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  1. Only clean break of the game by Pitts, otherwise Wigan’s young team are edging the territory battle
  2. 10 years ago there were only 3 teams capable of reaching a World Cup Final, Australia, England and New Zealand. The same 3 teams are still ahead of the others but Tonga have shown they’re capable of a shock result and hijacking someone in a semi final. Not far behind Tonga we also have Samoa, Fiji & PNG who have made huge strides forward in terms of depth, quality, skills and experience. If France get their act together they certainly have the depth, skills and experience to be alongside Samoa etc... Its feasible that if one of the big three has issues or just plays poorly they could be beaten by one of the 2nd tier countries.
  3. Me too A combination of Belcher, O’Connor, Miles, Meninga, Grothe, Lewis & Sterling with Kenny on the bench is far superior to anything that’s followed
  4. Wakefield by 50 The scintillating innovation of this star studded Trinity team will bamboozle & perplex the Tigers. Chris Chester will deliver a masterclass of tactical intelligence that may leave Warrington wondering if they appointed the right man. If it’s on TV I’ve no doubt that Wakefield Trinity’s flamboyant and expansive style coupled with the dynamic explosiveness of their diamond hard forwards will reignite the nations interest in Rugby League. For those lucky enough to attend this exhibition of peak human performance then Steve the baths ability to get the kits whites so brilliantly white will mean sunglasses must be worn.
  5. Far worth’s certainly worthy of a place in the squad, he’d possibly force his way into the starting line up on the Left Wing or at a push in the Left Centre. Equally I’d start considering Welsby as a bolster for the England squad as he offers just as much size & versatility as Farnworth. Tomkins Makinson Percival King Johnstone is a decent backline with size & pace but you could drop in Farnworth or Welsby in any position and we’d still be strong
  6. I’m not negative about everything so your reasoning is predicated on a falsehood. I don’t set out to be abusive either but I will respond in kind when someone abuses me. As Leeds Wire says, let’s leave it there and just agree to disagree about how bad Wakefield were against Warrington. I say abject you say it wasn’t as bad as that, fair enough.
  7. Not a correct depiction of how the posts transpired is it! Dboy criticised me, called me mundane, negative and finished with “ OFF” which I’ll leave to your own interpretation but I know what I thought he meant and I did take offence at it. my next post was pretty tame and reasonable but I was then told by Dboy to go away and was accused of being mundane, negative and boring. Only after that did I I make the comment of Fragile Fool, aimed at Dboy I never mentioned “rose tinted” either So let’s have it right when we’re using the posts to lay blame on someone.
  8. Can’t take what, criticism or abuse? In my original post I only rated the performance and alluded to the nature of our recent wining and losing sequences. I didn’t abuse anyone, Dboy then set about having a go at me, so what are you talking about?
  9. So I suspect you object to the adjective abject, correct? The fragile comment wasn’t aimed at you
  10. I beg to differ, your very first response was abusive and quite aggressive toward me just because I think tonight’s performance was very poor. Results over the last two and a half seasons have followed a pattern of short winning sequence then long losing run, that’s all I referred to and for some reason your too fragile to have that pointed out. Regards the drinking, that’s your business it was Just the aggressive nature of your attack on me, it smacks of someone who’s had a few beers too many and can’t handle the disappointment of his team shipping another 30 point loss so lashes out at someone because they don’t agree with you. Classic lager lout stuff!
  11. Wow you really are well and truly triggered aren’t you. look I don’t like losing any more than you the difference is I don’t get canned up and start abusing others just because they don’t share my opinion. Time for you to go sleep it off I reckon.
  12. Unlike Dboy I’ve got no problem with opposing opinions. I also prefer to deal in reality and don’t choose to ignore something just because I don’t like it, positive, negative or otherwise. I don’t like being told to leave by some fragile fool so if you or Dboy don’t like to read my posts then don’t. simples
  13. Oh dear, Im not the one pretending everything is rosy, living in a fantasy and generally being to fragile to hear some realistic truths.
  14. Unfortunately, we will only have to wait till Wednesday! and hey, don’t blame me for the misery, that’s squarely at Chester’s feet
  15. I take it you disagree and think that was a good performance then? Trinity under Chester have a record of 2 or 3 wins then a long losing run which I’m expecting to be repeated again now our golden period of wins over HKR, Giants and Leigh has ended. if you don’t like reading the opinions of others then I suggest it’s you who needs to find somewhere else to be!
  16. That was an abject performance from Wakefield. Stand by for another long sequence of losses
  17. If it’s being picked on form then Westerman has been the best LF I’ve seen this year! He offers something no one else does at the moment which is the ball playing back row forward role and maybe Wayne see’s him in the O’Loghlin mould. He’s also experienced and has the size to make his presence felt carrying the ball in. Lyne I wouldn’t pick for the ladies team
  18. England won’t defend as cluelessly as Queensland did today and they won’t get dominated up front either. Australia will be a class outfit as usual but don’t judge England’s chances based on the poor performance of that Queensland line up.
  19. Evalds is such a good player, safe at the back, speed to burn, great support player and capable of linking play on either side of the pitch. Without a doubt my second choice for England Full Back and also gives us enough quality to possible move Tomkins to Half Back if needed.
  20. Too much of what York try to do comes via Marshall and it’s much easier to defend against one play maker. There’s some good players in the York team and the coach needs to spread the responsibility a bit more.
  21. York have been very direct and basic while Sts have shown a really high standard of creativity, they’ve run good lines, had great shape and good hands in attack.
  22. Green Vigo Andy Fletcher Steve Hubbard Stuart Wright John Basnett Kevin McCormack Brian Juliff Paul Prenderville Mark Forster Bright Sodge
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