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  1. Looking at the IMG criteria I’d be confident of top 12,score. Up the Trin
  2. You haven’t had to put up with anything, nobody’s bothered about you. Up the Trin
  3. Unlucky tonight but we’ve been poor for much of the season. Get takeover sorted come back stronger. Up the Trin
  4. Radio saying referee’s having a nightmare and Proctors not been much better. Up the Trin
  5. Forgot we had a game tonight. Least this season’s nearly done then onto IMG qualifiers next season and SL proper 2025. Up the Trin
  6. Can the 2m council money be used for a temporary upgrade, thought it was community/ grassroots facilities.
  7. It was 11000 sell out, would have been more if capacity allowed.
  8. A flat full size pitch should be standard for all teams.
  9. If we start well we may have a chance, if Saints start well our heads will go down and they’ll probably put a big score on us. Up the Trin
  10. The first few seasons will be interesting, when are IMG scores announced? is it a live scoring system? You could know who’s relegated/promoted before season even starts. Up the Trin
  11. That’s correct if a SL grade B scores lower than a championship grade B the championship grade B will be promoted. Getting promoted this season if you’re a weak B will be interesting, that’s if they keep it 12 team league.
  12. That’s the one, we knocked it down straight after the Bradford fire only to find out later we didn’t need to. So the story goes. Up the Trin
  13. There’s space for a decent stand on the western terrace, we used to have one can’t you remember the old west stand.
  14. That’s my coping mechanism mate, that performance against cas drained any hope of avoiding bottom. The ground improvements and hopefully take over are keeping me going. Up the Trin
  15. New coach effect for them has me worried, big game but not be all and end all. Up the Trin
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