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  1. No you never, that was another poster. It’s the old DR debate again isn’t it? With SL clubs having reserves just what are you going to get and will they be better than what there is in that position? I would rather go down the loan route but same problem now with them having reserves they can use that. Always going to be a problem for our clubs. Just have to grin and bear it this season and get used to the jibes.
  2. One person writing one sentence in a thread of 13 posts about the game. The original question asked was Is DR a necessity to stay in the Championship? The person asking the question just quoted the clubs that have entered into it. No one on that thread said yes. Very different to the way some on here want to portray it. Personally have never been in favour of it and wouldn’t want it now. Hardly a load of massive hypocrites calling for it.
  3. Not compared to £25 at London. Probably the cheapest in the Championship.
  4. One person asking if we should go that way as other Championship teams are doing it. Hardly calling for DR.
  5. Apparently today’s NEWS & Star have reported that Haven, Town and Reds have all called their games off. Haven have said they’ll make a decision in the morning but pitch is fine and it’s still on.
  6. Plenty of effort too many mistakes. You can’t afford to give the ball away as often as we did in this league. Swinton took their chances. Only a fool would think it was going to be anything but a difficult season. Long way to go yet though.
  7. As predictable a response as ever.
  8. Can’t resist himself 99% of his posts are more concerned with Haven.
  9. Merry Christmas to you and yours Trouty from a Haven fan. All the best marra.
  10. For someone that doesn’t bother going games you’ve a lot to whinge about.
  11. Marrafan

    2020 Squad

    I read something similar to what Donald said in a league paper some time ago. Ive also heard that it is only £30k or so more. It seems to work that Haven and Oldham are on the least and the top teams get up to 3 times more.
  12. Marrafan

    2020 Squad

    Tend to agree with you. From what I understand there is not much difference in the money they receive for moving in to the championship so the budget isn’t that big. They appear to have learned from previous mistakes. It’s hard for both our clubs as winning teams attract people through the turnstiles but won’t come when they’re getting beat. The money for these players has to come from somewhere. The ones that complain the most are the ones that probably only go once in a while or when they’re winning.
  13. Have they moved the venue from Santon Bridge?
  14. At least part time clubs won’t have to travel down to London midweek! It seems a given on here that Broncos are the only ones that would have to travel.
  15. We’ll have to send him through to you then. Thanks for the offer
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