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  1. Last week Saints had to toil hard to get the better of Leigh, this week they had to toil even more to get the better of Huddersfield. The gap between top and bottom isn't as big as some think........although I'd guess that at the business end Saints and Wigan will peak whilst others will have faded. That's what usually happens. Just wondering if time has finally caught up with James Roby.
  2. Thought John Wells really didn't give enough credit to Warrington. Their defence was superb and the effort at the end keeping out nearly 30 straight tackles was absolutely immense. That's twice now they have nullified Sam Tomkins and nobody else has been able to do that. I don't think anyone would have scored a lot of points against Wire tonight. Catalans couldn't cope with the Wire defence and were made to look ordinary but I would certainly have expected more from James Maloney who doesn't look like a marquee player at all.
  3. Canberra is several hours drive from Sydney and Melbourne. It's pretty remote and actually quite cold in winter. It's not for everyone. As Shaun McRae once said 'It's not about where you are it's about who you are with'. I lived in Australia for 6 years and thoroughly enjoyed it but I wouldn't go back other than for a holiday.
  4. Your fellow Girlie Bird asked about the play offs so I told him how it is. Did I hit a nerve? Only listened on radio to the Hudds Leeds game but it seemed a bit dull.
  5. Well from your point of view same as every year. Hull 'FC' may or may not scrape in and if they do, get knocked out early.
  6. Last quarter Warrington pulled away but until then it was anyone's game. Rovers tired and then presented 2 or 3 gifts when trying to chase the game. Wire were too good in the end and their offloading game eventually took the energy out of Rovers. Final score didn't reflect the game but Warrington deserved winners.
  7. It's quite common for Australians to refer to English as 'Pommie Bas**ds' some of them even wear tee shirts with it emblazoned on. This seems to attract little criticism. It all seems to depend on whether offence is taken.
  8. People complain that our sport doesn't do enough to create/promote characters. So if SKY build up the Hardaker/Connor thing why criticise? And actually there did seem to be a bit of genuine needle between the two. Everyone knows that Connor has no chance of playing FB for England but I'd certainly have him in the squad. He did actually look the part when he played for England and he can cover a few positions. Hull's most important player remains Sneyd. He can seem limited but where would Hull be without his kicking game and goalkicking? Even on a poor day like today he nearly won it
  9. Good effort from Hull but 3 tries to 2 and a few near misses from Wigan. They always looked the more likely IMO.
  10. Bookies have Wire by 12 over 80 minutes and that seems fair enough. But they had Cas by 16, Hudds by 10 and Leeds by 6 in Rovers previous 3 games and were wrong every time. Here's hoping.
  11. Super League clubs will retain most of their current funding they only get £30m of the £40m whereas they will get everything from the new deal. This is for less games 66 instead of 80 and it looks like it will be possible for other games to be offered to other broadcasters. With sports rights across the board going down this isn't such a bad deal really.
  12. Amazed how passive Rugby League fans are. If Premier League football said we are going to have 2 extra fixtures and the bottom teams will play the top teams I do believe there would be a mass revolt. I am a supporter of P&R but you must have an even fixture list.
  13. Personally I think that Leigh should be exempt from relegation this year or rather there shouldn't be relegation this year. Leigh put in a good bid whereas the Toulouse application was half hearted to say the least. Leigh have done Super League a favour by making up the numbers when quite clearly Toulouse didn't want to take the risk. I can tell you for a fact that Toulouse were not even second place that was York. The fixtures are compromised anyway. First 2 rounds were extra/loop games and to give Leigh 'extra' games against Wigan and Warrington was brutal. 11th placed Hull KR got
  14. Makes you wonder why the RFL ever invented COVID in the first place.
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