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  1. Leeds were outstanding and actually won the game in the first half. They repelled everything Hull had to offer and as the game wore on, Hull had less and less to offer. Then Leeds ran all over them.
  2. Where Wigan and Warrington are concerned I'm a complete neutral and I thought Wigan were pretty good tonight. There really wasn't anything to choose between the teams and I thought most of the big decisions went Warrington's way. Head injuries are a serious thing and I agree with the premise that any contact with the head accidental or not should be a penalty. If it seems not accidental then automatic sending off.
  3. Hard to pick a winner in this one but Hull will definitely need to improve on their last showing. Connor is a big loss so maybe I'll just go for a Leeds win.
  4. Yes Rovers have had their own issues. But the cancelled game at St Helens was not rearranged. It's just that Rovers were 'lucky' enough to be drawn to play St Helens and Catalans 3 times this season. Saints were fine at Wembley fine a couple of days later for their open top bus parade and then another 2 days and they cancel the Rovers game. Rovers have now had 7 successive games postponed and it just feels like it is not worth buying tickets because time and again the game gets called off.
  5. Big city Toulouse missed out on the SL place behind small town Perpignan based Catalans 15 years ago. The reason? Nobody much likes Rugby League in Union obsessed Toulouse.
  6. On Monday 2 August Hull FC are at home to St Helens and Hull KR are at home to Catalans. That is, presuming Catalans don't become the 5th team running to pull out of a Rovers game due to COVID. And Saints decide they are in good enough health to resume their season. Whatever how ridiculous is it for the Hull clubs to be playing massive games against the top 2 teams in Super League on the same night? And even more ridiculous for it to be on a MONDAY? The Hull clubs did well prior to COVID with Football Club averaging over 10,000 and Kingston Rovers in excess of 8,000 but I don't think
  7. No I am one of the many Hull KR fans who attend home and away.
  8. The problem for Toulouse is that there are not many people interested enough to pay money to watch them so they are totally dependent on their benefactor. They seem to be more popular with English fans on this forum than locals who mostly are mad keen Rugby Union fans. In any case I always support English teams against overseas teams. So I'm hoping for a Featherstone win on Sunday and a Featherstone promotion.
  9. Well I bought tickets for the St Helens v Hull KR game.......then it got called off by Saints. Now I have bought tickets for the Salford v Hull KR game....and it looks like Salford will be calling it off. I'm wondering if it is worth buying tickets at all.
  10. Now Salford have got COVID and it looks like they will not be fulfilling their fixture against Hull KR on Thursday. 4 games running now Rovers have found their opponents can't play. First Warrington then Hull then St Helens and now Salford. It is getting quite ridiculous.
  11. Wigan could only get 5,555 on a Friday night with the away fans from Wakefield swelling numbers. Rovers on a Monday night with no Catalans away fans I can't see us beating that number. It's a problem many teams will face with fans still unsure whether to return.
  12. At short notice Rovers agreed to play the competitions best team and travel to the south of France. The only thing Tony Smith promised was that we would give our absolute best and be competitive. Gutted that we came so close to toppling the league leaders but proud..firstly that we wanted to support Super League by fulfilling a fixture and secondly that we pushed this excellent Catalans team to the absolute limit.
  13. 10 minutes to go, 30-30. Rovers really hanging on now ....and are about as good at golden point as England football with penalties.
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