the club! KIDS FREE with COMMUNITY CLUB COLOURS ON! U11s require adult supervision. Workington AFC Official Good luck today and travel safe and reminder Junior centenary pass holders are allowed in FREE with u11s requiring adult supervision. Whitehaven Rugby League 2010 Your fans Have bought in numbers! Whitehaven RL Ladies Committee Whitehaven RL Vice Presidents It's going to be a cracker so git ameng it! COMMUNITY CLUBS PLEASE SHARE & BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR FIXTURES TODAY! Seaton Rangers ARLFC Aspatria Hornets Rugby Cockermouth Titans ARLFC Glasson Rangers / Glassonbury Maryport Amateur Rugby League Club Ellenborough Rangers ARLFC Youth Rugby Lowca ARLFC Hensingham ARLFC Wath Brow Hornets Kells ARLFC Egremont Rangers ARLFC Youth Section Distington ARL & CASC Workington Reds Ladies FC Workington Zebras RFC Silloth RUFC official Aspatria RUFC, The BlackReds Cockermouth Rufc Barrow Island ARLFC Derwent Park Supporters Club Bridget Dempsey Times & Star Sizzling Simon's Workington Cricket Club https://buytickets.at/town/753934 According to this “plea” from your club Haven fans have “bought in numbers”. Embarrassing the way your club are “begging” Haven fans to go tomorrow.
  4. What a sad and bitter individual. This coming from a supporter of a club pleading for Haven fans to travel to the game tomorrow to help save YOUR club. Thanks for making my mind up I’ll give it a miss now.
  5. Is it not set up so they don’t have to travel to Hull or outside the county offering an alternative to all the travelling?
  6. And Curtis Davies would have made a big difference to you but the Messiah didn’t rate him.
  7. There’s no doubt it’s a thankless task and I wouldn’t do it for a carriage clock but your problems probably haven’t happened overnight and may be the reason you were left with so few on the board at the start of the season. Looking from the outside it appears to be the lack of communication from your Board that is the problem and is frustrating the fans hence the “whinging” as you call it. There would probably be a more sympathetic response if the Board opened up to the fans.
  8. The meeting on Friday said Havens budget was the lowest in the Championship at £156000.
  9. Thanks. So it could be about anything then
  10. Where does it say the Haven meeting is about financial issues please?
  11. Can anyone tell me the attraction of a merged club outside of the top 2 divisions or the only 2 divisions as is it may become? Watching Cornwall, West Wales etc is a no go for me. If it happened now do we end up with a rebrand of one club playing at either Town or Haven? Please someone explain how that is an improvement on what there is now? Likewise as has been discussed many times starting afresh where? Money?
  12. It is a sad state of affairs but I’m afraid Haven’s injury list this season has left them with no other option. Both hookers out for a year. Halfback and fullback out for most of the season, centre out for the season all with serious injuries plus the usual bumps and bruises. From an initial squad of 24 doesn’t leave you with much.
  13. Took the fear of relegation to get Huddersfield off the bottom of SL last time there was no promotion and relegation. The same clubs remained at the top and the same over the hill, overpaid overseas players plied their trade in SL.
  14. Using West Cumbrian kids. Pathetic crowds, good job they have a sugar daddy.
  15. Still waiting on you telling me how SL has grown and improved the game. So far a few community programmes. Is that it?
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