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  1. One word at these signings on top of the ones already made - awesome weve got to be favourites for promotion this time round and teams will be gunning for us- but keep everyone fit and I’m confident. Which is a strange sensation as a Fev fan cos I always feel like it might just not happen hats off to Mark and Brian Mac for the team that has been assembled this year - can’t wait for season kick off
  2. I know it’s still a soon to say but who are you fancying to push for the top slots next season based on recruitment so far? I’m liking the look of Fax next year with what looks like a good mix of youth and experience being added to the their existing squad (don’t tell oxyboy ) - particularly noted the signings of Joufrett and Walmsley. leigh obviously will be up there with Degsys money - the stand out signing being Tomkins for them. not so sure about others - have York, Bradford or Batley really added / improved their squads?
  3. Sounds from the statement that it’s come as a bit of a surprise to Mark C this one - let the speculation commence on who we get next then.
  4. I grew up in Kendal but my dad is from ponte and had been a Rovers fan since the 50’s. My first live Rovers match was Barrow “away” in 83 (though it was just down the road for me :)) - we lost 5-0 in a relegation battle but as you say PHM 2 games later we went to Wembley and beat Hull - and I’ve been supporting the Rovers ever since
  5. My view on this one is how fantastic would it be for us to win and get promoted to the SL for the first time and in our centennial year! I certainly think we can do it and we’ll be underdogs again which suits us fine. All the pressure is on Toulouse as they are unbeaten this season and playing at home. Not sure of the weather forecast but the surface should suit our style of play and if we play a clinical game like we did against fax in the semi then we can do them. But if we don’t do it I’ll still reflect on this season as being a great one - we’ve had an awesome team, we’ve come through some really tough spells due to injury/Covid and still only lost one league match. And we got to see something i didn’t think we’d ever get to see again in my lifetime and that was Rovers running out at Wembley and winning a trophy there. Not a bad season really We’ve been to Toulouse before and spoilt the party and I think we can do it again. #UTR
  6. Or they live in much more well known, cosmopolitan and exotic places - you know like Wigan, St Helen’s, Warrington and Hull
  7. Toulouse vs Fev (but then I am a Fev fan so what would you expect )
  8. What were we worried about Fantastic performance from. 1-17 especially in those conditions. Bring on Toulouse - we’ll be the underdogs (just how we like it) and going over there with confidence that if we’re on the top of our game we can match them.
  9. I agree with you on Worrincey - he had a go for a couple of his trademark interceptions but didn’t come off today. Great player who has been a thorn in our side on many occasions. Always happy to applaud anyone that steps onto a rugby field for our entertainment week in week out - hope he has a good retirement
  10. Bit of a training session in the end after a slow start. Some well worked tried - especially down Worrancys side. what happened to Gadwin? He never came out in the second half ?
  11. Always a favourite player of mine - not the most skilful but put his heart and soul into every game. Enjoy your retirement Tim
  12. I enjoyed that - Walker starting to slot in well at the back; Welham with glimpses of what we expected from him; Blackmore running the ball in strongly again and Ferres looking assured in the second row. Thought Chizzy had a great game at half back though Nu was quiet today. And as for Craig Hall - sublime once again this week- wherever he’s picked in that back line he puts in a performance each week. worrying with the injury to Harrison- looks like his knee. So need Moors and Koppy back plus Ferguson maybe
  13. Lots of food for thought there Fevnut - some interesting suggestions on the RFL structures
  14. Awesome effort from all involved today- thought Davies was immense, Ferres had arguably his best game in a Fev shirt and Chizzy, Nu and Hall were a class above. so so proud of everyone of them and currently basking in an after victory glow - helped along by a few pints of local ale! one thing I did notice was Welham was water boy today - and seemed to be running ok, so maybe we might see him soon?
  15. JD was my man of the match today - a truly awesome effort from mr grumpy:)
  16. John Davies Craig Hall Mark Campbell - for putting this squad together and for giving us a day out at Wembley that I never thought I’d see again
  17. Great result - I was more nervous about this game after seeing the team than a certain match tonight biggest plus was no obvious injuries; Nu Brown getting better every week. Chizzy had a great game at half back and that right hand side of Moors, Hardy and Gale causing problems every game now. Bring on York - who lost again today and seem low on confidence. Not sure if they rested some for next week maybe? Just want to make sure everyone- team and fans - stay COVID free to Saturday and can enjoy a day out in north London ️
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