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  1. Brown Gale Davies Hardy and Harrison pushing them close, great team performance.
  2. Lockwood Chizzy Moors .... Kopczak just missing out
  3. Excellent performance, that was the best we have played this season. Thought were were unlucky on some of the calls, especially the sin sinning, but we were both composed and clinical. Happy with that, shame that York didn't have that side out against TO, otherwise we could have been top outright.
  4. Near enough 20 years ago, I was the treasurer at my local club, where I was still playing. Back then, to run 2 open age men's teams and 6 or so junior side's cost in excess of £15k, per season, so you are probably looking at in excess of £25k now. Unfortunately we seem to think the way to develop RL is from the top down, which after 25 year of abject failure hasn't produced the anticipated, nay promised, results.... We will always lag behind Australia until we have re-built solid foundations, and stop following 'The Aussie way'... but there are so many, especially on this forum, that think that will be achieved by 'Pie in the sky' expansionism, rather than investing in the grass roots. Only by having having a solid junior setup, and strong community game, will we produce the athletes required to compete in the modern game. Expanding the pro game, without the infrastructure below just dilutes the quality coming through, and it shows. If you don't have solid foundations, the structure above will crumble.... Sorry
  5. Why not merge a Newcastle club with a Hull club.... oops, done that and it didn't work Or maybe it worked as intended!
  6. Crigglestone open age side started in the late 80's / early 90's and were started when the Bay Horse at Hall Green had a fall out with the pub they were based at and left, they move about a mile up to Crigg and were supplemented by some juniors from the u18 junior side, Crigglestone only had a junior section until then. The Bay Horse played in the West Yorkshire Sunday league, prior to moving to Crigg who joined the Yorkshire league playing Saturdays.
  7. How come another thread has been hijacked from the intended discussion and taken over by the incessant drivel by the 'Expansionist's' amongst us. For once it would be good to stay on topic and if you want another 'Pie in the sky' thread, create one.
  8. So which one of Saint's, Wigan and Warrington do you want to keep?
  9. Wonder if we will see Craig Hall on the wing, with Holmes slotting in at FB?
  10. I have it third hand (from a dubious source) that this was a change to the original plan, and that SL had planned the most ambitious expansion plan ever. Until the Elon Musk 'SL Shuttle' crashed we were about to be the first sport to go inter planetary, by announcing the introduction of the first Martian side, with the plan to invite others from Venus and Uranus in coming seasons. Apparently some of those Martian backs are pretty 'wick' and would run rings round all but the best of our 'NRL Superbacks'. I think some on here need to get a grip .....
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