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  1. Yet there were plenty of supporters who weren't fans of Peter Fox. The result of our final game will dictate how he is remembered for this season.
  2. Should I.... can i .... Go on then Shaun Ainscough kick.
  3. Can't disagree.... I thought we may see more of him in the big games.... but it looks as it what he has shown is all he has.
  4. In my opinion, Inu was unlucky, although he didn't miss, Eseh was more clear cut. Unfortunately I don't think Hicks had a choice as the game was only going to boil over. He should have acted earlier, on one of the two blatant shoulder charges by Ipape, either of which should have seen yellow, IMO. Thought Leigh were well worth the win, Fev are struggling badly with injuries and tonight didn't help. On to game 3 at the summer bash in 7 weeks time.
  5. It's not McDermott who is gifting points through daft plays we haven't seen all season. The obvious problem we have dealing with kicks, whether they be on the line or from kick off's, are not new to this season. It's really easy to blame the coach, especially with such a horrific injury list limiting his options. Looking at the line ups we were always going to struggle in the forwards. Losing more to injury only adds to the problems.
  6. Was just watching the game through on Rovers TV last night. Craig Hall was doing the commentary and didn't sound too p!zzed of not to be playing, so looks like it may have just been squad rotation as suggested.
  7. In the final, they played well, where as we played moderately. I don't expect us to make as many simple, unforced, handling errors as we did. I also expect that we will have a plan to cope better with Ipape, who I believe was the main difference between the 2 teams. I expect Ferres to play, and would expect a much better performance from him. I still maintain he was our best forward against Catalans, and still up to this level. I would be surprised if Cuthbertson plays on Monday.
  8. Franchising didn't work, and wont again.. And do you think that the championship would be half as entertaining if they did? [Sorry, did just jump straight in, what a wally. Should have read other responses first ]
  9. My guess is that Mac knows what he needs to instill into the players before the playoff's. My guess is that was his first point well and truly made. There is no suggestion that he will bin Hall off, just making the point that no matter who you are will not exempt you from meeting expectations. Let's see how the team respond, hopefully it will be all positive... maybe we will see tonight. Despite all the hysteria, the final showed that although we are currently behind where Leigh are, we are not a million miles away. If you ignore the last try, which would have been in row Z had there not only been 2 mins left, we would have only lost by 8.
  10. Davies Smith Moors. It was a toss up between Moors and Briscoe for third as Briscoe had an excellent game.
  11. Mac confirmed in the post match interview that Hall wasn't injured but he took the decision to take him off. Would be interesting to know if that was to try and protect him for future games, or whether there is something else we are not party to. Just seemed a strange thing to do after only 10 minutes. Jesse is doubtful for Monday with a calf injury. This means we are starting to look really short, not just for Monday, but for Leigh the following Monday.
  12. You are correct... according to Wikipedia.. Which, as we all know, doesn't prove anything conclusively
  13. You cant select your seat on the Featherstone site, just order a ticket and the club either send or put aside a ticket for collection.
  14. I think that is just a nominal figure added to allow you to order online. I you look you get exactly the same figure for Cat 2 and Cat 3 tickets. I believe that most tickets have been sold at the club shop.
  15. Saturday would be nice to win, the more important one will be 2 weeks on Monday, Leigh away, win that and that would put us in pole position for the play offs.
  16. Also, if Kheirallah isn't fit, then at least we have the second best full back in the championship as cover.
  17. Just an observation from Sunday. Koppy seemed to have an ice pack taped above the knee, which to me would indicate a bang rather than any ligament issues. He also seemed to be sharing a joke with another player, I took that to indicate that he wasn't in too much pain. Just my thoughts though.
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