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  1. Hull only have a short lease on the MKM, they are losing over a million pounds every year and finished 9th this season. Don't see how that would make them Category A.
  2. 10 clubs were awarded elite academy licences for the 6 year period 2022-27, Catalans, Huddersfield, Hull FC, Leeds, London Broncos, Newcastle Thunder, St Helens, Wakefield, Warrington and Wigan. This is now 11 with the addition of Hull KR. Castleford & Bradford have probationary licences until 2023. I would have thought that if there are any new licences to be awarded first in the queue would be Cas and Bradford, certainly they would be aggrieved if they were passed by for a newly promoted club.
  3. This is one of those 'flavour of the month' awards. Decent player but it should have gone to Field or French IMO.
  4. There is no such thing as central funding there is only TV money.
  5. Watch back the 4-36 Rovers for a total Jake Connor horror show. Putrid.
  6. I'm hearing that Brad Takairangi will be Tony Smith's first signing for Hull FC and will take up their vacant overseas slot.
  7. At the start of the year people expected St Helens to be top dogs again. People expected Wigan to be the ultra boring outfit of 2022 and people expected Salford to be in a relegation dogfight. Saints have more or less lived up to expectations but Hull FC, Hull KR or Castleford would have loved to have had Saints so called 'injury problems'. My goodness if only. Wigan have been a breath of fresh air under Matty Peet and I admire his humility and the way he conducts himself. The style of play of Wigan has changed from dull to exciting and that's got to be credit to the coach. But 8 away defeats have been a weakness. Then there's Salford who nobody expected much of at all but have played a brilliant expansive brand of rugby at a fraction of the wages paid by St Helens and Wigan. Of course they are even now not expected to win the GF but even if they don't they are undoubtedly the team who has got the most from the least in 2022. So it's Paul Rowley for me.
  8. Hey I only said I wouldn't be surprised and I wouldn't have been but neither am I surprised that Smith has taken up Hull's offer. He was out of work after all. Smith finished 11th in his first season at Rovers and 11th in his second season with Rovers. Hull will need to be patient and hope he doesn't fall out with too many people in the meantime. But of course it's a new start for Hull so I don't blame you for being optimistic. We're the same with Willie Peters. I reckon Rovers look far stronger than Hull but yes I would say that. Roll on 2023.
  9. Hey you've taken a real beating from a Rovers second team so I think that gives me the right to rub it in. It's called bragging rights.
  10. Which part of 4-36 is selective? You took a beating end of.
  11. OK I'll leave the talking to the players. Hull FC 4-36 Hull Kingston Rovers.
  12. When England commence their world cup campaign the wingers will be Makinson and Ryan Hall.
  13. Hull are losing money at an alarming rate well over £1million year after year. Whoever takes over will have to make do with the squad assembled by Brett Hodgson because the money just isn't there any more. Adam Pearson even says that the club is unable to pay off it's government debt. There are still several players on huge money who Hull would like to be rid of but are stuck with. It's come at a time when Rovers are getting stronger and stronger financially with the purchase of the ground and surrounding land transforming the fortunes of the club. Rovers have just got rid of Hull's coach for them and a another couple of derby hammerings will soon put the new Hull boss under pressure be it Tony Smith or anyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if Smith ends up turning them down just like Watson did.
  14. Well well well who would have believed that the last standing 16 Rovers players could so comprehensively outplay Hull FC on their own pitch to claim bragging rights, the Clive Sullivan Trophy and a higher place in the final table. The Rovers 16 used the appalling adversity that has afflicted the club so cruelly these last few weeks to galvanise themselves into a wholehearted display that Hull FC simply couldn't match. MoM Ryan Hall who made yards and yards every single time, scored a try and had another wrongly ruled out. Hull simply could not handle him.
  15. Whatever the debate about suspensions the fact remains that Hull KR have 29 players unavailable for this game. Yes TWENTY NINE. Of the 16 who will feature against Hull four are teenagers who have recently debuted and would not be anywhere near this fixture normally. Of the rest 6 will be playing with pain killing injections. The Rovers 16 will give everything and won't roll over but have no full backs, no half backs and no hookers. The players who have the guile to create are all missing, Coote, Abdull, Lewis, Kenny-Dowall, Parcell, Litten etc. There are only 2 possible outcomes to this game - either a Hull win or the most humiliating Hull loss ever in the history of derby games. Sadly I can only see the former outcome.
  16. Only the top 25 earners count on the salary cap so it's nothing to do with that. RFL banning Sims for the final game of his career and insisting on 2 games for Jez Litten that hasn't helped.
  17. Rovers kids beat Wigan kids in a proper 'kids' fixture recently so It was no great surprise that Rovers were too good for the Wigan youngsters today. However Rovers had in excess of £1million of salary cap unavailable today and had a prop forward playing his 6th game who was younger than any of the Wigan youngsters at just 17 years and one month. And another in Connor Barley also barely 17. Only 15 Rovers players were able to train this week then the outstanding Frankie Halton had to pull out making an impossible situation ..impossible. But then Wigan chose to leave out their first team which evened things out considerably. Just to rub salt in, Matt Parcell went off in the first half with a knee injury. TBH he had been playing jabbed up for some time now as have another half a dozen Rovers players. Rovers were left with no full backs, no half backs and no hookers and a threadbare pack. Rovers always looked too good but having played a tough game at Wakefield 30 hours earlier it was noticeable how they were running on empty in the final 15 minutes. TBH it is criminal to put players through this.
  18. Toulouse and Catalans have been taking over £1.5 million of the UK TV money without providing a single subscriber so they are still well in pocket. Let them keep anything they can get from a French TV deal let the UK clubs keep the UK TV money and then I'm sure nobody will mind paying their own fares to France.
  19. Brad Dwyer's passing game isn't the best but I think he is a definite upgrade on what Hull currently have. He's a quick elusive runner and very dangerous near the line.
  20. Both teams are wayyyyy below strength there is no doubt but here's the difference.. Brett Hodgson's Hull FC go 2 scores down and throw the towel in. Danny McGuire's Rovers keep battling away and will simply not give in.
  21. FT 38-12. Obviously result never in doubt but proud of this makeshift Rovers team. At 20-0 half time you wondered if the floodgates would really open but Rovers went toe to toe second half with 3 tries each including a debut score for Connor Barley. Just a pity that Coote was unable to land a single goalkick.
  22. There will be 6 Rovers players who will only be able to play with pain killing injections and then there's the teenagers who are being thrown in quicker than they really ought to be. Recently at Wigan teenage debutant Charlie Cavanaugh lasted 10 minutes before his season was over with a dislocated kneecap. I hope the kids at least get through unscathed this time and everyone else too for that matter. You wonder if the jabbed up players don't come to regret playing when they otherwise couldn't but otherwise Rovers would have had to forfeit this game.
  23. Rovers will give yet another player a debut this time 17 year old Connor Barley who is the nephew of Paul Cooke. With two thirds of the Rovers salary cap unavailable you'd imagine it is a case of damage limitation but I'm sure that the Robins will fight hard and give a good account.
  24. Wakefield Trinity are most definitely not the worst team in Super League and I look forward to seeing them.....yet again......in Super League 2023.
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