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  1. Can anyone confirm that the free parking at Vanguard after 6pm is still in place on matchdays?
  2. If he's not jet lagged, I would play him. He will be fit from training for the fight and we could do with him for the next game. I would play him at least half a game.
  3. Joey is on the floor, having supplied the offload to the winger.
  4. Hope Koppy's knee isn't too bad, other than that very pleased with todays game.
  5. That money is to be used on improving facilities and community use, see below copied from the announcement, which was subsequently approved. A Β£6m funding pot could be set up to support the district’s three rugby league clubs, boosting grass roots rugby and community use for other sports – if proposals get the go ahead from senior councillors. The new Rugby League Resilience Fund would offer a grant of up to Β£2m each for Castleford Tigers, Wakefield Trinity and Featherstone Rovers. It would support all three clubs to meet the current, and potential future, Rugby Football League (RFL) conditions on stadium facilities as well as improving community use at the sites.
  6. By the way, I am not a fan of Dr/Loans
  7. What debacle? Fev, although announced as DR with Leeds, have assembled a squad that is strong enough to be challenging for promotion, with the number of players signed similar to most championship clubs. Last season, there was no DR, but loans were used instead. The quality of players that Fev used as loanee's were arguably stronger than what has previously been used on DR. So if you ban DR, ban loans as well, as there is no difference.
  8. As have most Fev / Leigh fans on this thread. All I am pointing out, is that Fev have a squad, a similar size to the rest of the league, and do not necessarily need to rely on DR, of course we all know it will be used, irrespective of whether we like it or not.
  9. So Leigh will not be using any Saint's players this season? Fev have a squad of 25 players, without any Leeds DR/Loans. Leigh have just 20 players, one of which is a Saint's player on loan. Which team appear to be relying on DR? As has been said, no-one really likes DR, but if one use it, all will.
  10. Just another point to add to this discussion. Last year there was no DR, instead clubs relied on loan deals. Last year, Featherstone were able to take on loan both Will Dagger, played 5 games and later returned to KR and played well in the playoff's, and Alex Walker, played 9 games including the Championship playoffs. I would not see any DR's of that kind of quality for that length of time, so which is worse... and more to the point should loan deals also be banned, both from SL to Championship, or even to clubs with the same division, eg SL to SL or Champ to Champ?
  11. He was, probably 3 years ago now. At the time he was on dual reg he was nowhere near the first team at Leeds, the experience gained help develop the player, which is why unfortunately why SL teams want to use it.
  12. Most Fev fans hate DR as well and would prefer no clubs use it.
  13. The answer to that would have to be no, purely because if Fev were to be promoted there would be no DR with the the following season. The reality though, is that players who go on DR are not the regular SL standard players you are describing.
  14. The reality, from previous seasons, is that the players will more than likely be fringe players, such as McClelland, Alex Sutcliffe and Harry Newman were prior to elevation to the first team squad. Most Fev fans would prefer no DR for any clubs, last year was better without it, yet teams were able to get players on loan seemingly of a better quality than was the case under DR. Sadly, if one club uses DR, all will.
  15. Just for context on squad sizes as published Squads The following are the squad sizes mentioned in the link. Barrow – 26 Batley – 29 Bradford – 26 Dewsbury – 23 Fev – 25 Halifax – 26 Leigh – 20 London – 20 Newcastle – 24 Sheffield – 28 Whitehaven – 24 Widnes – 27 Workington – 28 York - 25 The Fev squad doesn't look that skinny to me.
  16. May also be used to give players returning from injury a little game time, rather than straight into the intensity of the league.
  17. Anyone heard when the away shirts will be unveiled?
  18. Just one quote from that article, And despite there being no evidence to support the allegation, the halfback was found guilty at a tribunal hearing.
  19. Statement released by Featherstone. Featherstone Rovers can confirm that Dane Chisholm has been subject to an RFL Operational Rules Tribunal regarding an accusation of discriminatory language, which was made by an Oldham RLFC staff member at the game played on 29th August 2021. Dane strongly denies the accusation. We stand by Dane and are appealing the decision. Featherstone Rovers have a track record of working with people of all backgrounds, in particular, our work with members of our community with learning difficulties is second to none, these are projects that Dane and other members of the squad have played a key part in. We work closely with our principal partners at Millennium Support to provide opportunities for those with learning difficulties, this is well demonstrated in our LDRL programme of which we’re incredibly proud. Whilst we work with Dane and legal counsel on the appeal process, we will not be making any further comment at this time.
  20. Alleged to have said. There were no witnesses to corroborate what was said, just one person's word against another. Would seem strange as it happened on the touchline. Chisolm denied the allegations.
  21. Being a diehard member of the ABH (Anyone but Hamilton), I must admit I enjoyed the result. Seems like people would rather a RACE be finished politely following a safety car, rather than drivers going for it on the track.
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