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  1. I always support English teams over foreign teams so hoping for a Fev win.
  2. Success would be if Catalans can get a TV deal whereby the TV company actually pays money for the rights. Presently Catalans actually have to pay the TV company if they want games to be screened. As long as that continues Catalans have a long way to go. It would also help if English players counted on the overseas quota because that is a massive reason for the relative lack of Super League quality French players being produced.
  3. As a Hull KR fan I disagree with Tony Smith on this. After the success of the 80's Rovers hit financial troubles and spent a long time in the lower leagues but in 2006 we gained entry to Super League thanks to promotion. Nobody at Rovers was against P&R then. Ten years later we were relegated again but were strong enough to return at the first attempt - again thanks to P&R. Other relegated clubs like Bradford and Widnes were not strong enough and so remain in the championship. Those long years prior to 2006 were tough for a Rovers fan but there was one thing that was always there - hope. You have to give championship and league 1 clubs the hope of progression and you need P&R for that.
  4. Featherstone meet all criteria and are certain to be promoted if they beat Toulouse. I don't even know why this has been questioned because there isn't the slightest doubt about this. Same goes for Toulouse, they too of course will be promoted if they win the final. If there was a criterion of being in a predominantly Rugby League area then of course Fev would win hands down. Toulouse is and will always be a Rugby Union stronghold. Happily the outcome will be decided by who is better on the pitch in the final. Thank goodness for that.
  5. Catalans have been excellent all year and have beaten Rovers 3 times. Every game very close though and the trip to Perpignan saw us ahead at HT before losing to a late penalty goal 32-30. Jordan Abdull caused havoc with his huge bombs. We ran out of steam in intense heat that day maybe the cooler conditions will help. Ryan Hall might play but still loads missing and it's going to be an enormous task for Rovers. We'll be massive underdogs just as last week but whatever happens we've exceeded expectations. Looking forward to the game.
  6. I was not surprised when we (Hull KR) were ahead at half time. I just thought we might run out of steam in the last quarter. When Mikey Lewis scored his amazing try I allowed myself to think we might just have a chance. From that point on we showed superb game management and never looked like losing. Wire didn't have any players missing through injury, just one through suspension. Rovers had loads of first choice injury absentees including Hall, Parcell, Sims, Lawler, Quinlan, Minchella, Hadley, Ryan and Minikin. It didn't matter because the players who were available defended like their lives depended on it and we had two half backs in Abdull and Lewis who totally outplayed Widdop and Williams. Very proud of the Hull KR team outplaying the massively more expensive Warrington players.
  7. Leeds played Wigan at their own game and won but it resulted in a dreadful spectacle. Leeds can certainly play a more attractive game than this but Wigan it seems cannot. They have been the least watchable team in Super League all year long. Wigan of 2021 will not be missed.
  8. At the start of the year I fancied Wigan to win the competition. I thought they were the better team in the 2020 GF and expected them to improve in 2021. They have looked all year like proving me wrong but have just started to show signs of coming good. Even so their attack is clunky and I feel Leeds have the better all round game. I think Leeds can win especially if they have a couple of their forwards back.
  9. Rovers are down on troops and several playing with injuries. We looked tired against Leeds and I hope we can find the energy to be competitive but it looks like a Warrington win. In the regular round game at Warrington, Rovers were ahead at half time and level after 60 minutes but ended up losing 50-26. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw something similar.
  10. The dog running on the pitch to an excited Eddie Waring at Headingley is probably the most watched Rugby League event ever.
  11. Congratulations to Leeds better team on the night. Not much went right for Rovers especially on the injury front and running out of subs. Next week looks like torture with even more injured players but we'll give it another go. Leeds had 2 or 3 players back tonight it did make a difference and if they get 2 or 3 more they can progress further.
  12. My ticket for the Leeds v Hull KR game costs £32. I bought 2 so that's pretty much a season ticket at Hudds there and then. Hudds do this every year and it never works, the public of Huddersfield just do not want to pay money to watch Huddersfield Giants. With Ken Davy around Hudds can compete in the bottom half of Super League. Without him they would be a League 1 club.
  13. Rovers are confirmed in the top 6 now which I have to be happy with after the wooden spoon of last year. The other 5 teams all expect to be in the play offs but for us it's a welcome surprise. I hope we go all out for a win at Leeds and secure 5th and a visit to Wigan. 5th would be brilliant and we've already beaten Wigan twice this year so who knows. Whatever happens this has been a season of major progress on and off the field for Hull Kingston Rovers.
  14. More recently in a excruciatingly tense game Rovers went to Leeds in 2018 in the qualifiers and won 36-38. 13 tries in all and the lead changing hands 6 times the game was in the balance until the final seconds. Craig Hall who was in a rich vein of form at the time scored 3 tries. I'm hoping for the same result although whether my nerves could stand a game like that again is doubtful. TBH a play off for a play off is important but nothing compared to those dreaded qualifiers. Those 'middle 8's' were titillating viewing for the casual TV viewer but absolute gut wrenching agony for the participants with relegation on the line. TBH I think you have to have been involved to know how truly awful it was. Anyway back to the present. Leeds have Hurrell back who is always a threat but they will still have a few missing, Rovers with Hall and Minikin added to the injury list are pretty much in the same boat. Both clubs will still have have competitive teams so it should be a good encounter. I can't call it TBH so maybe both clubs will be happy to see a Warrington win on Thursday.
  15. This wasn't actually a anti-FC post so I'll apologise if it came across that way. As A Rovers fan it has been frustrating that we have been in entertaining games all year but have usually been shunned by SKY TV. So it has been a bit galling when SKY complain about the Super League offering and demand changes yet pick games that most RL fans know will not be the best TV of the round. This time they didn't which even you seem to agree. My wider issue is that SKY have been complaining but actually the current structure doesn't need much change, the 12 and 6 formula produces high quality entrainment if only SKY know where to look. Their own coverage meanwhile is looking in need of an overhaul.
  16. Super League's two most boring teams produce the most boring game of the season.
  17. Rovers do not ever seem to be involved in boring games and this was no exception. Hope the atmosphere came across on TV, at the ground it was a cauldron of noise and 80 minutes of tension. I thought Rovers were the better team overall and the key moment was a terrific 40/20 from Abdull. Have to say I see nothing wrong with the current structure of 12 teams and top 6 play off. SKY just need to be better at picking the right games - they got it right tonight by picking this game in front of Hull v Wigan.
  18. This has all the makings of a great game perhaps even as good as the 32-33 cup tie which went to 4 periods of extra time. Looks like McShane will be missing which might just tip the scales in Rovers favour.
  19. The mystery isn't why London are going part time it's why they were full time in the first place with gates of 200.
  20. It's fine saying keep it the same when you get a lovely Saturday game with the choice of drive home or have a Saturday night in Newcastle. How about you volunteer to play Sunday evening when you have to go to work the next day? Then say let's keep it the same.
  21. Way back in 2007 when Hull KR were promoted I decided that travelling to Cardiff to watch Rovers v Hull was ridiculous and prohibitively expensive so I watched on TV. It also felt very unfair at the time that a newly promoted team like Rovers had to play an extra fixture against an established SL team like Hull. As it happened we beat them anyway but even so if things hadn't gone well the magic 'loop' fixture could have relegated us. Probably that wouldn't have bothered anybody after all why would the other clubs care? Pretty much every year Hull or Rovers or both get the evening slot on a Sunday because the RFL know they can take advantage. You'd think the big finale might be Saints Wigan or Leeds but no. Let's give the fans from Humberside the short straw they'll turn up anyway. The magic weekend is good for those who want a boozy weekend with a bit of rugby thrown in. Which is about 5,000 fans per club, way less than the average Super League attendance.
  22. Unfortunately they won't pay 20 GBP to watch a full time team put 50 points past York & Halifax either.
  23. Catalans are the highest spending club in Super League so I don't see why people are surprised that they have one of the best teams.
  24. Minikin was slow to get going at Rovers and unlucky with injuries but the last few weeks he has looked a very good player. Have a look at how he set up the try for Litten against Wigan and you will see the quality he is capable of. No doubt his move to Warrington is because of his previous connections with Powell who did offer him a new deal at Cas when he chose Rovers instead. This time he has turned down a 1 year deal with Rovers in favour of a 2 year deal with Wire. But hey, maybe fans on here are a better judge than Daryl Powell and Tony Smith.
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