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  1. 1. Halton 2. Hardcastle 3. Jones
  2. Surely not, if they turn up tomorrow night!
  3. 1. Ben Blackmore (by a long way) 2. Greg Worthington (four tries) 3. James Harrison (pick of the pack)
  4. One of the very few correct play the balls was given as a knock on by Kendall!
  5. I couldn't believe that. he is the post prop in the division.
  6. Saxton is a good player but i think he is wasted on the wing. how many times this season have we seen him run straight through the defence in the middle. he was unstoppable against Widnes
  7. which season did widnes have their 9 points deducted for going into administration? because rule three is " No insolvency event has occurred during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 seasons."
  8. http://forums.rlfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=457152 once again they were tired and should have beaten us!! sorry my mistake this was from the away game. man im an idiot!!
  9. Don't know how we're managing it, but we are still managing to cling on to our "false position". ;)
  10. Just wondering who people would pick to play in the 9's my team would be: Hardaker, Hardman, Kain, Briggs, JJP, Grayshon (if fit), Dickens, Spears and Tonks Im sure DP will pick what he feels is the best team for the job
  11. cheers this is better than a plain logo
  12. How do you watch it on the internet?
  13. 36-12 to Fev MOM Saxton Att. 1645 1st try Briggs
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